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R/C Patrol Boat


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I thought I'd post my effort up here.


Many...Many years ago a mate at work had a 4ft fibreglass hull hanging around and decided he was never going to get round to doing anything with it. He very kindly gave it to me and the original intention was to fit a petrol chainsaw or strimmer engine into it and make some sort of racing replica.


However years passed and it languished in my parents barn and it wasn’t until much later that I relieved them of it (rather they said take it or it’ll get chucked out).


I had since got into military machines and whilst passing a model shop I saw some rather spangley 5 blade brass props… those…I thought, would look rather smart on that boat hull.


So the seed was sown. The decision was made to run twin electric motors, water-cooled with a switch able pump. I wanted motors to be individually controlled so one could run forward whilst the other ran astern (just like in real life!) plus rudders…the whole thing would be as nimble as a …nimble thing.


After a fair bit of fudgery and bathtub testing I had the positions of the motors, shafts rudders and battery worked out, then over a period of weeks they all went in.


When seaworthy, I took the hull down to the local boating pond for sea trials… bareback if you will.
















Well that seemed to go pretty well.



Now about that superstructure…


I’d always fancied myself as a bit of a naval architect, so with some ideas’ borrowed’ from various ships I set to work drawing…sorry designing.


I used the technically accurate method of using a profile picture (the first of the previous ones in fact) and sketched on it the sort of shape I was after…as it was I knew the length of the hull so working out the scale was easy…ish.


Out then came the cardboard and gaffa tape and the first pattern for the superstructure took shape.












The eagle eyed of you may notice some plastic parts creeping in already…these parts were handily available early and helped form the design, such as:


The ventilation brick standing in for the rear exhaust.

The Pledge top, pipe and Superglue top for the Bofors style gun.

And the two halves of a compass cover stuck together to make the radar array.


I was happy with the result of my crash course in naval architecture and so the whole thing was transposed on to plastic card and during the many weeks and months it took shape.


Time I think for another test run…






It floats!






It moves!






and the little lights come on!






Boy I was happy.


Extra little bits finding their way on at this point were:


4 hose connectors for the missile tubes and carrierbag hangers as crosstrees...



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It was all coming together rather well if I say so myself and it wasn’t long before a slap of paint was going to be required, naturally grey would play a major part in the colour scheme as would some primer red as antifouling below the waterline.










I found other little bits and pieces at the model shop, like lifebuoys, radars, guard rails and stanchions and flag staffs. Other bits I made, like the Hiab crane, its control pedestal and sonar buoy on the starboard side,


I designed the markings and had them custom made by a mate who got hold of the waterslide paper.










Time then for the official launch (although I haven’t got those pics… trust me she was dressed overall for that occasion)


This is her second outing finished…










Thank you for allowing me this indulgence…I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did making it.

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Ahhhh The genesis of the PTPC littoral class patrol vessel, also known as the "Pledge Top Patrol Class"


Great work there chum, amazing what a bit of imagination and some Grandt Line bolt heads some decals and some paint will do to make it look pukka.


Really enjoyed the posts, thanks



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