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Hello from Shropshire uk


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Hi all my name is Steve Millward I live in a small village in mid Shropshire, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently unemployed temperarily I hope!


I'm a member of the Tommy Atkins society and attend military events during the summer and I love everything WW2.

In the near future me along with my brother are hoping to buy a GMC CCKW 6X6 truck to restore back to it's original 40s spec.

My bro knew the location of one nearby from when he was a child, he used to play in it when at work with our Dad over 20years ago, so chances of it still being there were pretty slim.

We were passing the other day so we swung by! and we nipped over the fence for a nosey! to our suprise it's still sitting there! although nature has taken it's toll and it's almost dissapeared into the hedgerow it's all there. This truck was used for snowploughing back in the late 60's-70's but while performing this duty it is rumored that it barely did 3 miles to the gallon of petrol :shocked: plans were afoot at the time for our Dad to fit a Bedford diesel engine in it for the owner but as luck would have it it never got fitted.

We are in negotiations at the moment to buy it from the owner who is now in his 90's with any luck it will be ours towards the end of the year.

The cab and body are rough but between us we have the skills to bring it back from the brink my brother is a mechanic by trade and is pretty handy with the welder as he used to modify HGV trailers for a living! and I'll do the dirty work like shotblasting and the general horrible bit's :)


I hope i've not bored everyone to much with my first post :)


Regards Steve

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Welcome Steve and many thanks for the introduction and well done on the GMC.


GMC's around here are better known as Mans Trucks as it take one to own one :coffee: of course there is a lot of envy involved so expect no one to buy you a beer in the Clubhouse, except Mans Truck, Wards and Scammell owners as they under how this works.



Just be careful where you park in the Clubhouse car park as the Jeep and Dodge will nick stuff of it and it soon finds its way onto eBay..........:whistle:


Look forward to the pictures Steve!


Best wishes,



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hello again there has been some further devolopments the owner sadly died in january this year my brother and i have been in contact with the next of kin. we have been told to have a look and make an offer we went down this morning and had a look. it is in very poor condition the chassis looks ok, the cab is very rotten along with the body it has been modified to spread grit salt in its later life and is now only suitable as a pattern the vechicle seems complete and still has its original winch none of the tyres are original they are all later truck style. the engine is complete and rumoured to have run a few years ago all the brakes are stuck


to sum up it is a major restoration project bordering on past it my question is what would be a fair price to offer bearing in mind it is very rough i understand without pictures it is very difficult to put a price on but any help would be greatly recived i have described it as best i can if someone in the know could give me a rough idea of value it would help alot



hope to upload pics soon


cheers steve

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