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Popham H4H event 2009

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Thought we would pop along to Popham airfield on Sunday and give our surport to a great charity. Mick, Pete, Nick and myself turned up at around nine ready for a great day and boy did we have fun. Throughout the day a fair few vehicles turned in including some Military kit.
















Along with the Military kit there was a very nice turn out of classic cars and some very nice aircraft.














For mr thought was the arena, first in was a bunch of nippers that had no fear what so ever.









These where great fun to watch, the skills all these boys and girls showed was just amazing. The timeing was spot on and needed to be with some of the stunts they were doing. Next in was a small display of the 101st pathfinder group. Again very good in what they do.







So thats about it, I did take a lot more picture's but haven't had time to sort them all out. This was a great day out and a must for anyone that may be in two minds about these little events. I would like to thank all the guys and gals that put this event together and would like to offer any help for the following years if you need it.


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It was a great day out mate, I don't know what it is about these smaller shows but everything just seems so layed back. I must admit, after being to this event it has got me thinking about curtain things. I don't want to say to much but if Chris and his team are happy to do so, maybe we could pull the two events Plain Invasion and Popham H4H together over the same weekend and give all types of vehicle owners a darn good time. For the guys into off road driving we have Salisbury Plain one day and for the guys and gals that like the display side of life, less than an hour drive from the camp site to Popham for the H4H event. Both events will be chasing the same charity so plenty of dosh to be made me thinks. I will leave it with the Popham posse to see if this would be posible. We are working on next year but after the cancellation this year, we are going to have to do a bit of reworking. I will give more details to everyone as I find out more, but it will happen for 2010 come hook or crook.

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Hi Tony


Thanks for the comments and that is what a lot of people have said to me 'they had a nice laid back afternon in the sun enjoying what was going no around them'. It makes sense to combine the two events as they are so close distance wise and once a decision has been made by myself and my team as to whether we are going to do it again in 2010 (i think it is highly likely that we will) perhaps we can start getting our heads together and make the most out of both events. Another HMVF forum member has also had some great ideas so perhaps we can all get together somewhere, sometime and discuss how best we can put together a pretty spectacular miitary show in the South.

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