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  1. Restoration thread for a 1940s Scammell Pioneer Gun tractor. Here are some pictures: The last photo is when it first arrived, the rest are it's current state. Thanks, Nick
  2. Thought I'd start a thread here on my Enfield project, as you may know this machine was found together with a post war wdc frame and 1936 BSA in a barn where they had lain for the best part of 50 yrs. Acording to Jan this WDC was dispatched on 25/06/41 Spent yesterday breaking it down ready to start the resto, but need to decide on paint colour and wether to refit the later rear carrier or put it back to as it came off the production line.
  3. Hello, I will start this new thread on the restoration of my latest project. Collected the remains of this Morris c4 in Brittany France this week, the previous owner started to work on the Morris but lack off time and space put a halt on the project and offered it for sale. I still remember this truck from a advertisement in France in as found condition , but at that moment I was to match involved in my Bedford QL restoration. Now the C4 is in my workshop and looking out to a new life !:cheesy: Some information : Morris commercial 15cwt 4x2 C4/wt (wireless body)
  4. Collected the trailer that Ian found for my, there will be a lot off work on it butt will be so nice behind my Bedford QL. The friend go made the trip with me is really desperate win he so all this rust, butt no panic we repaired worst stuff! Guy
  5. I know I said that after the Bedford MW resto that would be the last one, but you never should say never ! Had a call about some " old army bikes in a shed" so here we go again :nut: First most complete one is a 1940 RE WDC Second incomplete one is approx 1944 'RE WDCO And the third is a civilian 1936 B2 350 OHV Poor things look rough after residing in a shed for 40/50 years but rust is only surface , honest 😁according to Ron both Re's were rebuilt by RE in 45/46 and sold off to the civi market possibly.
  6. Latest project has arrived. Bought it off of someone who has done a lot of the major welding but as you can see there is still a lot to do. Its an ex home office, hard-top, SWB petrol and did run several years back apart from one valve. Anyway heres a few pictures:
  7. Not a total restoration but an urgent tidy up before she falls apart, I had no intention of doing anymore than just routine maintance on the K5 as I have to many on going restorations but the cab got 'on the work' so had no choice.
  8. Just managed to get this poor old thing in the shed. Seems much larger than I remember and will be a very long and slow project due to other distractions. However I'll start this thread as an incentive and baseline. Came with crates, boxes and multiple packets of spares - no idea what they are but will get a spare parts list and itemize them. Doesn't have a turret: Australian Army had 15 Saladins but put their turrets on APC's. Sold 6 hulls to NZ and those turrets found their way back onto hulls, but the others seem to have gone up in smoke, so a turret is on my wish list. At this stage I h
  9. the time has come to give this old lady a new life
  10. Hi to members HMVF, start winter and I start full restoration my Bedford MWC, many years was in forest , rain, sushire, winter, summer not good... but still was MWC very complet, and missig parts have now from Beltring, and start work, finish in april 2010- try. Welcome contact with other owners MWC or MW. Tomas
  11. http://mitchh14.moonfruit.com/'>http://mitchh14.moonfruit.com/ Hi everyone, and welcome to my tank build topic. unlike most other threads on this forum this one doesn't cover a restoration as such, but rather a ground up build. Back in 2012 myself (mitch) and my two friends Paul and Matt were discussing the costs of owning a tank. At the time I had two military vehicles (a 1963 munga and a 1958 simca unic) and knew from experience that it only gets more expensive when you add armour and tracks into the mix. Not to be put off we decided that if we couldn't afford a
  12. my new project, many years ego, I wants buy series one, but very, very expensive vehicle... But last year , have luck, and buy Land Rover Minerva, series one for Belgium, I was very happy, all is steel, no aluminum, its good for my restoration. Rover need work, but start and running, have power, its strog engine! Project for hollyday in the summer. Tom
  13. hello all i maneged to find haw to send some photos with the help of JEREMY TOBIN thaks jeremy it is haw i bought it and a little bits off work done i appriciate all your comments and your expirense thank you any one have any parts for sale please tell me .
  14. Hi all, Been browsing the forum for a while and have decided to do a blog on my Douglas Turbo Taskmaster Aircraft Tractor. I have owned it 17 years but only really just started restoration on it properly, when I got it I wrote to the RAF museum and they kindly sent me a copy of it's record card so I know it was delivered the RAF at CVD Ashchurch 2/2/71 on contract WV7319, and worked between Abingdon and kemble until it was sold at British car auctions in 1984. I bought it at auction in 1999 and was told that it had been rescued from a beach were it was used to pull in fishing boats usi
  15. Just dugout my winter project, bought it almost a year ago & put it into storage but now its time to get her back on the road. I am led to believe its the 3rd from last 'Box' to ever be made & never registered or been on the show circuit before ? Pretty well original & untouched but did have a spruce up 20 odd years ago & put back into storage but still a bit to do before she's ready for the road.
  16. Hello, I am restoring a Scammell Pioneer tank transporter and trailer. I am a good way through the work now but have a problem with the radiator as the bottom casting has been badly damaged by ice. Has anyone here got one of these they are willing to part with or know anyone that may be able to help? Thanks
  17. I am getting towards the end of my Studebaker restoration , but still have 2 questions , first , how is the area around the pedals sealed, there are holes for parker screws , but the fixing is missing . Second question is about the door seal trimming , how was the door seal held in place ?
  18. A member from our North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds MVT club has taken on the massive task of restoring not 1 but 2 AEC Matador lorries. The first one is a 1945 Matador Gun Tractor complete with original rear body but converted to a snowplough/gritter, salt and time have taken their toll. The second one is a 1942 Gun Tractor which missing its rear body and converted to a civilian recovery vehicle. Both vehicles were found in Aberdeen and transported back to Oxfordshire last year.
  19. hi here is some pic of my friend's dodge t 110 that we are restoring ,we are looking for some wheele cylinders and reparation kit it is pretty hard to find !! on the pic the cylinder is kind of weld with rust ! if anybody knows where i can find some it would be great ! and all information are welcome thank you ! best Roger
  20. as some of you know late last year i bought a charioteer and a centaur with a view to making one good cromwell from the 2. the tanks finally arrived at bob grundy's yard in ashton in makerfield in late december but due to the weather being so bad nothing much happened until march when bob came out of hibernation (sorry bob couldn't resist it). once things got going it really came together or should i say came apart really quickly, the turret and ring were removed as was some of the top decking and engine covers, then all the engine compartment was stripped and the mk1a meteor was sent off for
  21. Those of you who have followed my Morris-Commercial C9/B SP Bofors restoration will have seen in the most recent posts references to a Morris CDSW 6x4 Bofors Tractor which we have recently acquired. To put you in the picture I’d like to give you a bit of background as a start to this new blog. You can always scroll down to the photos if you get bored. “we” is the Manx Aviation and Military Museum which is, as you might guess, on the Isle of Man and is run as a charity by unpaid volunteers. Our visitors tell us that we are doing a pretty good job, which is nice. The museum houses the Museum o
  22. Lee & I made a start on the dodgy braking system on the Stalwart today. Suprise, suprise - the offending circuit that was locking on - didn't!! We disconnected each wheels flexi-hose in turn and connected a 0 to 3000 psi pressure gauge up, According to the manual (EMER) with the foot pressed hard to the floor we should have seen readings around the 2160 psi mark. We didn't!!! From memory Lee recorded the following Rears - 1200 psi n/s pressure releases slowly Centres - 1500 psi Front 1100 psi o/s side, 1000 psi the n/s side. All but one of the flexi-hose unions had ne
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