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  1. Hello, I am restoring a Scammell Pioneer tank transporter and trailer. I am a good way through the work now but have a problem with the radiator as the bottom casting has been badly damaged by ice. Has anyone here got one of these they are willing to part with or know anyone that may be able to help? Thanks
  2. I am getting towards the end of my Studebaker restoration , but still have 2 questions , first , how is the area around the pedals sealed, there are holes for parker screws , but the fixing is missing . Second question is about the door seal trimming , how was the door seal held in place ?
  3. A member from our North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds MVT club has taken on the massive task of restoring not 1 but 2 AEC Matador lorries. The first one is a 1945 Matador Gun Tractor complete with original rear body but converted to a snowplough/gritter, salt and time have taken their toll. The second one is a 1942 Gun Tractor which missing its rear body and converted to a civilian recovery vehicle. Both vehicles were found in Aberdeen and transported back to Oxfordshire last year.
  4. hi here is some pic of my friend's dodge t 110 that we are restoring ,we are looking for some wheele cylinders and reparation kit it is pretty hard to find !! on the pic the cylinder is kind of weld with rust ! if anybody knows where i can find some it would be great ! and all information are welcome thank you ! best Roger
  5. Hi All, so we are two weeks in to our Autocar tear down. here are the "vital's" Hood Number 40109590, (in Medium Blue) Data Card 22311 This is an original and unrestored example, so the most interesting thing so far is the hood. White star , surrounded by a hand painted medium blue ring, which was later overpainted with a white ring I think there is some interesting service history here we are running a blog for this at https://cwhvs.blogspot.ca/ so the bulk of the pictures will be on that, but I will post a few here as we go
  6. Well - it's been a while since joining the green-machine fraternity, and my first effort at restoration is still a (slow) work in progress. Having been inspired at a recent show to try and make more of a push to be ready for Capel next year, I thought it about time to open up my project for wider review & advice. First-up is the picture of my project in 1997 - long before I knew it would become _my_ project. Abandoned & awaiting the scrap auction - it was preserved by someone who was already restoring a Mk-2 (late) Quad and didn't want to see this one lost. I will put a couple more pictures up to bring it a bit more up to date... and then try and keep it a bit more current!
  7. I have buy this "beautifull" truck before he come to scrapyard there is two years ago, since i have found 5 original weels and an C60 box for the back.This truck was an ex RAF truck N°127964 (plate number on the door) his serial number is 7132043 but i m not sure for the years ? If anyone have plant for the rear back this can help me. And parts also. Thanks.
  8. Hi I'm relatively new to the forum so don't know a great deal of people , I live in North Yorkshire , my small collection of vehicles consist of 42 Willys, MBT Trailer, Mk1 Welbike , and a folding Para Bicycle ,and now a 44 bedford MW under restoration .Dave The MW is unknown territory for me .I would be very grateful if someone could answer a number of questions so I get it right . On my Jeep I have the 'M' prefix number .Why has the MW a 'Z' number and is it possable to find the correct number that was issued? .I've noticed on photo's that some have the number on the door and others on the bonnet , also some with star's others without , were Div markings put on the rear tailboard as again I've seen them with and without. The vehicle I have found doesn't have the rear lights , has anyone got a picture of them so I can look out for correct lights , temporarily I'm going to fit the round Landrover stop/tail lamps . I would be very grateful if someone could aim me in the right direction .
