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  1. Royal Patron to cut the ribbon with WW2 factory worker on 26th March Bovington, Dorset- March 2015: The Tank Museum announced today that its new exhibition, which explores the design and manufacture of British armoured vehicles from 1916 to the present, will be opened by Tank Museum Patron, HRH the Duke of Kent alongside Mavis Jones, a factory worker during the Second World War. ‘Tank Factory’ forms part of the continuing transformation, of the nearly 70 year old Museum. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the exhibition will tell the often overlooked story of the men and women who built these complex war machines and how the demands of factory life affected the workforce and wider society. The display will also showcase an impressive line-up of vehicles and through a series of themed bays, cover a variety of topics including Materials, Armour and Weapons and Testing. The exhibition covers issues around who builds tanks and why they look the way they do, what makes a good and bad tank and, via a touchscreen interactive, the public have the chance to design their own armoured vehicle. ‘Tank Factory’ is housed in one of the older museum buildings – a perfect backdrop as it is in fact an old factory building – re-erected at the site in the 1998. The main centrepiece is a production line of Centurion tanks, arguably the best tank Britain ever made. The story of Mavis Jones, who will be opening the exhibition alongside the Duke of Kent, is one of the personal stories featured in the exhibition. Mavis joined Newton Chambers in Sheffield, a tank factory, at the age of 16 as a tracer in the drawing office. She met her husband, Lieutenant Eddie Jones while he was training nearby for D-Day and they were engaged in three weeks. Curator David Willey says, “We hope this exhibition brings a new story and perspective into the museum displays; how such amazing machines are designed and made and of course tell the story of the people who put them together – often with great pride and satisfaction in their work.”
  2. Warfare Through the Ages from Medieval to the Present Day 19th September 2015 - 20th September 2015 See the history of warfare in action from Medieval to Modern Day with living history encampments, drills, weaponry displays, firearms evolution and period battles. Medieval, Napoleonic, First World War, English and American Civil War, are just some of the periods in history you'll see brought to life by skilled re-enactors. There will also be TWO arena displays each day, showcasing some of the finest Tank Museum vehicles. See our First World War battle re-enactment as well as a demonstration of Second World War and Cold War tanks.
  3. This Easter Holiday, to coincide with the opening of our brand new exhibition ‘Tank Factory’, the Museum will be showcasing the science and technology behind the design, build and operation of armoured vehicles. There will be talks, tours, and trails around the Museum as well as the opportunity to climb inside one of the Museum's Main Battle Tanks. Follow our FREE Easter Egg Hunt around the Museum for a tasty reward! Our Tanks in Action arena displays will take place every weekday, where you'll have the chance to see our vehicles thunder into life. Tracked Vehicle rides in a specially converted tracked vehicle will take place every day in the arena between 11.00am and 4.00pm (£3pp). The Vehicle Conservation Centre will be open every day, 1.30pm - 4.30pm. Don't miss... •Tanks in Action - weekdays, 1.00pm. •FREE Easter Egg Hunt. •Face Painting - every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from Diamond Faces. •Tank Museum Modellers - Monday-Friday •Vehicle Rides all week - just £3 per person
  4. The weekend of the 27th and 28th of June is Tankfest at The Tank Museum – bringing the story of tanks, tank crew and soldiers to life... Historic vehicle displays will include vehicles making their show debuts, with a number of old favourites returning to the arena. Tankfest 2015 will play host to a variety of traders and exhibitors from Militaria Goods to Arts and Crafts. Be sure to look out for some fantastic show bargains and unique gifts on site over the weekend. With over 100 organisations on site, inside the museum and on the outside grounds, your choices are endless. No need for a picnic at Tankfest 2015. We have a wide variety of refreshments on site to cater for all tastes, along with two fully stocked bars from Ringwood Brewery and the Dorset Brewing Company. Your TANKFEST 2015 ticket includes a free annual pass – so you can visit The Tank Museum as many times as you like in a year.* Tankfest 2015 is a special event, and requires a Tankfest 2015 ticket for admission.
