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scammell pioneer restoration


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That sounds very reasonable. On another supply question where did you get the winch rope from? I need to get a reel for mine at some point.


And good to see that the amazon has gone to a good home.



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hi edd, winch rope came of ebay, bought a nearly full drum and got 2 full lengths of rope of for my pioneer and a friend who has 3 pioneers, there is some cable left over but not the whole 440 feet you need for the pioneer, i would estimate about 200 feet left from memory but would need to check that.

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hi richard, cab floor was boarded in keruin half lap, its the stuff used on commercial vehicle floors, ie trailers and flat beds, its aprox 28mm thick by about 140mm wide, i will leave mine unpainted because its really nice timber,its had 2 coates of sealer.

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Hi John,

Were the side panels made off of templates or drawings . I only need one. Would the local firm be able to make 1 from there records or would I need to make a template?


I can have one made for you and use mine as a template, which side do you need as they are not the same. john

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