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Found 6 results

  1. Dear all, the REME Museum in Lyneham is now open, Tues to Sat 1000-1630. There are displays, shop, cafe, research and education facilities. At £7 for adults, £5 for children, it seems to be good value. It is on the A 3102, same as the main gate for MOD Lyneham which is well signposted, try SN15 4PT. More details on their website. http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/ Enjoy! T
  2. Hello Ladies & Gents! What a fantastic forum! Great to have so many like minded people in one place. I am a family member of a working First World War military museum in Victoria, Australia which is home to many thousands of restored and not so restored pieces. Looking forward to chatting!
  3. Today The Tank Museum announced the launch of its latest exhibition, ‘Fury’, sponsored generously by Wargaming. Opening its turret doors on the 20th of October, the exhibition tells the story of the Museum’s integral involvement with the making of David Ayer’s visionary film, Fury, which bursts onto cinema screens across the UK on the 22nd of October. The movie casts two of The Tank Museum’s exhibits: the world’s only working Tiger 1 tank and the eponymous Fury Sherman M4 tank, in a tale of overwhelming odds deep behind enemy lines in the last days of the Second World War. Taking centre stage in the ‘Fury’ exhibition will be the film’s armour plated star, the Sherman M4, alongside imagery and footage directly from the film. Other attractions include uniforms from the film worn by some of the stars, and numerous props straight from the set, all kindly donated by Norman Productions. David Willey, Curator of The Tank Museum, said, “Being a part of making this film was a remarkable opportunity for the Museum and we want to share that experience with our visitors. This exhibition will give an insight in to how The Tank Museum was involved in the Fury film, the issues we faced when working to safely use some of our historic collection and what it was like for staff on the set of a Hollywood movie.” To celebrate and acknowledge Wargaming’s continued support of The Tank Museum, the ‘Fury’ exhibition will also host various gaming stations where visitors will be invited to play World of Tanks. Using in-game tanks modelled on the armoured vehicles from the film, players will be able to clash against each other to recreate the very battles Wardaddy and his troops fight in the film within the Wargaming universe. This will be further supported by a video which intersperses film footage from Fury, with Wargaming’s tanks in-game to form a thrilling montage, overlaid with commentary by Richard Cutland, UK Historical Consultant at Wargaming. “Wargaming has a long history of collaboration with The Tank Museum, we sponsored the building of a classroom in the museum, we also contributed to the restoration of The Museum’s collections and now we are extremely proud to be working with The Museum again, sponsoring the making of this new exciting Fury exhibition, which is a perfect match to our game World of Tanks", said Rinaldo Andreolli, General Manager Wargaming Europe. The ‘Fury’ exhibition will open on the 20th of October at The Tank Museum and is scheduled to run until the end of 2015.
  4. Above: US Troops and Landing Craft, Weymouth Harbour "...the southern portion of England became one vast camp, dump and airfield" General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander Allied Forces on D-Day. Dorset's location on the south coast meant that it played a key role in the D-Day invasion. British, American and French soldiers were stationed in the county with large American camps at Poole. The American and Canadian soldiers were an object of curiosity, particularly to the female population. Elsie Ross a fifteen year old paper girl in Bournemouth in 1944, recalls: “…..."Hey girl! Over here!" A voice straight out of the movies stopped me in my tracks. Never mind not speaking to strange men they didn't come much stranger than this. Six foot four, black and shining as ebony and a white smile like a crocodile...” The American Rangers, given the job of capturing the German guns at Pointe-du-Hoc, trained on the cliffs at Burton Bradstock near Bridport. On the day of the invasion itself the American forces that captured Omaha beach set off from Poole and Weymouth. (Left: US Troops prior to embarkation, Weymouth Esplanade) Glider planes carrying Tetrarch tanks were launched from Tarrant Rushton near Wimborne. These tanks aided paratroopers in capturing important points behind enemy lines diverting German forces away from defending the beaches. Find out more from David Fletcher's article - Airborne in Normandy. (Right: A Hamilcar Glider at Tarrant Rushton) Operation Smash Mounting a huge operation on the scale of D-Day required months of planning and practice runs. On April 4th 1944, Exercise Smash was held at Studland Bay with DD Valentine tanks. Shortly after launching, the weather changed and the waves grew bigger. As a result, six tanks sank with the loss of six crew members. Although tragic this was a valuable lesson. The tanks were not seaworthy in rough weather and so on D-Day, the DD tanks were launched in shallow water. (Left: A DD tank, Studland Bay) You can see a Sherman DD tank with original canvas screen on display in the Museum’s Tank Story Hall. The British army also held a large-scale invasion exercise, somewhere along the South Coast, when infantry and armoured troops made practice landings under cover of huge air umbrella. The photograph (Right) shows troops wading ashore under fake enemy opposition.
  5. Short Video showing the AFVs parked outside. Filmed 12th Sept 2012 Something went wrong... Aldershot Military Museum - Vehicles on Display Outside Sept 2012 Scorpion FV101, CVRT Scimitar, Priest, Ferret Scout Car, Humber Pig APC, FV432, Challenger Main Battle Tank, Saracen APC, Chieftain MBT & Saladin
  6. We are holding another show on Sunday 6th March, We have a strong Military Section if you would like to attend plesae email me for a form. stevetydeman@yahoo.co.uk More Details at www.aviation-museum.co.uk and on the 118th Signals Regiment Blog: http://118thsignalsregiment.blog.co.uk/2011/01/10/january-ops-report-10340271/ Also Free Vintage Bus Rides destinations including Bournemouth Sea Front, Hengistbury Head and New Forest. Stalls selling Militaria including 70s-80s and WWII, Transport, Models, Vulcan to the Sky Stall, and many more! A static diplay of Classic Cars, Fire Engines and anything Vintage, re-enactors from WWII-1980S. Only £4 Adults, £2 Children.........:-)
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