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Hi there, Mack Snow Blower.

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Hi there, I have joined quite a while ago but have only just got round to posting.


I was wondering if anyone has tried to rescue this WW2 Mack Snow blower, it must be quite rare?


It stands outside a Garage in Aberfeldy Perthshire.


I havent seen it myself, someone has sent me the photo.



The Climax Engine mounted on the back was used by a number of different American Snow Blower manufacturers.


I have found this one for sale on Ebay USA.






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It isn't a Mack, it's an FWD, with Klauer SnoGo blower unit up front.


These blowers came in two sizes, on Marmon-Herrington Fords and FWD chassis, like this one. Basic scenario is that a batch of Fords and an unknown number of FWDs were supplied to the RAF for runway clearing during WW2.


Post war, many of them were rebuilt by the Ministry of Supply and supplied to small airports and local councils for snow clearing work. They tended to get abused, run down, and cut up.


This basic truck isn't uncommon as a cab and chassis, and I believe one or two of them have been restored with cargo bodies ( Fords too ) However this one does seem to have all the original equipment in place which would make it a good candidate for restoration as is.


Certainly should be saved. I saved one of the Fords and sold it on, not that keen to tackle another even larger unit.

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