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Thunder over Michigan 2010

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Anybody else going to this year's airshow at Willow Run, Michigan, 7th & 8th August?




'Welbourn' and I will be returning this year to see potentially 9 B-17's in the air (might have a ride in one, again...!)

as well as other war-birds (Me 262 promised), and a pretty impressive set of mock battles.


Flights booked...... excitement building already! :D


Keep 'em Rolling



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A good first day at the show; plenty going on!


As for pics; they will be appearing in the Pathfinder magazine in the fullness of time as part of a show report article that Welbourn and I will be putting together, but in the mean time, here is a taster of the sort of action we saw today (as well as the 8 B-17's flying otgether....);





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What a fantastic show it was, this weekend just gone.


4000 miles each way

4 days off work

2 Grand spent!


But I wouldn't have missed it for the world - After all, where else can you go and get shots like these...







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.... and here is a shot of M5Clive taking some snaps of 3 B-17's and a B-24 in formation.


PS, Clive, what happened to my hat.......?




A mere 3 B-17's? - Hell, there were at least eight up there for most of the weekend - and as you can see from the picture below, every one of them was in Eighth Air Force (East Anglian UK based) colour schemes.




Yes, sorry about the hat old boy - The prop-wash from 20 radial engines starting-up did take me a little unexpected!



And some people say I never get up in the mornings..............

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