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Found 19 results

  1. Can anyone help please? I have a Rubery Owen FV2501(A) Trailer, which I tow behind my Traction Engine for coal/water/etc.. I need to source Brake shoes. I am missing an axle set. I believe they are Girling as the actuator has a Girling part number, but there are no part numbers on the shoes. Can anyone tell me the shoe part number and the spring part number please, or tell me where I can get an axle set from. I know place that will reline, but in order to do that I need the shoes. Thanks in advance for your help. John
  2. Having restored 1944 Airborne 10cwt No1 Mk2 Trailer and an 1944 10cwt Lightweight Water Bowser (posted photos previously on HMVF), I've now got a new project. Have been lucky to find a 1944 Lightweight Electrical Repair trailer (thanks Richard). I believe it is one of the trailers developed by the REME section of the Airborne Forces Development Centre based at Amesbury Abbey (Wilts) from 1943 in cooperation with the REME Central Workshops at Old Dalby (ref. Rob van Meel's British Airborne Jeeps). The trailer data plate shows it to be "Electrical Repair Trailer. No.1 Mk II. Cont. No. 23/7940" and WD Number: X6170936. It still has its 110v DC Bench Grinder and a 110v DC "Van Norman YW Valve Refacer", a large worklight and an Admiralty Pattern 1 Gallon Still (for distilling water for batteries!). It came its original canvas cover with "T-plate", but is missing the simple steel frame (on the to do list). I am guessing the old design of triangle warning plate is a post-war. It is missing the collapsible workbenches that slotted into the front...does anyone have any information on these? Size and method of construction? The two wooden cased 6v battery boxes are also missing. But I think it is an unusual survivor in very good conditon, I'll post a few photos below, but I am very interested to find any further informaton about these trailers, their equipment and use. It seems that this particular example only left the army in late 1970s/early 80's, possibly having been with a TA unit. I don't think the REME museum has one, althought they do have the very similar Lightweight Machinery Trailer. How many others survive? Thanks in anticipation John
  3. De-cluttering forces sale. Sankey 1 ton 2-whld trailer plated 2401/A Cont. No.6/VEH/9442 Ch S003 Veh no. 00BL3 9 Assembly No. F.V.8593. Contractor's ex-site bowser so drawbar cranked down to suit light tractor and painted Kier blue: 3 stabilisers added. Any reasonable price accepted. Cash buyer collects from SG8 area. See photos.
  4. Hi there I’m new to the forum.. I’ve recently acquired 2 ex military bowser trailers. I know absolutely nothing about them atm and would appreciate any information anyone could give me on them. I bought them as a pair and am planning on building an expedition trailer with one and possibly restor the other to sell. What would they be worth? Regards James
  5. I was recently made aware of an auction of a fire pump trailer. After a bit of internet research, I believe it to be a Coventry Climax FSM trailer pump. Would you agree? How hard are ignition parts (as that's what appears to be missing) to find? It's located in the United States, so it must have had a very interesting life! ~Robert
  6. Hi, I am in need of a few ex-military draw bar trailers. Ideally it would be the 7t Oldbury or similar, but all considered. Condition not too important, so long as it has one fixed axle and one steering axle - two fixed axles are no use to me. 20ft x 8ft or thereabouts would be ideal. Located Northern Scotland, but can collect anywhere in the Uk, whether its for one or more... Hope someone can help! Feel free to email or bell me on 07929 390828 All the best NE WANTED: Drawbar trailers / bale trailers and hay drays. Any size, any condition. Many are ex-military such as the one shown, which