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Aloha from Hawaii

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Greetings from paradise. My name is Steve and I've been living on Oahu for 9 years (originally from Oregon). I work for the Hawaii Undersea Research Lab. We operate 2 Deep Diving Submersibles, the Pisces IV & V, which are rated to depths of 2000 meters. We do a few test & trial dives at the start of each dive season prior to taking out scientists. For years we've been conducting these dives a few miles outside of Pearl Harbor in an area that for decades was a dumping ground (or site of demise) for loads of ships, planes, submarines, amtracs, boats, a canoe, tons and tons of ordnance and a bunch of stuff that's a mystery. In one particular area we seem to have found a favorite spot for vehicles and such. Most appear to be pre-WWII. Anyway, I hope to share some images of these trucks, tractors, carts, a motorcycle and some items I can't quite figure out with you. In some cases they are pretty well preserved (considering) and others quite deteriorated and difficult to identify. However, hopefully someone on here will be able to help educate me on what we have here in our Museum of the Deep (about 400m).



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