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KingTiger Restoration - Link


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Well you cant argue with that example as a project starting point ! Wonder if the sad remains of the barrel is the reason that the original owners vacated?


As to the colours i would say that someone has done thier home work as to me at least, it is one of the better renditions of the german colours then some i have seen. (you are now going to tell me it is the original paint job :-D )




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I think the Haustenbeek Porsche Tiger 2 (now at Bovington) had a petaled barrel when it was captured by the US Army in april 1945. It might be a weakness in the 8.8cm KWK43 that caused a failure of barrel near the muzzle brake as is the case of the Swiss Tiger 2, rather then demolition or enemy action, -some crews were known to operate their gun even after loosing the barrel extremity- dependant on battle circumstances and commitment of the crew. In the case of a lost muzzle brake the gun would over recoil which is not fixable by the tank crew and would lead to the recoil failing.

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