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In service pig pics needed please


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Our local MVT club are holding an event at our local TA centre in aid of 'Help For Heroes'.My pig is going along after many months of 'fettling' and I am in the process of putting tgether a display board.However, I didnt realise that I have no good in service pics of pigs,quite a few of pigs at shows,but not any development or in service ones.Has anyone got a few they could email me or post that I could print off.

Any help would be much appreciated:kiss::kiss::kiss:

If anyone is at a loose end next Saturday in the Hereford area please feel free to come along, you,ll find the info on our website http://wyevalleymvt.t35.com/

Many thanks


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Hi Paul,

the old girl looks exactly the same as when I collected it from you but an awful lot of work has gone on underneath the exterior:cool2: Its retaining all its fluids in the right places for a reasonable amount of time,all the volts and amps are going where they should and doing the right things when they get there,the exhaust has only one point of exit, in the correct place at the back and the brakes are making as good an effort as poss to slow the old girl down:shocked::shocked:

Its her first outing on Thursday and I,m wondering which of these items will raise its head again,oh what fun:-D

Come to think of it I havent even washed it.

I think Clive would approve of the order of play, no flags and bunting and cosmetics a bit down the line yet.

Some pics would be appreciated and I,ll sort something out to send to you:):)


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Dave, yes mine's going out round the block tomorrow for the first time in a year, I need to get the torsion bar settings to bed in for a final adjustment. I serviced it the end of last summer for its only show then found the bolts holding the torsion bar mounts were shearing for both rear wheel stations. Of these 6 bolts, 2 were very bent but the others had sheared off.


It was a slow process drilling them out to get a bolt extractor in & very nerve racking applying sufficient force to get it to turn without the extractor itself shearing.


A bit of heat helped, but I ran out of acetylene on Friday. Went to the depot & they are out of acetylene & not expecting any for weeks yet. Apparently an acetylene plant/depot blew up, said the man whilst drawing on his fag :shake:

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