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Bentley Wildfowl Bells & Bugles 22nd-23rd August

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Well it was hot, pleasant, spacious & quiet, but very pleasant weekend. It didn't seem to be well advertised & visitors just stumbled across us. I think they have about 12 different types of vehicle shows there throughout the season.


The heat perhaps drew visitors to the beaches or maybe to the several other shows in the area. I had to travel 100 miles to find a show I could attend Sussex & Kent people are rather spoilt, not just for that weekend but the week before & the weekend to come. So maybe visitors felt they will be choosey.


It seemed a place for all the family with house & paintings (nice "real" paintings of I think 175 types of wildfowl worldwide), wildfowl & ponds, motor museum, walks, arts & crafts etc. I think entry was £7 which compares favourably with many other houses, museums etc.


The house



Female turkeys I think



Motor museum this was the only thing in there that interested me (no PSVs let alone MVs) 1850 Irish horse drawn hearse. But why spoil the display of a super artefact with a ridiculous childs toy. Shame.



This is better although I had to carefully try & avoid the plastic sheep plonked in front of it.



One of two in-service Police vehicles on show. I had interesting & convivial conversations with 7 officers over the weekend, 4 of whom of whom were off duty.



General line up on Saturday. I think were only 2 Jeeps & one of those was a Delahay. Lots of fires service Land Rovers, if you like that sort of thing.





More to follow.

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Minerva under restoration





Note NI registration, the contract for this conversion in early 1970s required the nose of vehicle to stick out as much as possible to try to make it look as unlike a MV as possible, apparently.





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The best untill last



This was just what was around on Saturday (minus most of the red Land Rovers) there were more MVs on Sunday, but I couldn't be bothered to walk around with a camera, it was far too hot! That's except the Humber which was only there on Sunday, which somehow attracted my attention.

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nice piccys, especially like the minerva




Especially the clutch mechanism, just a linkage directly to the pedal. Excellent, just like a Humber.


I should have taken a picture of the Series 1 "barn find" which was presented as found. I think it had been in the barn for 30 years. New battery, new fuel, bit of carb cleaning, in all 30 mins work & it drove just fine, apparently.

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