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What could you tell me about the Fennek?

Guest Yin717

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Guest Yin717

The Fennek from what I have learnt is a German Armoured Car. I am going to use it in my site I am making for my ICT GCSE and I was just wondering if you guys could give me better info than the helpless internet sites?

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Built as a duel programme between the Dutch and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. It comes in at least three versions including the MRAT anti-tank version which has a few missile tubes on the back. There are supposed to be some with Stingers about, but the lot I saw last week were all standard. It looks amazing and I'd have one. The driver sits centrally like in a Saracen. Fennek is a version of the German word Fennec which is a long eared fox type critter. It must be the same width as a HMMWV.

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The Fennek was delivered to the Bundeswehr from1998. the first 202 vehicles were destined for armoured recce units and engineer recce teams. The second delivery is to replace the Luchs (Lynx) vehicles.It has a 3-man crew. Length is 5722 mm , width 2497 mm and the height is 1789 mm. It has a 3m wheelbase and is driven by a 243 bhp diesel motor. It tips the scales (recce version) at 7.9t, and has a range of 850 km (road) or 400 km (off-road).


The Dutch are already using ATGW equipped versions, and a SAM version (with Stinger) is on the cards, subject o financial approval from the Dutch parliament.


Dutch ,and German, Fennkes are currently active in Afghanistan.


Fennk is German for the Desert Fox. This name was (confusingly) also used for the Siemens EA037 radio-monitoring systzem supplied to Saudi Arabia.


Fotos of Dutch Fenneks can be found in the excellent PLAIN MILITARY forum.

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I would recommend the following book for Bundeswehr enthusiasts - it's in German, but quite comprehensive:


Title: Die Rad- und Kettenfahrzeuge der Bundeswehr 1956-heute

Authors: Karl Anweiler and Rainer Blank

Publishers: Bechtermunz Verlag

ISBN: 3-8289-5369-7


there is also a similar book about NVA vehicles, which I haven't found yet.

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