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What is the story on the Beltring Cletrac project

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I saw the Cletrac in the attached pics at Beltring on the Thursday but it had no support info with it and there was nobody around to ask questions of. Does anyone have the gen, as I have a bit of a fetish for them!!


Looked like a lovely complete project.


Have also attached a picture of an 83rd Sqdn example from the 437th TCG at RAF Ramsbury in 44/45 - for Mr Marriot's benefit!




83rd Sqdn Cletrac Ramsbury.jpg

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I don't know whos it was but it was a runner and I did drool as it drove past rather gingerly... presumably to ease the wear on those tracks!! I did notice it had lost a pad on one track so perhaps he didn't run it too much... but it seemed to run well and sounded good

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Cheers Neil, but as NOS says the pasenger looks familiar.


Hey NOS that can only be Dave in another life as who else has that vacant look!!!!


The one Neil has posted pictures of ,was as stated a non runner, however the other one residing in Monktons field was a runner as I managed to get a drive!!


If only my Cletrac projects were that complete instead of scrap.

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Some pictures of the Cletrac at Dorset. They did get it running for a while but then it needed a bump start with the help of the Militant before dying again everytime it seemed as if it had got going again.








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It is Steve Guests, (well almost... long story not to be gone into on this forum for legal reasons) Engine was siezed when it turned up at GDSF. To free it ,because pouring diesel down the bore for month hadn't worked, and towing it just caused the tracks to skid across the ground, Steve told me the plan was to remove the head and the pistons would be sledgehammered with a wooden packer. They got it free ish, and it ran briefly when bumped, It died when it threw a crank out through the case!. Plans are now to put a Diesel Vee into it. Pity it can't stay big old "original" Petrol, but the damage is pretty conclusive, the petrol lump has passed away! its definitely pining for the Fjords.

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