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  1. Spent the day at the Haworth 40's weekend event today. I didn't enjoy it as much as last year's event. There were much less vehicles there and next to none Germans. They spent a great deal of time dissuading the Axis contingent from parcipitating and largely achieved their objectives. The Hurricane flyover was great though and I met a few enthusiastic MV owners who were disappointed that I hadn't brought any of my vehicles. They are all postwar and too big for the spaces available there. A shame but next year if I have a Jeep I will attend. The missus fancied a Dodge command car until I told her how much they fetch....
  2. OK With one day to go thought I'd post a few photographs of vehicles that visited Sleap airfield near Wem, Shropshire today in aid of the county air ambulance. Despite a cutting wind the rain failed to turn up and those that did attend had a good venue to enjoy.
  3. celebration in western Bohemia, may 2013, liberation by US Army in may 1945, return of the Czechoslovak army in the west to the country with General Patton's 3rd Army, parade on Klatovska street in Pilsen, own camp and British military vehicles from my club, own Scottish pipe band etc. Good time, good show! Tom Higgins
  4. After a couple of years away we decided to make a visit to Rushden for the annual cavalcade. The weather was fantastic and crowds were large, although I felt that there were a few less vehicles than from my last visit back in 2010. Below are some pictures which I took from the event of the larger bits of kit:
  5. Afternoon folks, went to Llandudno on sunday for the Festival of Transport, usual suspects there, as usual it was difficult to photograph the vehicles properly, (sun and public!!!) Anyway... Enjoy.... Mark PS, suffered when got home.....tonsilitis!!!! (and next day was my wedding anniversary!!)
  6. Arrived today.. bloody Hot!! Hop Farm boggy in places but should dry out.. Lots of activity on the farm with crews clearing up from the weekends event.. First MV at W&P 2012..
  7. Something went wrong... Lot of military vehicles and airplanes. you can see me and my jeep whit Browning 1919 mg and airborntrailer standing between spitfire. and my bicycle in the first ca 11 minuts you can also see me close to the camera in uniform airforce.( after 11.11 minutes) talking in phone. Gloster Gladiator at resturation and more......
  8. Has anybody noticed that Stoneleigh has got new organisers Graham and Amanda from Jeep Parts have taken over running this event and have you seen the new layout for Stoneleigh it looks like they have gone for more stall holders lets hope they get the support they deserve Commander
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]72120[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72121[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]72122[/ATTACH] Just returned from our annual winter road run around Northants country roads. Best run yet, the weather really made the day
  10. Happy New Year to all. The following is a short overview of our modest winter run along the Worcestershire / Gloucestershire borders last Saturday. Following weeks of heavy rain, it was with some trepidation that members with 6No military and 3No civvie vehicles turned-up at the camp last Saturday morning for our annual winter-run. Not suprisingly, the morning brought yet further rain however, all decided unanimously to proceed with the event in order to blow / wash off the winter cobwebs. The one advantage of the wet weather of course, the temperature was somewhat warmer than it had been – thankful for small mercies I suppose Before leaving, we met in the main Nissen hut at the camp to plan the route. Given the effects of water on ground conditions, We decided to avoid the forest routes and to focus on tracks / metaled roads. The intention was to follow the planned route and to stop for a light refreshment around lunch-time at the Toddington Railway. Any further activities would be decided at the time. At this point, we were ready to `go` with a Hotchkiss jeep, UAZ jeep, Austin Tilly, VW181 Kubelwagen and, civilian LandRover and Discovery. We were missing a second group due to a mechanical problem - which included a `snatch` LandRover, 6x6 Pinzi and civvie Honda 4x4 . However,we agreed with them to get started and, to meet-up along the route. This first half went without a hitch, taking in a very scenic route (or so I could tell when the wipers could clear the rain