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Found 11 results

  1. Good day, I thought I would share this project with you. After loosing the possible purchase of another special vehicle I re connected with Mike Calnan and arranged t go visit him for a reconnaissance visit ad confirmation of a possible deal. A week later, armed with a wedge of cash and equipped with a rental trailer and a rental small excavator and a willing accomplice we arrived for the recovery. The CL70 is made up of a front and rear car and were stored on the ground separated. With some gentle persuasion a pair was dragged out of the tall grass storage. Mike also generously allowed us t remove a second front car for parts as neither was complete and it will be easier to compare the two side by side and do the work in the warm and dry.. The excavator proved to be the perfect tool for the job and blended subtlety and power a deft control all in one. As we had an extra piece, we made a mad dash to a local shop to put the first piece on the back of the truck deck so we would still hae enough space to get everything home in one trip. Back at Mike's place we loaded the other two pieces and the spare chassis frame.
  2. Very rare and original Marder 1a3 for sale. The Marder came directly from the Munster Museum In Germany to the the USA. It appears to be untampered and completely original as if it came off the industrial line. The 20mm gun and smoke discharges are demiled to US standards but the vehicle itself has no demilitarization/holes cut into the body. The Marder, while having a demilled gun, boast what appears to be a complete turret and weapon system to our knowledge. The turret powers up but the hydraulic motor that spins the turret does not have power going to it. We believe this is due to where it was previously owned. The previous ownership was at a museum in the USA and we believe it had the power disconnected so volunteers and employees would not accidentally turn the turret on and loose a hand or get hurt due to spinning the turret and getting caught in the open design of the vehicle. The MG 3 station on the turret looks to be complete and untampered and ready for an MG 3 or MG 42 to our knowledge. We have got the Marder up to around 35 MPH getting to parades and it ran perfectly. It stops on a dime, and the gun would be a great project for someone with the right licensing to get firing again. The vehicle has been dry stored in a temperature controlled building it’s whole life in private hands and was serviced regularly. It was rated battle ready by a Leopard mechanic that came to service it multiple times. Giving it a 10/10 rating mechanically and by completeness. The vehicle runs and drives great, starting on its first try when cold. The power pack is like new, still with factory paperwork with updated hours. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own an unmolested, modern, and compete Marder 1a3 IFV strait from Germany's main military vehicle museum. The vehicle also comes with complete paperwork from the Munster museum on its release, import papers, etc. To our knowledge this is the only Marder 1a3 in private hand in the United States and the only Marder released from the German government (via Museum) in complete and untampered condition in private hands. The vehicle is located in Wisconsin, United States of America. Price is $295,000, serious seller and open to offers Please reach me via email if interested: anthonymarder1@gmail.com
  3. Tadeo


    Hi, does someone know the primary forum(s) in the UK where tank lovers do attend. I'm looking to establish new connections, however, it seems that I'm still lacking proper virtual places on the web where such people are meeting up.. If someone could share any thoughts - would be very helpful.
  4. My Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. I've noticed that when I'm driving on the road I feel i'm driving at a sensible even slowish speed.... however.... when i see video of me driving it ALWAYS looks as if i'm going twice as fast as I thought at the time !! Has anyone else experienced this ? I recently posted a video of a M4 High Speed tractor in the W&P arena and the driver mentioned the same thing. Now my theory is.... when you are driving one of these amazing complex often difficult vehicles to control... you are in a high state of alert... adrenalin is probably pumping round your body... there's a lot going on ... particularly when on the road.... you are concentrating hard.... looking out for hazards, other cars etc etc..... in this state... time effectively appears to slow down... you are functioning in a higher mode.... you feel things are happening slower... infact to onlookers... you are moving faster. It's all relative. Well that's my theory !!! Something went wrong...
  6. At 2014 Tanks Trucks & Firepower Show Something went wrong...
  7. Best vehicle I ever owned... Best video clips from purchase... in early 1993.. from Jacksons of Doncaster... to its departure in 1995. Video from Doncaster, Hartlebury,Evesham,Bromsgrove and Kidderminster. Mainly me driving but also good friend Simon Blackburn. Something went wrong...
  8. Good evening, my name is Rory, I am from Scotland, I joined hoping I would find information on snow trac's I am looking to buy one as a project or running if anyone has one for sale. Thanks and I look forward to reading the posts. Rory
  9. Can anyone help ? I have a client who wants to hire a Tracked, Armoured vehicle (and Driver) for a couple of hours (11.00hrs ish) on the 16th June. Location: Near Betws-y-Coed. vehicle to be driven along a short forest road to deliver my clients to a "Outward Bound" style corporate team building event. They will pay whatever costs are required - transport etc. Originally they were going to pay to transport my CVRT Striker from the Midlands to Wales.... BUT I now cannot do it for them. There must be someone more local to Betws-y-Coed who can do it - hopefully. Call me (07879 811130) or email for further info. Thanks Chaps Paul
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