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Morris C8/P load weight?

Lauren Child

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Yes, The load carrying weight of the C8 GS 15 cwt is indeed 15 cwt.


I'm wondering what the load carrying weight of the C8/P is? Is it the same as the C8 GS?




The C8GS 15cwt came in to service in late 1944, the C8/P being earlier and not a GS load carrier, it was rated by its specific role. According to the War Office Data Book, the C8 Anti Tank Portee had an unladen weight of 3 tons 5.75 cwt and a gross weight of 4 tons 19.5 cwt. Later in the same book, the C8 Anti Tank Portee with 2pr gun is shown as unladen, 4 tons 9 cwt and laden 4 tons 19 cwt 3 qtrs. Then there are the other versions of C8/P where they were later converted to other roles. It depends on what configuration the vehicle in question is fitted out as.

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mistake in unladen weight corrected
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To throw something else into the mix, I see Wheels and Tracks #30 quotes the kerb weight of the GS at 5850 lbs and its gross weight as 8950 lbs. Does that make its weight load 3100 llbs? At 2240 lbs to the UK ton, that means the weight load is 1.38 tons or 27.68 cwt!


There was a 30 cwt variant of the C9. Based on these figures, it's not hard to see why.

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I'm guessing that the one you have in mind is the one that was on milweb earlier today for a couple of hours? Looked quite nice and a very good price, was getting qute tempted!:)


Assuming it is then from my limited knowledge this type all started off as Portee's and were then converted later on to towed. As a portee the unladen weight is 4 ton 9 cwt, laden is 4 ton 19 cwt.


A friend used to own both a portee and a predictor. The predictor we took over to France. Only two problems, no weather protection at all and nowhere to put any booze to bring back!:stop:


With the portee you do need to wrap up very warm! No matter how hot a day it is you will still need at least a fleece, very thick trousers and flying googles!:-D In the wet I'd suggest a wet suit!:-D:yay:




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Article about the Predictor in the latest issue of Windscreen.


Thanks Rick,


You mean the Autumn Issue? http://www.mvt.org.uk/Windscreens/ws2010_autumn.html I do not see it listed in the contents.


Is the article about this particular Predictor or about the type in general?


Sorry for asking all these questions, but information is hard to come by.




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