  9. A number of years ago I was lucky enough to come across an Autocar U8144 by chance, I had no intention of buying anything like it but, I got carried away and well before I knew it, it was on the back of a lorry heading for home…. As I’m been busy with a number of things including building my house for the last few years I’ve not had time to touch it, now however the time has come. I was also prodded into action by firstly a friend of mine, Paul rebuilding his Jeep in my barn who has kindly offered to help me and secondly a chance conversation over a beer on Jim Clark’s stand at W&P this year with somebody very close to this forum (you know who you are) who it seems likes Autocar’s a lot and made it clear that I needed to get on and get it running or he would never speak to me again. So to you two gentleman, this is for you and it’s all your fault !!!!!! Its reasonably intact, was stripped down to its chassis with all of the running gear, brakes etc. including the original petrol engine in place and working. All of the cab frame, panels, radiator, grille, interior, etc. came with it in bits. It’s just missing the large open topped equipment box which sits behind the cab, the stowage box on the side underneath, the headlamps and fifth wheel coupling all of which I will no-doubt have to get made as I’m not likely to be able to find them anywhere. The truck seems to have a bit of a story behind it, it appears to have started life as a U8144 with a box body on the back, from the pictures I’ve seen these were very large, very high and very long, in fact too high to fit into any of my barns. It seems at some stage it has had the rear chassis cut back to convert it into a Pontoon tractor unit, which of the ones built were the most numerous. The box truck didn’t have a winch on the front but the Pontoon tractor did. A stroke of luck happened during one of those chance conversations as somebody else had a winch and all the bits but wanted a plain non-winch front end for his. Parts duly swapped I can now have it looking correct. The original petrol engine runs but had to come out as I wanted to grit blast and re-paint the chassis properly so a lot of soul searching took place regards putting it back in or converting it to diesel. It was a case of 2-3mpg with the petrol or about 10-ish and better reliability with a diesel. After a conversation and a lot of help with the expert on these things Mike Gillman (tootallmike) who does this type of thing for a living it’s been agreed that he is going to source a Cummins 6BT diesel, mate it to the original gearbox and fabricate the engine mountings to match the originals on the truck. That way I can have a truck I can use, keep the petrol engine in the shed and if ever in the future somebody wants to put it back to original it can all be swapped back. The work so far is really pictured below, the idea was to get the chassis painted before the winter arrives and get it into my workshop on stands which I have completed today. I can now work on the chassis, suspension (the rear springs need rebuilding), brakes etc. and then await the engine in the new year, then start the cab rebuild and get the missing bits made before fitting it all together and painting it all again with the rest of the 5 gallons of olive drab I’ve just purchased from Jim at Allied Forces. It all sounds simple, which I know it won’t be but you have to enter into these things full of positive optimism !!! If anybody has any leads on the missing bits I need including the Dayton or Austin fifth wheel coupling and a set of 12.00 x 20 bar grips plus a supplier who can re-build leaf springs please let me know, of course as always any other comments constructive or otherwise always welcome.
  10. here are some pictures of my 969A The first is is in "as delievered" next show engine compartment work and cab work more to follow John Gott
  11. In the PDF :- http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Craftsman-MARCH-2016.pdf Diana
  12. [h=2]It Has Arrived...[/h]The 110Posted by Nicky Smith Sun, October 18, 2015 15:46:47 The day did not start well. Last night when I went to bed at a far to unreasonable time for a weekend, 9:20pm, I was feeling pretty rough and it was not through anything fun that I had done like a quick drink at lunchtime that turned into a bit of a session oh no it was because I was aching from top to toe as well as feeling exhausted. Don't get me wrong here I am not moaning there are plenty of bugs doing the rounds at the moment and it seemed it was just my turn to have a go no dear reader I am just pointing out that this is where it began and carried on throughout the night giving me little sleep and making me feel worse and worse as time drew on until the dawn broke and sweating like mad whilst feeling cold I had disturbed Wifey enough by my constant tossing and turning that she got up and us a cup of tea. As I lay there I realised that I wasn't going to be getting up any time soon in fact I had not felt this ill for a great many years even the prospect of taking delivery of my new project 110 couldn't drag me from the confines of my pit and I lay there until three minutes before the 110 actually arrived outside of my house on the back of a trailer that was being towed by the sellers girlfriend. Before I go on I just want to say it's great meeting new Landy folk and it's even better to see that the Land Rover brand still attracts the younger generations because this will ensure of beloved green oval motors carry on for years to come! As I looked out of my window at the 110 the adrenaline kicked in and gave me my first boost of energy in 24 hours so I threw some clothes on and headed outside to meet the folk delivering it for me. I knew this 110 would need some work because the seller had been brutally honest on the phone had sent me numerous pictures of what needed doing and it does indeed need a fair whack of welding along with numerous other things doing. In fact I thought I might have just been patching this up then running it but having had a closer look I will do a bit more than that! I will do a basic system overhaul weld the bugger up then get it MOT'd so it can become a running restoration. This one will be a keeper for me I have worked my way up to it from the Series 3 to the Discovery and now my 110 pre Defender which was what I always wanted in the first place! Specs then! He's a 110 obviously running a 2.5 n/a Diesel lump is ex MOD thankfully running on 12v. I have yet to send off for a merlin report to see if I can get some history on him but I will sort that out soon enough. The tyres are shot but the rims are good, the welding is mainly located to rear cross member and of course the bulk head. I will patch to begin with then see if I can source major replacement parts later. He does need a name though and Wifey was asking what it was a couple of days ago but I had to get to know the old boy before I could decide I mean it will be with him for a very long time! After careful thought consideration and lots of pondering I have decided that I shall call him...Pukah. Sounds like "Pukka" which is both a pie I love and an old slang word for "Good" that will embarrass the children deeply each time I use it. So a win win all round! Costings will be kept up this time around and yes I know I may have been able to get something a bit cheaper but the way Defender prices are rising I think this was about bang on the money. Costings. 110 PROJECT & DELIVERY £1500 TOTAL £1500
  13. Some photos of the Ql, thought I would start a blog, been chasing it for around 5 years and finally ended up with! not to sure weather to do a full restoration or a rolling resto as shes surprisingly vey good and complete barely no rot in the cab, have got the engine running I have been after a decent Ql project for a fare while, whilst I have had a couple thru my hands these last years I think ill keep this one................... wish me luck :-D ps whats the original size of the tyers? 11.20.s or 10.20,s ?
