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Any of you guys visit the 166 forum ?




I think blackpowder goes there, I think I had a PM from him but could not reply to it, then I found that I cannot access the forum at all ? ? .........I can get the site, but not the forum. Is there a problem generally, or is it just me ?


Thanks for any clues. Regards Mark.

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Thanks Griff, I cant even get on the forum - I tried again last night from another PC, but still no luck.


Ashley, What is 'DISGV' ? even google doesn't know .


But, thanks for replies guys,

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Hi Mark,


Griff is right, if you are not an forum member you can not read the various posts

So change of computer will not work, unless you are an member or planning to become one


Perhaps, this site is also of interrest

The site is also in English



This is in German only



This one you most likely already know




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Thanks guys,


Really appreciate the advice - you see I am registered on the forum, used to visit there and make the odd post and thread. So that is a mystery how you guys can get on the forum part but I cannot - I tried another PC because I figured my IP address may be blocked.


Thanks for the leads on the other forums, I really do need to get imbedded with other 166 owners and get myself some knowledge in a hurry.


I just bought this.




It is, as I guess you all know from the tragic fire in Hiolland last year.

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It is, as I guess you all know from the tragic fire in Holland last year.


Yes, I heard about it

The vehicle depot of the Keep them Rolling section Amsterdam some how got on fire 23 november 2009, 15 vehicle's where lost


Including 2 Schwimmwagen, 1 Kubelwagen and an Opel Blitz


I did not hear the complete story, however I thought everything was beyond repair

Good to hear this is not completely true



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Mark, is it better than it looks :cry:?


No, it is worse.........It got so hot, the transmisson has melted and filled all the little channels in the bottom of the body. .......Then the roof fell in on it.


It will need more than a polish.


regards Mark.

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Well from what I have seen of your handywork, if anyone can restore it back to it's former glory, you are the man.:-)


Yep, he'll get it running in time for Beltring.

Mark rules.


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Thank you, you guys really are extremly kind. I do appreciate the enthusistic and ecourageing (not to mention complimentary) comments.


Your a great bunch to share a hobby with.


The real 166 will be 'stabilised' to stop any further deterioration. Spare parts search wilkl begin now - and restoration will begin when enough parts have been captured to giove me a fighting chance of completion.


In the mean time - on with the replica :D


thanks again chaps,


Regards Mark.

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:-) Great to see that it's getting saved :-)

Magnesium gearbox cases don't like fire , will the reduction hubs be savable ?

Hard to tell but I take it that it's four wheel drive , will there be much difference in the front king 'n' linkpin beam to say an early Beetle ?




do you know whats happening with the other damaged machines ?

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Phil, I have no idea about the other vehicles TBH, any less valuable vehicle in this condition just would not be worth the effort.


I just got a gearbox caseing to replace the melted one :D you would weep if you knew what I had to pay. The reduction boxes are fine - the wartime ones are steel.


Regards Mark.

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  • 5 years later...

Had a break from ‘playing with old army trucks’ - life has a habit of getting in the way of hobbies sometimes.

The 166 has been preserved, parts have been collected, and I am almost ready to start the restoration. 



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