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First time military vehicle owner from Sussex

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Hi there,


My name is Chris. I am a long term Volkswagen addict/collector but recently i have had the chance to aquire a few very rare off road and military related VWs.


I now own an Australian Country Buggy (never sold to the army but designed for them), a Gurgel X12 (used by some south american armies) and an Iltis (ex-Bundeswehr).


I have recently started collecting deactivated firearms and have purchased a MG53, 2 x G3s, a M60 mortar and a 1941 Bren gun.


I am planning on visiting the War and Peace show in Paddock Wood for the first time this year. I visit Magnificent Motors in Eastbourne each year as well as the festival of transport in Hailsham. I go to approx 30 VW shows each year and hope to arrange some line ups of VW military vehicles at some of the shows.

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Welcome Chris


From another Sussex member, the rest of the Sussex bunch will be along soon, if you are in East Grinstead on thew 24th April fill free to pop along to Martell's as we have a military show happening on that date, I expect I will meet you on the show curcuit at some stage as I have booked into most of the Sussex area shows (Ardingly , Cuckoo, Amberley, Ringmer (I suppose I must do this one as i'm the military Marshal).



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Thanks for the welcome guys. :)


I am indeed planning on fitting in some more MV meets/shows alongside my VW shows (as long as the wife lets me) ;)


Hopefully i'll get to meet some of you at them. :)


I'll dig out some pictures of my vehicles in a mo and post them on this thread. They are rather unusual and quite rare. The Gurgel is the only factory built RHD they ever made. The Aussie CB is one of 4 such vehicles in Europe, under 2000 were made in a year long production run.


Rick, i don't need any parts at the moment but if that changes, i'll fire you over a PM to check if you still have them. :) Thank you.

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This is how the Aussie CB was when i bought it.










And this is how it is now as i am doing a body off restoration. The chassis is now restored and painted and i'm working my way through the body. Everything is getting sandblasted and repaired and i hope to have it completed by mid summer.










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Hi Chris, glad you've found your way here,.........if your attending Tinkers park event, come and say hi,.......I'll be the one rushing about trying to fit quart into pint pot, as mil mashal, (also landrover/commercial/and assorted other visitors.)

If you cannot make that one, festival of transport august bank, I'll be looking after, the living history section.


If your lucky, you might find the kettle on. :D


All the best,



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