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WW1 finds and discoveries

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We had a trip out to East Yorkshire today and collected this 1908 Singer. It is believed to have been converted to a lorry for war work in Aberdeenshire during WWI but we only have documentation going

Inside a Schneider tank. Photos from my collection . Taken from glass plates Keith

I found the picture of the big crane. I am almost sure that I saved it from this forum but I don't know who posted it first.  Regards Marcel

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went and looked at this today . The tow bar has been cut off at the end and the deck is not original but there is most of it remaining Working on possibly buying ithat do they look like way back when?


Good luck with that Bob. I saw that trailer and was intrigued…it's a pretty cool item. I was there in mid-December and was appalled at the state of the vehicles, both the ones inside the fenced viewing area and the ones behind/beside the museum. Vehicles with hatches/doors left open to the environment, open top vehicles uncovered, accessories left stacked up and lying around outside in the weather, etc.

I inquired into whether or not they would consider selling an item behind the museum that was falling into disrepair and was curtly told that the item wasn't for sale. It's sad when museums neglect the equipment that has been bestowed upon them…..

Truly….good luck, maybe you'll have better luck than I did.



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I did volunteer work ad an industry museum in the region. When they reduced the storage capacity from 30.000 sqM to 600 sqM. They just dumped a lot of great stuff in the skip....:cry:. That's museums for you....



It is disturbing to read of the number of British museums closing or reducing services (http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2016/jan/13/one-in-five-regional-museums-at-least-part-closed-in-2)


And it is happening all over the globe. A conflict between funders (Councils and Govt), local politics, and the senior museum staff being accountants and managers. Those on the museum floor handling the items appear to get little say.


Reading that sentence again makes me think of the downfall of many great British engineering companies. Similar lines.


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This has turned up somewhere close to me, was shared by a local chap on a fb forum I am part of, looks like FWD?


It does, doesn't it? I imagine the Goslings are already looking at Barn-U-Like catalogues to create the space.

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A super looking US Army FWD chassis. Surprised to see so many bits on it like the gearbox, steering box, American army tow hitch and even the rear lamp bracket. You would be very hard pressed to find an engine for it though.


What is going to happen to it? Saved or is it to be cut up?



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I don't know what its fate will be, I can send a message to the chap who "found" it to ask him for his contact details or pass details on if anyone is genuinely interested in following it up. I can only surmise it must be in the Hampshire/Berkshire region since the chap is located not too far from me and he has seen it on his travels.

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Trying to identify an old Diff. There is a large cast mark on the rear cover consisting of a T with a smaller D (over the central shaft of the T ) This is set within a triangle point downwards. Anybody familiar with this mark please ?

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From your description, as it like this?


There also is another similar Triangle Logo including an A to the Right hand side. That company name includes the word Axle. I understand its the same company as Detroit Timken, at a different time period.


Detroit Timken diff alt eml  March 2012 038.jpg

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Thanks for the ID of the TD. (Timken Detroit it is! ) It was on a loose diff in a pile of surplus junk bought by a friend. I will try and rustle up a pic. I presume these diffs were used on various American Lorries ?



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