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Found 5 results

  1. I'm searching a 25-ton Pontoon. If you have one for sale or you know someone who owns one, please contact me. The pontoon exists in aluminium or in steel. The dimensions are +/- 10m x 2m. My Autocar would look so much better with the pontoon on his trailer. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello if anyone can help or point me in the right direction I am looking for a single or double axle semi trailer suitable to go behind a ww2 4/5 ton tractor unit . Ideally a machinery type carrier with sloping rear and ramps but interested in any type . many thanks Steve 01424892957 07892789454
  3. A number of years ago I was lucky enough to come across an Autocar U8144 by chance, I had no intention of buying anything like it but, I got carried away and well before I knew it, it was on the back of a lorry heading for home…. As I’m been busy with a number of things including building my house for the last few years I’ve not had time to touch it, now however the time has come. I was also prodded into action by firstly a friend of mine, Paul rebuilding his Jeep in my barn who has kindly offered to help me and secondly a chance conversation over a beer on Jim Clark’s stand at W&P this year with somebody very close to this forum (you know who you are) who it seems likes Autocar’s a lot and made it clear that I needed to get on and get it running or he would never speak to me again. So to you two gentleman, this is for you and it’s all your fault !!!!!! Its reasonably intact, was stripped down to its chassis with all of the running gear, brakes etc. including the original petrol engine in place and working. All of the cab frame, panels, radiator, grille, interior, etc. came with it in bits. It’s just missing the large open topped equipment box which sits behind the cab, the stowage box on the side underneath, the headlamps and fifth wheel coupling all of which I will no-doubt have to get made as I’m not likely to be able to find them anywhere. The truck seems to have a bit of a story behind it, it appears to have started life as a U8144 with a box body on the back, from the pictures I’ve seen these were very large, very high and very long, in fact too high to fit into any of my barns. It seems at some stage it has had the rear chassis cut back to convert it into a Pontoon tractor unit, which of the ones built were the most numerous. The box truck didn’t have a winch on the front but the Pontoon tractor did. A stroke of luck happened during one of those chance conversations as somebody else had a winch and all the bits but wanted a plain non-winch front end for his. Parts duly swapped I can now have it looking correct. The original petrol engine runs but had to come out as I wanted to grit blast and re-paint the chassis properly so a lot of soul searching took place regards putting it back in or converting it to diesel. It was a case of 2-3mpg with the petrol or about 10-ish and better reliability with a diesel. After a conversation and a lot of help with the expert on these things Mike Gillman (tootallmike) who does this type of thing for a living it’s been agreed that he is going to source a Cummins 6BT diesel, mate it to the original gearbox and fabricate the engine mountings to match the originals on the truck. That way I can have a truck I can use, keep the petrol engine in the shed and if ever in the future somebody wants to put it back to original it can all be swapped back. The work so far is really pictured below, the idea was to get the chassis painted before the winter arrives and get it into my workshop on stands which I have completed today. I can now work on the chassis, suspension (the rear springs need rebuilding), brakes etc. and then await the engine in the new year, then start the cab rebuild and get the missing bits made before fitting it all together and painting it all again with the rest of the 5 gallons of olive drab I’ve just purchased from Jim at Allied Forces. It all sounds simple, which I know it won’t be but you have to enter into these things full of positive optimism !!! If anybody has any leads on the missing bits I need including the Dayton or Austin fifth wheel coupling and a set of 12.00 x 20 bar grips plus a supplier who can re-build leaf springs please let me know, of course as always any other comments constructive or otherwise always welcome.
  4. The truck is now under cover and the restoration has begun. The remains of the body have been photographed and dismantled to improve access to the chassis. The heads have been removed from the engine and I was pleased to find that the bores are in good condition so the engine looks to be viable. This is very important as I want to get it running before the engine is removed to shotblast the chassis. The restoration will be slow at first as I have several other big projects to complete before this can take priority but I hope to work on it properly over the winter. - MG
  5. I’ve collected my new toy today in the shape of a Autocar U8144. I had no intention of buying it but I was looking at something else a while back and it caught my attention and now my barn is a little fuller than it was !! It’s mostly complete and I’ve got most of the cab including some new panels (open cab). The engine runs nicely and mechanically it’s all there. The chassis is straight and just needs a quick shot blast and paint with no bad rust anywhere. It looks like it could have been a radio bodied truck as it has no winch and the rear chassis looks like its been cut back to the length of the tractor unit, however the chassis plate clearly says it’s a U8144T and states the semi-trailer weights etc. so I’m not sure if and when it was converted so if anybody could shed any light on anything similar they are aware of please let me know. Not sure when I’m going to start restoring it as I’ve a couple of other jobs on the go currently and I’m still desperate to find a rear body for my Diamond T 969 Wrecker but I can’t wait to get going on it so perhaps it may jump the queue a little. :-D
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