off the windscreen….). The tracks, whilst very wet and unstable, contained a high gravel content and so, driving these sections – whilst requiring some care, were not too demanding. The second group soon caught-up with us along the way. Around lunchtime, we reached Toddington station as planned and, after a photocall, adjourned for a well-earned cuppa. At this time, some discussions between members also revealed a desire to take-in some more challenging terrain for the return trip. A quick consultation within the designated planning group – Mike, Jim and Adrian identified the more interesting fords along the way and so, off we went. A couple of the fords, by nature of their physical location, were flanked by steep approaches and departures, requiring careful driving. In all cases, the planning group travelled down into the ford with the UAZ beforehand to recce and, the convoy then followed-on. The final ford – located in the picturesque Blockley village measured some 30-40m in length and presented the wettest challenge – especially for the lower vehicles (the ability of my Kubelwagen headlights to perform when submerged was tested to the full…..). Even so all, made it through – including up steep climbs out the other side. We eventually made it back to the camp at about 15:30hrs (that’s 3:30 Mr Mainwaring, Sir !) which made it one of the longest drives the club has undertaken. All were in agreement that the variety of locations visited enhanced the trip and, of course, having so many capable 4x4`s along (and a 6x6) minimized any worries anyone might have about recovery. Overall…. another nice quality event - would be so nice to have a Summertime one also (hint-hint Mr Chairman). Finally, I have attached a few images taken along the route - most by our photographer on-the-day Adrian Hodges and couple by myself. No apologies - some images are a little blurred – due to rain on the lenses ! We also have a number of videos taken at the fords (primarily by Paul Valides) and, hope to have a compilation of these on youtube, within the next week or so. Many thanks to all who conspired to organise this wonderful trip ! Happy New Year, Steve 82 Convoy 1 – UAZ Convoy 2 – Austin Convoy 3 – VW181 `Kubelwagen` Convoy 4 – Hotchkiss Convoy 5 – Hotchkiss crew Convoy 6 – Snatch LandRover Line-up at Toddington Ford #1 - Pinzigauer Ford #1 – VW181 Ford #1 – Discovery Ford #2 – Landrover Blockley - UAZ Blockley - VW181 (1) Blockley – VW181 (2) Ford #2 - Pinzigauer Ford#2 – Snatch LandRover
  11. As promised to Jack, here are the snaps also seen elsewhere. I have a lot still to edit and tidy - so this will take time to complete. I haven't put any snaps up on here for ages. Patience please.....
  12. Hi Guys, Following the success of Wartime in the Vale over the last three years, the South Midlands area of the MVT are pleased to announce this show has now been awarded National Show status by the Military Vehicle Trust for 2012. The venue with its central location and unique WW2 camp with its many nissen huts has grown in popularity with over 350 military wartime and post war vehicles attending in 2011. Now with National status / support, there will be an even greater selection of vehicles and re-enactors with a mix of military and civilian displays. For 2012 we are also hoping to attract more amphibious vehicles as its not often that these vehicles can go and have a play in the water, as we are fortunate to have access to a slipway into the River Avon in Evesham just 1.5 miles away. We are also pleased the Austin Champ Owners Club have selected this show for their Champ Camp, as 2012 is particularly special for them as they are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Champ and nearly 100 Champs are already booked in with vehicles from the UK and abroad. There will be a large selection of traders, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (applied for), children’s fair, cinema, entertainment in the marquee and various vehicles displays going on in the arena and the camp will be fully opened with all its displays and extensive range of air raid shelters, along with lots of visitors in period dress contributing to the atmosphere. For more information please visit the events page on: www.ashdowncamp.webs.com Forms for MVT members will be posted out in January with Greensheet Magazine. Non MVT members very welcome. Do please contact me if any queries. Thanks Paul m: 0779 159 1528
