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When did the bundeswehr start wearing flecktarn camo gear?

funkmaster red

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As above. I own a VW Iltis (1979) and wondered if flecktarn is period correct?


Thanks, Chris.




Not for 1979, but as the Iltis was in service until introduction of the Wolf in the 1990s, you could get away with it. Important rule is:


If the vehicle is in" Bundeswehr Gelb-Oliv" you should really wear OD

If the vehicle is in "NATO-Grün" or 3-tone cam, then you can wear Flecktarn.




Incidentally, the VW Iltis was in production from 1978-1981 with some 8,000 being built.

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Excellent, thank you very much! :)


It is indeed Nato green (i painted it myself last week as when i bought it, it was wearing 3 different shades of green).


So i guess i can get away with flecktarn which is handy as i already have most of the kit. :)


Thanks again for the reply. :)


Nobody seemed to notice when Flektarn was introduced, soldiers suddenly started to appear wearing it!

The period was a little before the Yugos started to kick each others heads in. The first units to get it were the German-French Brigade (I believe)


PS I've just talked to a colleague of mine who was with the paras (later KSK), and he told me that the first to get it were KSK in 1995.

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