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LIVE from Military Mayhem 2009

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managed to get a couple of photos on my own, but relied on one of the MM team to take two of the following...




The Future of Parking Controls....




Collecting the award for Best Living History Display :yay::-D




OK, so now we've nicked him for breathing in a public place, where should I stick this microphone, Dave?




The award :)


We'd like to thank the Judges for their obvious good taste ;)


:thanx: Seriously, thanks to everyone there for making us so welcome, it was, for me, an excellent first introduction to MM (David made it last year, I was working), and to cap it all, I got the worst sunburn I've had in bleedin' years!




Who said "What Summer?!" :rofl:

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Excellent stuff - Congrats on your award and well done boys .


Thanks :) We're rather chuffed, as you might imagine... although we suspect next year's gonna be a right fight to get the award again - we appear to have encouraged a load of folks to, how can I put it, rethink their displays a tad? ;)


Is the show over? no one told us... we're still here:coffee:


Heh, thought you might be :-D Enjoy the weather while it lasts - sunshine, showers, thunder, and of course lightning, for tomorrow ;)

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I always like the Rapier set-up. On permernant loan from BAE...




Some rivals to the 118-118 crew......They were manning the entrance in this morning....






What sort of tent is this on the side of the Daf radio body. Doesnt look like a CVRT tent....




Forum member LtWt,S 101 was there. But i couldnt seem to pick him out amongst the other " Aussies" .......




My little one enjoyed the weekend. I need to get her some proper trousers though.....




Not military. But a personnal favourite for me was this V8 petrol Peterbuilt.....



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