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Dodge WC51/52 series

Bob Britnell

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Hi guys,

whilst what I would really like to buy is a Daimler Dingo it does have practical limitations, such as only two seats. I am rather attracted to the idea of a Dodge WC 51 or 52 as a practical subsitute, I know they had limited British use in NW Europe in '44/45 but it seems that they were used by XIV Army which gives the opportunity for something different perhaps.


All the WC I have seen have an open cab at the sides with a canvas cover for the rear troop carrying portion which also forms the cab roof; but do they come with door 'panels' at all or are they always open to the elements and in that case does it mean that they have to be garaged when not in use?


I know there are WC owners on the forum, so can someone advise please,





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Hi Bob

only the Ambulance and Carryall had doors, The open cab dodges were just that, no doors, not even canvas ones during WWII, (there were field modifications but nothing manufactured by Dodge themselves). There are however very good enclosure kits available now which look very good and keep the elements at bay!! Check out Allied Forces Canvas...

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Any Dodge of that general type is more easily maintained than a Dingo, splendid though those small Daimlers are.


If you want open air, any 3/4 or 1/2 ton open cab pickup or Command, if you want practicality and two or three seats a half ton closed cab pickup is hard to beat.


If you need to carry 'stuff' and more than two or three folk, you are looking for a Carryall. 3/4 ton Carryall looks nice but is a little heavy, half ton is lighter and a little uglier, mechanics of either are no problem, so you really need to base buying decisions on price and completeness.


I have three hard cab pickups and one van at the minute, though not much time to get them up and running as I'd like. My particular favourite is my '40 half ton 4 x 4 pickup.



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