suits my needs fine. The only thing that really matters is that they are of the 4 wheel type with a wheel at each corner, and a steering dolly at one end Fixed axle trailers are no use to me. Collect anywhere, cash waiting, and I need a few. Thanks! Read more at: http://www.postadsuk.com/drawbar-trailer-hay-dray-military-trailer-wanted-urgently-highland_831307-8.html'>http://www.postadsuk.com/drawbar-trailer-hay-dray-military-trailer-wanted-urgently-highland_831307-8.html WANTED: Drawbar trailers / bale trailers and hay drays. Any size, any condition. Many are ex-military such as the one shown, which suits my needs fine. The only thing that really matters is that they are of the 4 wheel type with a wheel at each corner, and a steering dolly at one end Fixed axle trailers are no use to me. Collect anywhere, cash waiting, and I need a few. Thanks! Read more at: http://www.postadsuk.com/drawbar-trailer-hay-dray-military-trailer-wanted-urgently-highland_831307-8.html
  7. A nice "Deuce" and some others here. https://auction.catawiki.com/militaria-antique-weaponry-auction/kijkdagen/67417
  8. For sale : Towing hook in used, but good condition. Spring is good and in working condition. Nice brass grease-nipple. Markings on side are not good readable, but I think it's 1942 dated, please see photos 3 & 5. Included is the often missing rear cast iron mounting plate. Just one bolt....sorry. Price : 85 euro's, exclusive postage (item located in the Netherlands). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I just hauled home my "new" A-3 fuel trailer and am looking for other A-3 owners so I may share information with them. The gent I bought the trailer from owns a salvage yard and was about to scrap the tank and turn the trailer frame into some type of heavy duty dump trailer. Below are some pictures of my trailer: Front view as found. Rear view as found. The way it should look. I look forward to hearing from other A-3 owners soon. ~Robert
  10. Hello, I'm from Belgium and I found this trailer not far of my home.:laugh: This is a Fruehauf trailer. I collect and restore ww2 vehicles and before to save this trailer, I would like to know if this trailer dates from ww2 or not ? Help me please. Thank you ! Maxime.
  11. Hi, a few questions to all you trailer buffs. I have recently acquired a WW2 10cwt lightweight trailer to tow behind my Airborne Jeep. It was originally fitted with the early type hitch with the arms attached to the chassis, but has been retrofitted with the later hitch (but with smaller towing eye). My first question; is this designated a No1 Mk1 or is it just an early Mk2? The second question; what lighting would the trailer have originally been fitted with during wartime service? Did they just have have the convoy light underneath, or did they also have the MT tail lights? The brackets were evidently there at one time, but have been cut off. Just working out whether or not to weld brackets back on. Third and final question; can anyone tell me what tools etc went in the brackets inside the tub? A tyre repair kit fits nicely in one of them, but not sure what the other brackets are for. Thanks, Tom.
  12. Does anyone out there have any idea what trailer this is? My main problem is that I have only one wheel but I have bodged one up so I can move it around. It is a 16" 5 stud wheel, made by Dunlop, made in England. There are a few other markings on the rim, DRC 3.00, which I presume is Dunlop Rubber Co 3" rim, LR or possibly LP followed by 567 & also G13. The PCD is approx. 187mm & the hole in the centre is approx. 150mm. The brakes are Girling with 9" drums. It was originally finished in RAF blue & may have come from RAF Halton which is nearby as I frustratingly saw an identical one pass me by one day whilst driving locally. I'm new on this and not particularly good on computers so I hope this works. Thanks for looking.
