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Scammell Pioneer TRMU30 tank transporter


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I have one of the above in a stage of restoration (picture on my profile I hope!!), was almost beyond saving but I wanted a challenge.


I would love to find out a bit about its army history if possible. It was given its first civilian registration in 1953 going to the showmen Emmerson and Hazard. Maybe it remained with the army as a unit complete with its' semi trailer (many were converted to balast tractors with huge concrete blocks over the rear wheels, but this one escaped that fate) up until this point. Can anyone help?


Civil registration BEC 381 chassis number 4533



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Nice one Jerry good to see another great old Scammell getting much deserved love and attention ! Keep us posted on progress however slowly it happens mate! Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my Explorer ! Before anyone else mentions that ! ! ! ! ! ! :D

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This is the sight that greeted me when I first set eyes on my Scammell. My initial thoughts were that I should leave well alone, however the more I checked, the more I realised that it was quite complete and hadnt been messed about with. That would all change though as when I bought it, rapid progress was required!! How wrong I was.....

Image (2).jpg

scammell 2.jpg

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