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Found 5 results

  1. Joining the Pat Ware and In Detail books about Ferrets, we also have some ‘as new’ copies of the ‘Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service’ by Colin MacGregor Stevens at £40. If you are interested, do please message me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com for postage costs and payment details. Cheers Graham
  2. Good day, I thought I would share this project with you. After loosing the possible purchase of another special vehicle I re connected with Mike Calnan and arranged t go visit him for a reconnaissance visit ad confirmation of a possible deal. A week later, armed with a wedge of cash and equipped with a rental trailer and a rental small excavator and a willing accomplice we arrived for the recovery. The CL70 is made up of a front and rear car and were stored on the ground separated. With some gentle persuasion a pair was dragged out of the tall grass storage. Mike also generously allowed us t remove a second front car for parts as neither was complete and it will be easier to compare the two side by side and do the work in the warm and dry.. The excavator proved to be the perfect tool for the job and blended subtlety and power a deft control all in one. As we had an extra piece, we made a mad dash to a local shop to put the first piece on the back of the truck deck so we would still hae enough space to get everything home in one trip. Back at Mike's place we loaded the other two pieces and the spare chassis frame.
  3. When the Ferret was introduced into Canadian service it was the only vehicle with the central round style slave socket, which has become the NATO standard it seems. The other vehicles in the CF (Canadian Forces) usage at the time had the American style with the two offset pins. As I bumble around trying to assemble things for my Canadian Ferret I was pondering one day as to how the Ferrets could have been slave started by anything other than another Ferret if there was no adapter. So, knowing there are some smart people on Maple Leaf Up I posted this question over there and CMPMAN aka Rob Love replied that my suspicion was correct and that there was a special short cable and that he happened to have one in his special shed. I coincidentally had a trinket that turns out he could use so we did a swap by mail. I am now the proud owner of a quite uniquely Canadian piece of kit for a Canadian Ferret. My thanks go to Rob Love for his generosity. Regards Robin
  4. Hi my name is Al Hale and I reside in Vernon, B.C. Canada. I recently sold my business I started from ground up which was waste management. I also am a heavy duty mechanic and enjoy it as a hobby and am fascinated with military vehicles . I am currently looking for a CVRT Scorpion Sabre light tank to restore . I am looking forward to meeting new people and friends with similar interests, Al.
  5. Since about 1996 or there abouts, the location of a WW2 Staghound hull has been known of by a small number of people. Even less have seen it. During the Second World War there were many airfields set up across Canada to train allied pilots to fly. It was all done under the British Commonwealth Air Training Program or BCATP for short. Since the end of the war the many of the airfields have been closed and the buildings torn down and the runways ripped up. The hangars were all the same design and used massive British Columbia fir beams, I was involved in building a cottage that used some reclaimed beams. Beautiful timbers. The location of this vehicle was in the impact area of the Winchester airfield and infact located in a bog. From the end of winter to freeze up the area has about two to three feet of water, a peat like bottom, and willow bushes taller than your head. In winter the bog does ice over in some areas but the ice cant be counted on. The Winchester bog is located south of Ottawa, in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I was told of the vehicle around 1998 and went looking for myself. I decided that the best way to find it was to look from above. I enlisted the help of a friend of mine who has an Aeronca Champ and flies from an airfield close by. From the pictures of the hull I had been shown the turret was off. From the air it did not take many passes to see a totally man made perfect circle in the swamp vegetation. Using a nearby track with a dog leg close to the hull I made mental notes as to where it was. On the ground a while later using that mental image from the air I walked out from the dog leg the 400 yards or so through the willows, fighting each step all the way. By pure dead reckoning and luck I walked right to it the first time. Trust me, navigation in the bog is very difficult as it is featureless with no points of reference. Since that time many skilled people have attempted to walk out to it using GPS coordinates taken from satellite images. Many of those attempts failed. One could walk within feet of it but never see it. Over the following years I visited a number of times more to make my own recovery appreciation plan. The location was "top secret" locally as a few undesirables had designs on it. Early on the Canadian War Museum declined any interest in it as too much work would have to be done and they had other projects. Eventually the Royal Canadian Dragoons showed an interest and worked up a plan to pull it out using heavy assets within the unit. Sadly operational deployments and cut backs and budget restrictions put paid to public assets being used. A local benefactor in the shape of a contractor with big excavation equipment was nurtured and sweet talked into coming on board by the Guild of the RCD. the Guild has some kind of plan for the vehicle. Over this past winter the recovery was scheduled and two big excavators were deployed to go dig it out and drag it back to terra firma and load it onto a trailer. Sadly I had work commitments that stopped me attending. Those involved in the recovery failed to take pictures at least as far as I have been told. Today the hull and turret recovered from beside it sit on a trailer in a storage yard pending plans and funds being readied for the next stage of the RCD Guild's plan to do something with it. It is not up for swap or trade I am being told. I will, over the next few days, post all the pictures I have of it when seen a few weeks after the extraction, sadly taken with a cell phone so the quality is not great. I have a total of 19 pictures and will post just a few to start. Regards Robin
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