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:) its good to see a few of these , this looks like the later model early style body but later dash can't remember now but think they class it as the W461 ,, do you think this might be the Turkish built version , probably only got middle diff lock , There were some dutch ones over Catterick about a month back but didn't see any badges so not sure if G-wagen / puch G or Peugeot's P4 think they'd be the G wagens because there were hardtops as well as open toped ones

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do you think this might be the Turkish built version ,


Definately SDP, Actually oops they aint German they're Austrian made :cry:


I met the parts guy over here a few months back as he was quite happy as have here and Australia is replacing Land Rovers with them also

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here's a link to the latest Australian military 6x6 G's , these are RHD so there is a limited supply in the UK but think the cheapest in the UK is about 50k ,,




then there's a couple here



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I had hope to get some piccies last times I was down there but no luck


Starting to feel old as when I was in we had series III's and 101 which got swapped for Land Rover Perenties and now another replacement.


Seems the mogs are still going

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G-Wagens are lovely vehicles, really solidly built. Sadly this includes the clutch and gearbox, you might end with Hulk-like thighs! Not the kindest vehicles on the driver...



I find this very strange because this is not something that has been noticed in driving more than 300,000 miles in G wagens , They have a hydraulic clutch cylinder and a spring assisted clutch peddle if the spring assister is not working then maybe it could be hard work ,, the gearboxes are OK but they are from the car range ( alloy ) and work from the gear selector via selector rods , if not greased it can make gear changes stiff , I fitted the 410 van type gearbox to my fathers cast steel much stronger ,, I'd post a pic as its an ex forces vehicle but not an MV maybe there might be another thread topic "other restorations"

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