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Calling all Diamond T 969 Owners

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Hi Guys,


I have just purchased my dream vehicle DT969A Open cab.


I've been trying to locate other DT969A owners in the UK, no luck so far.


I'm trying to find out a few things about this beast i.e what are they normally like on inclines? As i find i have to always have to change down to 2nd gear on mine (NOT talking steep inclines) Also where is the best place to locate spares? I really need a speedometer cable, plus i need brake chamber diaphragms.


I have put a new exhaust silencer on, it is supposed to be a DT silencer but it seems really small to me (a big bore going in and small bore going out) the whole thing is around 14inch long, i was wondering if this would restrict the engine like an exhaust brake?


I would be grateful for any help/comments/advice.


Thanks, C

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I'm fairly certain brake chamber diaphragms are the same as Ward La France ones and available from Army cars in Netherlands for around £15 each.

Carefully check the condition of the tops of the chambers as well whilst you've got them stripped down. Some of mine were badly pitted. Some of my spares were rusted through.

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I have a closed cab (chassis 460, Sept '41) 969. They are not sprinters by any stretch of the imagination. Mine pulls pretty well on an incline in 3rd though.

Keeps your eyes open on e-bay, last year i bought several NOS brake chambers, including diaphragms for i seem to recall $20 a piece or so. I think i bought my spare diaphragms the year before from Jaap Rietveld. Welcome to the DT owners club, they are incredible bits of kit, and consume fuel faster than i can drink beer! (Although they can go on much longer in one session and consume a much greater quantity). If you get stuck for anything, i might have a spare i can lend you, or point you in the right direction.


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Well wa' da' ya' know -


Bendix Westinghouse diaphragms are still made in USA (to the original design of 1924!).


I just happened to pick up most of a long-standing order this Tuesday (still waiting for 6" size). Only problem is they've taken about 3 months to arrive - normally should be 6 weeks delivery.


DT 969 size prices are comparable to modern truck spring brake chamber diaphragms, unfortunately both DT 980 sizes are twice the cost.


Here are the sizes and part numbers:


DT 969 Rear (AC 7144T) 201271 7 7/8" dia.

DT 969 Front (AC 7144T) 200728 6" dia.

DT 980 Rear (+ WLF rear) 200001 9" dia.

DT 980 Front 200014 6 3/4" dia.


Note: I am assuming that DT 969 diaphragms are same as Autocar (the axles are identical) - best to make sure by measuring or checking part numbers before ordering :cool2:

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Thank you for the offer of spares and advice.




Thanks for diaphragm size and part numbers, most helpful.


42 Chevy


Thank you for information on silencer and you are right they are the best looking truck.

That's a nice looking Ward La France you have there.

How is the DT restoration going?


Steve Greenberg


Cheers Steve i know they are slow but mine just dies on hills and i have to change down to second gear. That's a smart DT you own, i hope to get mine to look that good one day.



Thanks again to everyone, it's great to be in the DT Owners Club (all i need now is a tshirt :D)


Cheers, C

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I live in Alberta Ca and have a DT969 that was on the Alaska hiway under Western Comand .It has a five window cab built by Canadians .To my knowlage it is the only one left with a cab that is original like it in Canada . The manual says 38 mile per hour and three miles to a gallon .

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