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Wartime Vehicle Manuals?


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What type of manuals were produced during wartime or post war to cover armoured vehicles?

I am thinking in particular of T16s and Universal Carriers, I presume there would have been some kind of operators manual, a maintenance manual and a parts book. Can someone put me on the right track, give me a list, what WOULD have been printed and what should I be looking for. I have seen reference to Stowage diagrams, were they a separate document or incorporated into the operators manual... hmm.. I guess they would be separate as they would be user specific.

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See my other reply!


American built vehicles had a parts list and a series of manuals.


After about 1943, they became Ordnance responsibility so the manuals were TM9s (technical manual) and the parts list SNLs (standard nomenclature list)


T16 is SNL G-166 and TM9-746. There are also other more detailed manuals with a typical breakdown of engine, systems and transmission, Hull and suspension, etc etc.


There are stowage lists in the US books but not diagrams per se.


British and Commonwealth stuff was similar but in many ways better, especially for the armoured vehicles. They used proper stowage sketches showing where everything went. Almost works of art!

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In some ways the best (artistic) was the enemy of the good, some of these drawing done by limited number of specialists meant that manuals tended to lag behind the in service use of the vehicles.


I take it that's a Humber Scout Car.

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