  5. Hi, I was working in Aden -- Forces Broadcasting and as a news photographer. In 1962/63 I did a story of a patrol in the East Aden Protectorate and we met a British tank patrol. I took some photographs and since then I have lost the notes. Can anyone help in identifying. I think they were either from the Royal Tank Regiment or the Hussars. What type are the tanks, etc? I'm writing an autobiography with pictures and would like to use. The pictures are on their own page at my website -- http://www.angelfire.com/nj/healing/tanksinaden.html. Also, can anyone identify the hot springs in the last pictures, which was a favorite haunt of desert patrols? Any help would be much appreciated. My email is robert-egby@twcny.rr.com or robert_egby@yahoo.com. PS: Thanks for all your help. I have gone back to the original negatives and done blow-ups mugshots of the tank crew to try and identify the beret badges. That's in Photo 3. They look like Royal Scots Greys, right? PPS: Several sources confirm the Royal Scots Greys were in Aden during the 1963 Emergency before being posted back to Germany a year later. If anyone could identify the crew members that would be the icing on the cake. Maybe I'm asking too much. Thanks. I'm impressed with the great and informed responses from this group.
  6. This Half Term immerse yourself in the world of modern warfare. Meet the British Army and learn more about their equipment, day to day work and training in a series of free talks and tours plus “hands on experience”, with The Rifles. Our Tanks in Action arena displays will take place every weekday, where you'll have the chance to see the evolution of modern warfare, from the beginnings of the tank to the present day. Throughout Half Term, Children Go Free - terms and conditions apply. Details to be announced soon. Don't miss... • Face to Face with the Enemy – a talk from The Rifles on their experiences in Afghanistan. • Tanks in Action – Monday to Friday, 2pm. • Professional Face Painting from Diamond Faces – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. • Tank Museum Modellers – Monday - Friday Plus talks, tours, craft activities and trails. Normal admission charges apply, and annual passes are valid for this event.
  7. Hey guys. I have been quiet for a while due to University but now that's all wrapped up i'm back to hopefully get some confirmations from the vast amount of interest I have had for expanding the Armour World youtube channel! What do I need from you? Firstly stick a reply to this thread, stating what vehicle you are willing to let me film, also if you are willing to appear on camera for a brief interview. Finally if you can send me a Private message with a way to contact you while I am on-site so I can arrange a day and time to get filming. The basic idea is to try and get as much footage of your vehicles moving around so there will be a day where I will try to get as many of you guys to let me take a run on your vehicle to get some nice shots of it going its thing! Then other footage shot during the rest of the week where interviews and close up footage of the vehicles will be done. This is however just a plan.. and we all know how plans turn out! Again thank you so much for everybodies interest! I am really excited to get started and meet you guys! John Lyons.
  8. Hiya Its a long story but I was 'invited' to a location in Northern France to have a discussion with an eccentric french farmer about finding some parts for a project I have on. I have been asked not to diclose the location or contact details and I have to respect the chaps views. Some may know of this 'collection' already - but thought I would share the story and some pictures.. I was escorted by a 'fixer' in france to the owners location. When you arrive its a dismal sight with many wrecked and rotting post war vehicles just laying about. I was told about the collection and given a quick tour of the site. Basically its an old factory that is just falling down with all the walls bowing, rain running through the floors and everything rotting away. The owner has crammed into it any military vehicle he could find or un earth. There were a few rotten willys jeeps, a few german motorcycles and side cars, but then interestingly in one room were two 88mm anti tank guns!. Then when I got accustomed to the dark I saw halftracks, lorries a Highspeed tractor (based on the sherman chassis) a Weasel and tons of military surplus - all piled on the floors rotting away. I guess there was at least over 200 vehicles in various conditions of disrepair. I was proudly shown the munitions room in which (no joke) it was piled high with rusting ammo and with two enormous german aircraft bombs taking centre stage. One final room held some anotomical dummies with bits missing - this was the last straw for me as in the gloom it looked like real bodies... I snapped a few pictures and will share here when I manage to get them down to the sixe allowed on the thread. As I said I can't offer anything more than this interesting picture as the cahp is a little nervous of anyone (especially the French authorities) snooping into the 'collection' as I'm guessing all the guns/ ammo I saw were 'real'... PS The owner also wittered on about downed aircraft he knows of that are buried in nearby forest - apparently these stories are true, but the type of aircraft are unknown..
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