  14. Well as some of you may know I had a 90 Wolf Hard top which was my every day driver, as well as my 110 WMIK which is my show toy. I loved the 90, it did everything asked of it well but had two draw backs. I found the space in the back is very limited, and just too small for my needs, and I have always prefered the look of the 110 over the 90. But all this was academic or so I thought, as I could never afford a fully running genuine 110 (prices seem to have rocketed, with good examples fetching between £15000 - £18000 now). This was until a guy approached me at the Land rover show last Sept asking if I knew anyone wanting to purchase a 110 Wolf in its release condition (ie smashed to bits). It just so happened it was within what I could afford, so I jumped at the chance. I sold the 90 and the 110 was delivered to my door just before Xmas. Here it was in his yard. It had been here for five years, untouched. And here it is as of yesterday, exactly as he delivered it, along with a new chassis thats been outside for five years..... and hard top, chucked in for free, and a load bed full of spares he had purchased for it. My plan is to get the chassis galvanised (after blasting) and then over painting it black. I plan to start stripping it over the next few days. I will update this thread as the rebuild goes on. Does any one know of a good place to get it blasted and galvinised in the south east area?
  15. Check out Matilda Diaries - a series of videos chronicling the ongoing restoration of our Matilda II. Throughout the course of this series we aim to cover some of the questions and challenges involved with the project overall as well as the nitty gritty of dismantling and reassembling a 70 year old vehicle.
  16. Hi all, it might be quite late to start a restoration blog but here it goes anyway. This is a 1940 Dodge VC3 4x4, one of 816 Ordered by the US army. The model is basically a civillian 1939 pick up which Dodge changed for military service. Changes include: A front Axle, Brushguard, military rear / front bumpers... It's from this series the WC 1/2 ton were created and later the 3/4 tons. Some remained in service untill the end of the war. However they never saw any action in Europe. During paint removal, we discovered it's original registration number. Unfortunately, we didn't find any other markings. We did however find advertesing on the doors of a Sheet metal and roofing contractor in Pennsylvania. we believe this company was the first post-service time owner. Now, the company is run by the grandson of the person which owned the VC3. He couldn't help me with any pictures, but he did tell me there was a big depot of the 109th reserve (During WW2 and before WW2 the 109th Field artillery), about 5 miles from where the company is. I suspect the Dodge came from this depot, i cannot prove it though. 3 years ago we started a frame off restoration. The frame was solid, it got reinforced during it's servicetime in the army (all VC's got the frame reinforcement ).
