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  1. Not often seen. CVRT tow bar,A frame, freshly painted in satin Nato Green, all pin threads free. Buyer to collect or can meet at Sarn services M4 (near Bridgend) Located Swansea. £600
  2. Hi Guys, Long story short one of my steering tillers starting pulsating slightly so i checked my steering brake pads and low and behold i am dearly in need of some new ones. I have the new pads and started replacing them, the one side went easy as pie and the piston slid right back into the caliper *almost* easy enough to do with your finger. Then the fun started with the other side. Despite all my might i cannot get the piston to press back into the caliper so i decided to take the caliper out so i can get at it better but alas i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the darn thing out. From my limited understanding there is two larger bolts that hold the mount for the caliper onto the gearbox and i can find the one but i literally cannot break the bolt free. Ive tried liquid wrench, PB Blaster, Cheater bars, Half inch impact and lastly just my Raw Might but nothing will get it to come lose. so obviously i should just jump to the other bolt but i cant find it? im not sure if you guys know any tips or tricks but im in desperate need of help here. P.S. If you guys know of where i can get a Fan Belt or a part number for a replacement that would be much appreciated it. Thanks in advance!
  3. Good afternoon all, I am really struggling to fill the V55/5 in and can't seem to find out how to fill in all of the fields, despite using the V355-5 guide to filling it out. Does anyone who has successfully registered a Sabre/Scimitar/Scorpion have a copy of one completed? I'm really struggling with the weights, tax class, (I am assuming 'Crawler' from what I've read?), wheelplan etc (or do I just use what I find out the web?) basically the whole form!!!! To prepare, I have the Sabre fully insured on its military number and I also have all of the age report etc from IMPS on their letter headed paper which includes service history etc. My other question is around tax and MOT. The guidance states that I need to include the latest MOT and also payment for tax, but as the manufacture date is 1971, it appears that the Sabre is both tax and MOT exempt. Reading on though, it seems as though you have to apply for those statuses once the vehicle is registered, so how does that work? It was purchased from Military Vehicle Solutions fully restored earlier this year although I don't have any paperwork for that. Any help to fill this in would be massively appreciated as I'm feeling a little lost with it all... Cheers, Alex
  4. Here we have a rare CVRT metal model, from a Belgian Officer's Mess. The model is almost 4 1/2 Inches long, and is mounted on a nice wooden plinth. I'm asking 60 Euros plus postage for this collector's item. Jan
  5. £20 plus postage or collect from Sheffield. Going to give you guys first option before I post on eBay
  6. CVRT crew tent in and storage bag £125 ono plus postage. Sheffield 0740 15 19 117
  7. Action man type CVRT it's not the original issue but the one that was rebanded. Offered for a donation to the website fund and so long as buyer pays P&P. Collection from Sheffield ,South Yorkshire
  8. I've got an original Alvis sales brochure for the Scorpion CVRT. Will offer on here first before list it on eBay. Open to offers, buyers pays postage.
  9. Hi I've recently removed the bulkhead on the Scorpion and when it was reinstalled the generator light on the master switch unit does not go out. The light on driver's instrument panel does and the relay that cuts in at the beginning in the control box on the bulkhead can be heard. I don't think that I have disturbed anything and all the plugs appear to be correctly connected. Is there a way that I can put a multimeter anywhere to establish charging or does anyone have any ideas why the problem has arisen? Many thanks Richard
  10. Have my Sabre on Ebay. Item number "202300659717" if anyone is interested. Selling her with everything I have sourced so all the spares. May even leave the dead in.
  11. Has been fully restored over the last 4 years. In excellent Condition & Running Order. Something went wrong... The Full Restoration can be seen here..... alvissabre.blogspot.com £35,000 ono I would consider a P/Ex for something interesting. Call Paul 07879 811130
  12. Hello, I am Roger1954, from USA. Our new non-profit charity organization is looking to purchase any model CVRT to use as a parade and ceremony vehicle to honor all military veterans. Prefer a running, driving vehicle, and we can do paint, and some repairs. Maybe even streaker or shielder that we could construct a light weight tank body. I have worked on Jaguar, Rolls Royce, JCB vehicle and have knowledge of CVRT mechanicals. Thanks for your assistance.
  13. Current status of Restoration... ...Turn Yer Sound Up !! Something went wrong... Blog ... http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk
  14. My Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  15. Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  16. This maybe useful to anyone having slow running problems with a J60 engine. We cleaned the carburettor and jets using compressed air, as well as carb cleaner, then we found a jet with a damaged thread on top of the venturi tube (solex 190). The jet would not seat properly. After removing and cleaning the idle mixture screws, by chance I injected compressed air into the mixture screw holes only to find that there were air leaks between the 2 halves of the carburettor body accompanied by bubbling carb cleaner at the joint. The carburettor is in two halves with a gasket between. The 5 socket head screws holding the 2 parts of the carburettor together were all loose, even after tightening there were still slight leaks, so presumably the carburetor joints were warped. The fix was a very thin coat of Hylomar. These issues, including a dirty carburettor will have contributed to poor running, and the joint leak may never have been found were it not by chance. Worth a check if you cannot get the vehicle to idle properly. Diana
  17. http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  18. Something went wrong...
  19. Something went wrong...
  20. I was speaking with someone yesterday who stated that there were variations in the design of the J60. I am told that some had dry liners and some did not and there is a way to tell the difference by the engine serial numbers. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? R
  21. Tracks / sprockets ??? seem very Clattery / Clonky / Generally Noisy... any ideas anyone ? Something went wrong...
  22. I've noticed that when I'm driving on the road I feel i'm driving at a sensible even slowish speed.... however.... when i see video of me driving it ALWAYS looks as if i'm going twice as fast as I thought at the time !! Has anyone else experienced this ? I recently posted a video of a M4 High Speed tractor in the W&P arena and the driver mentioned the same thing. Now my theory is.... when you are driving one of these amazing complex often difficult vehicles to control... you are in a high state of alert... adrenalin is probably pumping round your body... there's a lot going on ... particularly when on the road.... you are concentrating hard.... looking out for hazards, other cars etc etc..... in this state... time effectively appears to slow down... you are functioning in a higher mode.... you feel things are happening slower... infact to onlookers... you are moving faster. It's all relative. Well that's my theory !!! Something went wrong...
  23. At Tanks Trucks & Firepower Show 2014 Something went wrong...
  24. CVRT Scorpion Jump & Explosion - Slow Motion - At Tanks Trucks & Firepower Show 2014 Something went wrong...
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