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Whats in your V5?

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Just going through the process of getting my Landie 2A Ambulance on the road.


Now, being a military newbie, what is the V5 likely to say about:

Wheel-plan: I assume it will be the usual 2-axle rigid body

Taxation class will be historic (got the age certificate)


How about body type though? The normal landie 4x4 light-utility or Ambulance/Military/Special vehicle???


Just like to have all the facts so I can present my side of the argument in the dvla office!!

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The body type on the V5 is kind of independant of the taxation class as that'smore based on usage than anything. I'd say your best bet is to put it down as ambulance (because it's an ambulance) but MOT/tax it as a normal PLG vehicle because you're not ferrying casualties with it.

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Bedford MJ:


Body type: TRUCK

Taxation class: PRIVATE HGV

Revenue weight: 9650KG GROSS

Cylinder capacity (cc): 5400CC

Type of fuel: HEAVY OIL

Number of seats, including driver: 2

Wheelplan: 2-AXLE RIGID BODY

Max net power (kW): 80

Colour: GREEN (:D)



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