  17. I will upload up until the current work after work, been working on this for 2 years now without any experience in restoration and coming from an I.T background, quite happy with how this is going
  18. Hi all Heres some photos of the Land Rover lightweight 24V FFR me and the father in law (Forum user 55HG89) are restoring to her former glory. She used to look like this We started work in October 2010 when the new chassis arrived, the chassis she was on is fairly solid at the front but the rear cross member has had it. We started in October 2010 when the new chassis arrived. From there we moved onto the suspension and axels, we managed to get hold of a BNIB front axel We then too the engine out and prepped it for painting In the fetching Sky blue colour Then onto the gearbox, which was absolutely caked in the usual sort of substances that accumulate on a 20+ year old vehicle When cleaning it we found some disturbing metal shards in its oil! We were going to get if overhauled anyway so off it went to a mate of our who just happens to be a Land Rover gear box specialist with 20 years of experience. Turned out it was one of the clips on the 3/4 synchro and there was no other damage, bit of a result that! here it is after a professional rebuild
  19. The Project Well it looks like I've been outed on a couple of threads, so here we go with an FV4101 Charioteer restoration I actually bought her unseen when Lance had to sell up, taking a bit of a risk in doing so. The priority of getting married that month saw me unable to visit, and a very understanding other half said "go for it". It still hasn't really sunk in. :wow: I plucked up the courage to visit when I got back from honeymoon, wondering if I was looking at trying to recoup the pennies through scrap and sparing or whether I had a viable project. Luckily I have a reasonably good hull and a large collection of bits that Lance and Rick had managed to strip and/or collect together. Why a Charioteer? Normally I'd be all over the prospect of doing a wartime spec Cromwell, but this is an unusual beast. It's a) one of the Charioteers that was sold onward and modified by the Jordanians, seeing action in the Jordanian-Israeli conflict, and b) it's an early Charioteer with no fume extractor fitted to the gun. This makes her a bit of a rarity. Given the number of Charioteers out there, and with none apparently restored into running condition, I just can't bring myself to destroy a bit of history. We're both preserving the modifications and restoring her as a Charioteer. This includes the weird and wonderfuls that were done to her during the conflict. What's the plan? The plan is 1) Get the mechanicals sorted and get her driving, including restoration of the hull so they don't have to come out again. This should see her trundling around. 2) Overhaul the suspension and re-rubber the wheels. 3) Restore the turret and detail the vehicle. Sounds easy doesn't it? :nut: Luckily, professional Cromwell-wrangler Rick has agreed to carry on doing the major works, as he's both done it before on his own Cromwell and has the space and help to run though it. The history A decent collection of the work has already been done when Lance was intending her to be a Cromwell. You can see some of her history in the old thread here - http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?43059-MK-IV-Cromwell. I'm not continuing that thread as when we looked at it, it was going to get *really* confusing now that she's going to remain a Charioteer. Whats next? I'm obviously now after a completely different collection of bits and information, so chirp up if you've got any. :thumbsup:
  20. Picked up a Humber heavy utility the other day and had it delivered yesterday. Work starts in earnest on Thursday, but weather is going to slow the strip down as we're putting it into the garage as we strip it. There are a few areas of worry. I'm one of them as this is my first proper restoration. The cosmetics aren't a worry and the chassis is good. Then engine, gearbox, trans box and clutch are all perfectly serviceable although we're missing a carb and a master cylinder (although could be in the mountain of parts that came with it). The woodwork is going to be the horror. It's a 1945 with spring and shock suspension and a sliding metal roof. All the seats, instruments and blackout curtains are in it.
  21. Current status of Restoration... ...Turn Yer Sound Up !! Something went wrong... Blog ... http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk
  22. So this is not a restoration as it were more restorative to working condition. A while ago this vehicle was being run up and it "caught fire" is how my co-worker shouted down the phone at me. I deeply suspect that what actually happened is that the gearbox was not put back to neutral and it was started in first gear and left to run for about 25 minutes or so like that and took out the seal of the fluid flyheel after over heating it. there is a puddle of very clean oil on the floor of the hull. There was a lot of what appeared to be be an oily smoke in the vehicle at the time of the event. We have been ever so busy and are just now getting around to even looking at the problem. We winched it up onto our tilting trailer of death (as we call it) and brought it from our storage location back to our main workshops. We will only get a few hours a week to putter away at this as we are well busy as it is. I am going to check the level in the fluid flywheel right away once the turret comes off and the decks come off. I intend to pull the whole pack out anyway before we split it. Too much of an opportunity to have a thorough clean up and check of brakes etc. Any comments welcome Robin
  23. A few years back I picked up 3 British WW2 10cwt trailers, a Mk1 GS, MK2 GS & a Mortar & ammunition trailer all in the same weekend. Well yesterday I sold the Mk 1 GS & the Mortar & Ammunition trailer is in storage but as I'm off work with a back injury & cant get over to my workshop and progress with other restorations I decided to dig out the MK2 GS at Jane's house & make a start on it. :cool2:
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