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  • 2 years later...

The Vimoutier's Tiger is in very poor condition. I visited it a couple of years back. The interior is virtually empty, you can peek through various holes (exhaust ports, for example) & see from front to back, so any dividing bulkheads are gone. The engine is still present, you can glimpse it, looks very corroded.

Some excellent pictures here http://rc-panzer.xooit.com/t2980-Le-Tigre-de-Vimoutiers.htm

Its gear box was removed post-war (I assume that there would be valuable metal in that, phosphour-bronze?).

Here's a couple of interesting photos I've not seen before.

http://www.memorial-montormel.org/?id=217 (Also noted that there is some maintainance planned)

The vehicle's plates are buckled in places, where the demo charges were detonated and there's quite a bit of welding up of where the scrapman had started to cut it up (Turret roof, IIRC). The photos of it in-situ pre-recovery show that the engine deck by the turret's right side, is heavily deformed upwards, it has been flattened back quite a bit (Big hammer time?).

The suspension has collapsed, it's supported by a bed of concrete.

Having said that, there's more of it left than that of the Sdkfz's Jagdpanther.

I can't see it being sold, hopefully a roof will be put over it sometime, even a Dutch Barn would offer some weather protection and a judicious application of Waxoil to its interior and a good external repaint wouldn't go amiss.

It is in better nick than the FT17 that graces Renault's Boulonge-Billancourt factory.


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