  13. Report - HOT, perhaps not quite so many vehicles this year, HOT, 25 pounder firing demo, HOT, Spitfire display, HOT, road run, HOT and more HOT! Now for the bit you really want... EDIT - The picture links were broken after a change on the hosting site. They can be found on the Wheels & Wings website in the 2012 Gallery - http://www.wheelsandwings.co.uk/
  14. (BEFORE YOU START... I know its not strictly Northern, it's our third year though so we're not renaming it now!) Due to the fantastic support we have received this will now be our THIRD YEAR organising the Northern Military Expo at Newark Showground... Hard to believe I know but it is and we are really looking forward to it yet again! For the winter show we will be back in the George Stephenson Hall, still on the showground, on Sunday 4th November 2012 Doors will open to the public at 9am until 4pm (Entry is £5 per Adult) As normal traders will be able to set-up on Saturday from 10am onwards We have some fantastic traders booked in, and thank you to those who are returning once again, your continued support means a lot, here are just a few examples : Seal Military Kellys Heroes WWII Boxes Quartermaster Stores Tims Tags G I Joe Army Stores Paul Meekins Books Kriegsmarine Surplus Della Rebus Repo Uniforms D & B Militaria GB & SD Hobbies Jeep Promotions Axholme Signs Universal Jeep Supplies Dragon Fly Vintage Strachan Militaria Army Sales Appletree Vintage Jeffrey Engineering Jeremey Tenniswood Stripes Surplus Grays Automotive The Gunner Store Sentimental Journey Chelmsford Militaria Wartime Wardrobe We have as always quite a number of private collectors of both militaria and vehicle parts, in addition we also have the ACE Mobile Living History Group confirmed to setup a display outside the show building. There maybe news of another little addition we are still working on very shortly, but for now that is all... Any traders wanting to book in can do so via the website http://www.nmexpo.co.uk or by calling 01302 739000 If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and again i reiterate we know it's NOT Northern
  15. Bloody cold, but a brilliant night! The fireworks were really good too.... Queues for the burger vans were not so good...
  16. Hello, Last weekend I was running around with my M3A1 Stuart tank at Heiser Farms in Dayton, OR.(55 miles SW of Portland, Oregon). It had rained for the past few days with made the field a bit muddy! Link to a video: It was a lot of fun...but as we all know along with all the fun comes the not so fun part of cleaning up afterwords! It took 3 hours of pressure washing to clean all the mud off the suspension and tracks...Once we loaded the tank and were ready to go home the trucker attempted to turn around but did not get very far!!! The first tractor that came to pull the truck and trailer out did not move it very much then it stalled and would not start. The battery was dead so I jump started it with my Ford Explorer. The second all wheel drive tractor was able to pull the truck out of the field. Then we headed down the road. Enjoy, Steve
  17. It's been a month ago already but I never got around to posting my pictures from the Market Garden commemorations in which I participated. It was quite a busy program, I will add little text and a lot of pictures. Saturday September 15: Memorial drop Heeswijk Castle (dropzone A1 during Market Garden): Sunday September 16: Unveiling of a new memorial to the Tactical Carrier Groups who made Market Garden possible. Monday September 17: Memorial service in Eerde (near Veghel) at the recently restored Windmill, it was destroyed in the fighting. The school children arrive, followed by the band and the veterans / vips. Ray Nagell, 321st Glider Field Artillery The people attending the service. John Primerano, also attending, said: "My buddies did not die in vain, you who have come here are the proof of that". The veterans, laying a wreath. Tuesday September 18: Liberation of Eindhoven parade. I'm on the handsome one on the right. We picked up a school class which came back from a Normandy excursion and they rode with us into town. Nice and busy in Eindhoven It's Enigma (Olaf)! Because of previous commitment I could not make it to Arnhem for the commemorations there but it was a very good week!
  18. Before the Market Garden commemorations I attended the Tanks in Twente / Rolling Steel event. Here are some random pics. The focus of the weekend was on the heavy stuff, there were over 50 jimmies and a bunch of assorted other trucks. And of course the tanks. A very impressive weekend!!
