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Panther tank transmission

abn deuce

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if you wondered just how they delt with transmissions in the Panther this is how they reinstalled them .


Something went wrong...


1 of the many reasons how the Germans lost the war.

Compare with changing gearbox/final drive in a Sherman.

Take out front end, put in a new one,...drive.


In a Panther its hard to get to it as seen in the link.

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Couple of pics from an old Armor in Action book showing how it was done for real. real as in an Il2, P51 or Typhoon might intervene. The recovery/repair vehicle is a SdKfz9/2 10ton capacity crane unit on the 18ton h/track.



panther 2..jpg

Panther 1..jpg

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It is said in other books that this type of job took best part of a day as seen in the Utube video at Littlefields collection almost everything in the drivers station has to come out to do this. The roof panel is seen lying at the side with control linkages behind. Obviously the designers of the Panther did not consider in service repair as a priority.


I'm impressed by the positioning of the vehicle with high pine trees around to give camoflague protection from air observation.



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the photo on the other thread shows a SdKfz 9/1 which was the more common 6ton crane on a 18ton half track the 6ton crane was also fitted to a 5ton truck and probably many other types.


The sdkfz 9/2 is very rare in photos although the type is quite well researched with several plastic kits available.


One of the few photos of an assembled one is from the offical TM for the type and is very small because it has been copied and recopied from the old Bellona halftrack booklet -which had tiny photos. Possibly it may be apparent in photos of workshops particularly on the Eastfront.


There are a number of photos of the 9/2 in travelling configuration. I think that one was found in a scrap yard in the 1980s.


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Hi folks,


there is an good picture of an post-war version SdKfz 9/2 in the book Nuts & Bolts vol 12

It has some minor private owner modifications, like doors and warning markings


According the book there shouls be 2 surviving vehicle's in France

One of them at an scrap yard near Lille


This will be the one that Steve mentioned


I could not find any picture's of it :-|



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