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Hello, Im Dan.

I have always had an interest in old vehicles, especially Military vehicles.

I spent a lot of my youth at Aston Down auctions in the early 90s wishing I had £5500 to buy a MK3 militant recovery and used to love clambering over the stuff going through. I saw many a MK1 militant going through as well. Those were the days. I have a real passion for anything AEC.

I have owned various vehicle, Lots of Land Rover (mostly series 1s) some military, An LR 101 GS, 1956 Bedford RL AFS pipe carrier with 560 miles on it (paid £210 for it!!!!), a 1967 Mandator, A 1973 Mammoth Major 6 Ex RAF refueler, 1978 Mammoth Major 8, 1971 MK 3 Militant Recovery 87ET73 (wish I had not sold it).

I have always wanted a Matador (I know its predictable) and am just waiting for the right one to find me.


The Day job is Fleet Engineer for West Coast Railway Co. Looking after lot of nice 1960s British Diesel locomotives.

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Any fan of the products of the Associated Equipment Company is a friend of mine. The manufacturer of the finest diesel engines of their day. Get yourself to Newark next weekend...

You will see plenty of Matadors there.:-)

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