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I have a '61 Matchless G3L. I have been told its from Norway but I was wondering if anyone knew more about the bike and weather it is possible to get a service history for the bike.


It has 'Cevuld Met' on one side panel and wondered if anyone knows what it means.


Pictures etc are here,







Thanks, Jack Stringer

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"Gevuld met" is Dutch - "Filled with" - What have they painted out ? It can't be 'anti-freeze', can it ? Presumably oil type.


I believe that the Netherlands forces did use the G3LS.


It may be worth a post on the WM20 forum as it is Dutch based and there are a few natives there who may know more



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Well I have since got the dating records back for the bike and it was sold to the Dutch Army.


"Gevuld met" is Dutch = "Filled with" would mean Fill with Oil. As the filler cap is for the Oil. It might of stated the thickness of oil. I will have to look it up. Strange its written in such large letters.


I still have more to research.



Jack Stringer

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