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Folks I have just lifted this off the Maiden Newton at War website - http://maidennewtonatwar.co.uk/default.htm


March 2010 - Tanks to take Carnival by storm


THE biggest collection of tanks on the road since the war is sure to make two events go with a bang this summer. Dorchester Carnival, which is being supported by Magna Housing Association for the fifth year running, has teamed up with Maiden Newton at War to ensure an amazing sight – one that has not been seen since D-Day.

The Maiden Newton wartime re-enactment event, which was first put on in 2008, is back – but with a huge number of extra attractions.


Military fans and Second World War enthusiasts are set to descend on the west Dorset village for two days of 1940s themed events including authentic battles staged by re-enactors, live entertainment, trade stands including a Farmers Market, children’s activities, home front and military vehicle exhibitions.

And for the first time, a group called Armour and Embarkation is set to bring scores of military vehicles to the village, some of which will join the Dorchester Carnival parade after a spectacular drive through the Dorset countryside.

At least six Sherman tanks will join Hellcats – the fastest tank built during WWII with a speed of up to 55mph – Stuarts, M10 Archillies, and a Chaffee tank.

The amazing sight is hoped to draw thousands of extra visitors to both events, Carnival day on Saturday, June 19, and to the second day of Maiden Newton at War on Sunday, June 20.

Armour and Embarkation chief Jack Beckett said: “This will be the biggest collection of WWII tanks on the road since the war.

“This kind of event has never been attempted in the UK before and it is a first.

“Not only will we be giving people a chance to step back in time, a time travel experience just by people being able to see them – but their experience will also be enhanced because they will be able to hear, smell and touch history.

“Most of these tanks have radial engines from aircraft and the noise will send shivers down your spine.”

Andy Elliott, chairman of the Maiden Newton at War committee, said: “The combination of Maiden Newton at War with Armour and Embarkation will see the largest gathering of WW2 armour in Dorset since 1944.

“It will be great to see and hear this historic parade of vehicles trundling through the streets of Dorchester just as they did in the lead-up to D-Day.”

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