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"The central England Temperature (CET) from the 1st-7th of December is -1.9, making this the coldest opening week of December since 1879; 1879 is the coldest opening week on CET record, so this week has been the second coldest opening week to December since CET records began in 1659. The two-week period, last week of November and first week of December is the coldest since CET records began in 1659!"


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Being posted overseas, I am missing the chance to play with my vehicles in all this snow / difficult weather. Would love to see any pics of UK members vehicles being used to effect under the current conditions – any pics out there (or can anyone point me to other relevant threads ?)


Steve 82

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snow thawing now been out with my gold metal detector off ebay and found my wedding ring im over the moon !:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:


Well done Mate! Pricless! Wish i could find a new VW Polo!.......:nut: To get me out of trouble from my Accident, discribed in a previous post on this thread. I contacted a 'Person' I know at out local TA unit. I enquired if I could borrow some chain from one of thier Recovery wreckers. They kindly obliged & I drove round the rear of one of the main Wksp hangers.

There is an Anchor plate concreted into the tarmac there. Wrapped chain around lower radius arm & shackeled the chain the Anchor point. Revved the engine & drove backwards 'Rapidly'!

BANG! & 'Imediate Halt'....Bit of a drastic bodge, But HEY! It pulled the arm & wheel Back away from contacting the inner wheel arch & ALMOST back to it's original position. Uncouple & a quick inspection underneath. The Radius arm is now only SLIGHTLY bent! Buckled wheel changed & she drives with only a SLIGHT pull to the left. As obviously the tracking is now out of alignment. MY plan is, when the weather improves a bit, jack her up & remove radius arm. Beat flat, as paralell as I can get it with a 'Suitable Hammer'. & refit & get the tracking redone. SHOULD get me through in my opinion. (In theory, but we all know what theory & reality can be like!) The car is too old to put too much money into. Next year I am going to put my Ferret up for sale & buy a 'New' Car! Mike.

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0700 Up early, ah thought I, drive up the road and get a picture of the house under snow

0715 Outside at top of hill still in slippers wondering why I'm so cold and the camera doesn't work.

0720 Backing down road on route to get battery for camera, didn't slip or slide just managed to back into ditch slowly, I blame it on snow on mirrors and windscreen, sleepy, hypothermia, no coffee...

0730 Yep well and truly stuck, walk last 100 metres back to house, now really cold!

0830 Thought better of waking mademoiselle up, so towed landy from ditch, drove it back, walked back and drove Marmon home.

0900 Back in bed, cold, no picture of house and wondering why I got up early...



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The RB44 was brilliant in the snow 20inches and it never once struggled also great at pulling out stuck cars.

On the road well after reading other reports and in-service reports mine must be the odd one out, It drives exceptionally well stops in a straight line goes off the speedo and is great off road, but and it is only a small but in my humble opinion the cab sits on top of the wonderful Perkins engine and the cab is only a light truck type and it’s a tad noisy and the cab rather tinny so it rattles but one thing you would never fall asleep driving it.

And yes its great fun vehicle to drive.

Cheers Ian.

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