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Headlight wiring help

Soul Reaver

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Hi guys

So Iv found new headlighs from my american parts guy in yeovil @ £19 each from the states. Iv jus gone to fit them today, an im stumped on the wiring? I no it shud probly b really simple but............?The way I remember the way they opperated b4 was, switch on dash does dip beam on, then foot switch changes to main beam. When they switch, i thought that only one fillement was lit up at a time. At the mo, the way I hav it I can get dip to work, and when I switch on main both fillements light up and if i go to turn them off whilst in main beam, they wont go off, even on the dash board switch? Where am i goin wrong? Do they earth on the body? Is it earth switched? Can anybody help please please please!!!! Im guna b taking it on 130 mile round trip next weekend to cobbaton and it the furtest it will hav been, so better get the lights rite.



Cheers Matt

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I have the same truck and as far as I know the head light bulbs will have 3 connections on the back of them. One is a common connection to go to earth the other 2 are the other ends of each of the filaments ( dipped and main beam )

The supply comes from the multi position headlight switch down to the common connection on the foot opperated dim dip switch, then 1 wire supplies the dipped filaments and the other wire from the foot switch supplies the main beam filaments.


So you can only have one or the other on at any one time and if you turn off the headlights they should go out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just wired up my headlights on the GMC 353 shopvan and I did it as follows The power from pull switch goes to the dip switch, the other two wires one main beam and the other dip beam go to seperate pickup points on the bulhead under bonnet. you then take one to dip beam and the other to mainbeam.I fed in an extra earth wire to the main chassis of the truck I would not just rely on earthing from the lamp.Give me a ring if you get stuck.07545 107174.



Good luck



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