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Dieppes fallen bunkers

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last may we paddled about normandy mullberrys and those on south coast . this year we chose to go to dieppe in see the dieppe raid beaches and local area (The Dieppe raid august 19 1942 ) could not belive the size of the cliffs and how small the beach areas where . Paddling along the coast at different places one been at puys we came across two bunkers which appear to have fallen due to the coastal erosion ,did read that it is 1 mtr a year in these parts !

dieppe trip069.jpg

dieppe trip051.jpg

dieppe trip074.jpg

dieppe trip049.jpg

dieppe trip063.jpg

dieppe trip053.jpg

dieppe trip073.jpg

dieppe trip054.jpg

dieppe trip048.jpg

dieppe trip061.jpg

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When we went over to Normandy with the jeep for the 60th anniversary celebrations we sailed into Dieppe and had to have a good look around,every where we looked we could see some sort of fortification, the troops who got pinned down there had no chance what so ever, very brave men.


Great pictures by the way

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I've seen similar things in the north of Denmark, Jutland, where the Germans built heavy fortifications and bunkers all along the coast during the war. The coast line in the north consists of sand, and the dug in bunkers have been exposed due to the erosion of the sand and soil.


Goran N

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