  13. I am after some help in identifying a trailer I bought a while ago, but first a bit about me: I'm not hugely into military vehicles but have had a variety of 'Series' Landrovers over the years, the first was a 1958 2L diesel LWB that seven of us toured around what then was Yugoslavia (Rather slowly!). Then when we moved to the Welsh hills we had a 1956 SWB petrol which was our daily transport for ages. Next was an ex-military 1974ish Safari petrol which came from somewhere up in Scotland on the coast, a great landrover but it's chassis literally fell apart with rust... Steel,Ally and salt water don't mix well! The last was a 1980ish SWB diesel which was surprisingly fast and economical, but it did try to rattle your teeth out at tickover. I'm also into ham radio and have had a variety of ex-mil radios, some of which worked, some didn't. But all interesting to experiment with. As for the trailer, I bought it to lug firewood etc. and am pretty sure it's ex-military. A few photos are attached, anybody got an idea of what it is? There is there remains of a label that I think says 'SAR 19', it is transverse sprung,5 stud 14" wheels and seems to carry about half a ton ok. It's such a useful trailer that rather than just use it until it falls apart, I thought it might make a nice restoration project, I like to keep things original so any info would be welcome. Regards to all... Chris
  14. Could anybody let me know where I can get 2 brake expanders (cylinders) and a set of brakes shoes for my narrow track Sankey Trailer with rod operated drum brakes ? I've tried the like of Marcus Glenn and a couple of other places I found on the web but nobody seems to have any ideas, any leads would be welcome.
  15. Hi does anyone have a service manual for a MK II Sankey Wide Track 3/4 ton trailer. I need to know how to adjust the rod operated drum brakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Geoff
  16. Hi I am a new user. i have a Land Rover 90 (1985) and Sankey Trailer that lives in the Pyrenees (France), which makes it ideal for getting around the mountains. Unfortunately I have recently cracked the plastic brake fluid reservoir and need to replace. Having searched the web I see I am not the only person which has had the same problem. However all the posts I have found are a few years old, and most of the links no longer function. I am not that bothered about an original replacement, if not easily available; but a cheap easily achieved workable solution that hopefully does not involve a massive engineering feat would be great. I am also having to set up the gear box as my local MOT centre (Controle Technique) managed to break the gear box cover plate which was a feat of another sort ! given the fact that it's a massive chunk of cast aluminium. You don't know how lucky you are to having access to cheap parts and expertise and experience. Any assistance on the Sankey brake issue would be much appreciated. A Bientot Chris
  17. Hi to all on board here! I am based down in Devon and have recently acquired an old 'farm trailer' that I converting into a living cabin. I knew nothing of the background on the unit but in doing some cleaning and priming have found the I.D. plate. From what I can make out he ID plate reads: "TRAILER CHASSIS, 5 TON, 4WHLD NO. 1 MK ? E.E. Cont. No. 23/5884 CHASSIS NO. 20088, W.D.No. Xo6867297" If anyone has any thoughts on what type of trailer this is I would be very interested. Another issue (and one I am sure many of you are familiar with...) it currently has four 10.50 x 13 tubed tyres, all of which are still holding air, but some are very perished. I cannot find a modern replacement for this size tyre so again, if anyone has info on this that would be great. I then just need to get the wheels/tyres off...?! Anyway I am very pleased to have found such a good forum. Festive wishes to all! Simon
  18. Hello, As we already restored a Diamond M20 truck, it became time to make the truck complete. So the link under the text wil give you direct acces to the restoration album of our latest project: a Rogers M9 trailer. http://picasaweb.google.com/118405202572942481936/RestauratieRogersM9?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMyDnMO-tPW1qAE&feat=directlink Kind regards
  19. Hi I'm Andy and live near the M5 in Somerset. I've been a Military Vehicle collector for many years but have just joined this forum. I have just taken the step of buying a Diamond T 969B. I'm used to Jeeps and Land Rovers which I have and I even had a WC63 Dodge a few years back but this is the first time I've owned anything this big. I'd welcome any advice on Diamond T's and get in contact with any other owners. The vehicle is mostly complete, its undergone a long term restoration and is road legal and running well. Its fitted with a 6 cyl ford turbo diesel engine (not orginal I know but very well fitted and suits the vehicle great, plus gets away from 3 mile per gallon). I'm looking for the lifting/towing A frame for the rear so if anybody has one for sale or one I could have photos of and dimensions, etc. so I could make one that would be great. I'd also looking for any info on low loader trailers that were used with wreckers as longer term I would like to find one (as soon as my partner has calmed down becuase I think the shock of a Diamond T pulling into the drive has been too much for her at the moment !!!!) :-)
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