  19. Since I'm uploading pics from my 2012 events, here are some from the National Liberation day event in Wageningen. We start off with my Dodge and the arrival of several special vehicles. A weapons demo for the masses. My display, I own to much kit... This is all kit from other members of the Screaming Ducks. An overview of our display. My Ben Hur filled with crates, ammo boxes and other stuff.
  20. Hi All Now that I have got over the show weekend I thought I would let you guys and gals know how it all went and boy what a show it was with well over a 100 military vehicles and I was talking to Mike Phelps who organises the military side of this show and for next year they are planning to make the military enclosure as big again to accept even more Military vehicles and Mike is up for anything in the Military line up so if any of you guys have an idea or want to fire something have a word with Mike Phelps and i have never seen this before but they even let the Military heaveys have a go in with the tractor pullers and pull the sled. Now for all of us who like the sound of a big Petrol or Diesel engine working its guts out the tractor pulling was a highlight for me and at night it was even better with all the flames and screaming and whistling of the blowers even the main band the Wurzels were droned out at some points and they were in another field. This show caters for a lot of tastes of people and its the first time I have seen a security done like this but on your wristband there was a phone number and if any one was having any grief from an idiots you ring the number on your wristband and the Rapid Response unit was there in 3 minutes and there was an awfull lot of them . I was asked by Mike Phelps to fire the 155mm in the arena and I asked him if I could try an additive in the charge for a better effect and he said try it:D:D:D:D:D SO I DID and I put in some Magnesium flakes and from were I was stood it looked like GOD used a flash when he took a photo of the gun firing:D:D:D:D:D:D and when i get the video back from the show I will post it up here for ya all. My point is that if any of us military guys and gals have something we want to show no matter how big or small it is ...have a word with Mike Phelps about it and do it in front of thousands people looking on as it sure made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up:D:D:D All in all guys in my book of shows this one stands on the top of my list along with the Overlord and Wartime in the Vale shows. And this is just my personal opinion. Well done and thank you Welland for my great weekend. BOOMBOOM PS I forgot to tell you all and now how rare is this ....On the Saturday a nice old chap came over to me and we had a good old natter and it turned out that he was head of the design unit from the start of the FH70 Development and has gifted me with an engraved section of the very first barrel of the FH series of barrels
  21. Went up to Debach control tower today for a jeep gathering. Chilly but dry. :cool2:
  22. AEC Militant, Austin Champ, K9 Radio Truck, Volvo C304, Bedford MW Truck, Willys Jeep, Bedford MJ Signals lorry " width="644" height="390">">Something went wrong... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVOaR8fARlU
  23. Do you know we had to change and catch three different connections between Cosby and home - The state of the public transport these days eh?...........tut There's always congestion wherever you go............. (Cloud bashing over Stamford Battle Range, Thetford, Norfolk) I didn't realise that Cosby was so close to the seaside! (P-51 Pairs formation diving down on Southwold, Suffolk on the way home from The Victory Show and desperately trying to hold the camera steady!) Overflying the 1st Air Division B-17 airfield of Glatton or Deenthorpe, I forget which. (Inbound Saturday morning. A1 just off the wing-tip) Unless you have to pick up a Passport in a hurry, this is the best way to visit Peterborough........from 3500 feet and at 110mph ! (Boeing Stearman - All stick and rudder, avgas fumes and wind in your hair, but what a great way to travel on a hot day) And for some of us, it just gets all too much - My 3 yr old daughter fell asleep 10 minutes out from Cosby and didn't wake up until 2 hours after landing! (Ain't she beautiful, but of course I'm totally bias!) What an amazing weekend and what a fantastic event. Sincere thanks must go to Steve Pepper and his team of organisers at The Victory Show for pulling off an outstanding event and to warbird operator Maurice Hammond for being outstandingly generous !
  24. Ok folks, after a long run down to Weymouth friday (for the B&B) we arrived at Bovington safe and sound. Took loads of piccys, was nice to see some vehicles I havnt seen, a very nice laid back little show. Mark 1st lot, my little Landy!!!!
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