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standard Tilly oil leak


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My Standard Tilly leaks around the crankshaft and timing cover. I think an oil deflector might be missing. I need to remove the fan pulley. I have read that you need to remove the starter motor and jam the fly wheel so that the retaining nut on the fan pulley can be removed.


Are there any other ways of doing this? I have read you can use straps to prevent the fan pulley from moving so the retaining nut can be removed.


Many thanks

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Jamming something in the flywheel sounds like a recipe for broken teeth to me.


Have only removed a front pulley from a Beetle crank and that had a hole which you could use to prevent engine turning. Either turned till it locked against engine casing or you got somebody to apply force in opposite direction to bolt as you are undoing.

o you have anything along those lines.


The only other way I can think off that may work on the pulley is one of those strap wrenches you can get for oil filters.

Both are probably a 2 person job though.



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