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  1. Hi All I'm refurbishing the floor of the Scorpion and have managed to get new rollers from Xmod. However I am struggling to get the hollow pins requires as axles. I'm sure that they should be a standard engineering part but I can't find anything that isn't a spring pin. Does anyone have a source? Many thanks Richard
  2. When we acquire a vehicle whether or not it is an MV, classic car or everyday vehicle, I guess that most of us register it with the DVLA using the address of the owner and not the address of where the vehicle is kept? Which is it that the DVLA require? In current times of Covid-19 and potential for local lockdowns, it occurred to me that if and when the Police had / have the powers to turn vehicles around that appear not to be from the area, whether vehicles should be registered where they are kept, if the owner happened to be in the lockdown area and wish to use the vehicle within the limits of the lockdown? Chances are that the Police would not be bothered but on the other hand any incident might raise a query and an accusation as to why you are in Somerset or wherever when you are a Londoner. In recent years there are also local schemes relating to parking and council recycling centres that are only open to locals and locally registered vehicles. It makes sense to register where the vehicle is kept but perhaps more difficult if it is a remote barn without a proper address.
  3. Reading Clive's comment on another post, has made me consider which is best for stopping rust on my MV? Under seal or Waxoil Your thoughts
  4. As you can tell I'm doing a few jobs in lockdown, waiting for the world to return to normal! Anyway I have a Lwt heater fan motor off a Smiths heater that needs a bit of TLC. The top cover, which encloses the motor brushes is caked in paint on the outside but the inside is fine. I want to put paint striper on outside only but will masking tape or gorilla tape actually keep out the Nitromors out? Incidentally is there anything else that might need attention? The brushes still contact the motor. The motor spins but it may be just me but I think it spins slower than the new one.
  5. For some reason the speedo in my Lwt stopped working but it wasn't the speedo cable, as with a spare speedo installed everything worked as normal. Anyway I decided to take the old speedo out and take it apart. The first thing I noted was the inner surfaces of the casing were painted light blue and off white. But why was the inner surface painted like that as they are not seen when the speedo is put back together and installed in the Lwt. Is this original to the factory? Its made by Smiths and I'd like to restore things as near to factory fit as possible? On the rear of the casing under the makers name it says 'None O Jewels' - what the does that mean? When I took the speedo apart the glass was held in place in the inner rim by a substance resembling coal - whatever it was had crystallised, and I would appreciate knowing what's best to use that won't ooze out when the glass and outer rim are put back in place and spoil the look or turn to 'coal' in a year or two. Lastly to test to speedo I took a spare speedo cable part number 579435 and connected the gearbox end to a cordless drill. However despite using the correct speedo cable (i hope) I could not get it to engage in the back of the speedo itself and i wonder why in my speedo mechanism there is a recessed ridge all the way round the drive (just down from the yellow part in the attached photo) that doesn't have any way of connecting in to the speedo cable end. I guess the speedo cable needed to be pushed further in but I could not move it in any more so the cable did not engage. Why? Thanks
  6. Would any members of the group had any images or descriptions, both external and internal of the various types of 3-ton lorries configured as Binned Stores vehicles that British and Commonwealth forces used in Ordnance Field Parks, Workshops Stores and other mobile Ordnance Depots during and after the 2nd World War?
  7. This picture is a British Truck, 3-ton, 4x2, Morris-Commercial CVS 11/40 fitted with Disinfestor equipment. This equipment was part of the equipment of Mobile Bath units and was used to disinfect soldiers clothing by the application of steam. The concept was that the Mobile Bath unit would set up next to a unit in the field,. When operating soldiers would strip down placing their underwear in one pile, and thor outer clothing into another. The underwear would be sent to a field laundry unit for laundering with soldiers receiving a clean pair in exchange from stocks held by the Mobile Bath unit. While the soldiers were enjoying a nice hot shower, their outer clothing would be processed by this machinery while they were having a shower. The disinfestor’s purpose is to kill lice. In the austere base and field conditions field that soldiers had to live in the risk of infestation by lice was a constant problem. Bathing and the laundering of underwear was not sufficient to handle infestations and disinfecting of outer garments with steam was necessary to kill the lice and their eggs. The disinfector equipment consisted of two disinfecting cylinders with an oil fired heater and a water supply mounted between the cylinders. The disinfecting cylinders were hinged at the middle, allowing them to be rotated 90 degrees allowing them to be loaded and unloaded while horizontal and then rotated until they were vertical for the disinfecting process. Clothing would not be wetted but placed into the cylinders dry, and when the process was completed was ready to wear almost immediately. Despite this equipment being in service throughout the Second World War. this is the only picture I have ever seen of this equipment and would love to find some more photos, drawings, user manuals or any other information on this equipment.
  8. Does anyone on here have experience of Kay Canvass products please, I'm planning on buying some of them and would like to know about the quality, or does anyone have a WW2 US tent for sale please? Thank you, Colin
  9. Can anyone help identify this mysterious antenna base? It was found roof mounted on the rear of a post-war (1950s/60s) British Army softskin vehicle? The spring should be vertical. Unfortunately all cabling had already been removed. The curved base looks suspicious. Could this possibly be for an aircraft antenna? Used for ground to air communications perhaps? I'd be grateful for any information. Many thanks. Alan
  10. Hi I have a friend who is restoring an ex Belgian Scorpion. He wants to fit a Clansman harness instead of the Belgian one and needs the pin diagram for the RBJ. It looks as if the 14 pin plugs both into and from the RBJ are dedicated to the Comms but obviously the Clansman cable to the Driver and from the Gunner are 12 core. Has anyone anything that can shed some light on this? Thanks Richard
  11. Hi Just looking for confirmation that the antenna base bolts (those which pass all the way through to the vehicle mount) are M6. I need to drill out some broken studs in the fixed antenna mount on the turret of a Scorpion and want to make sure that I rethread them to the correct size/pitch. Many thanks Richard
  12. I have been offered a 17 pounder gun sight ..it has no leather protective storage case which I would have expected but is in reasonable condition ...Are these rare or common ...what is a reasonable price to pay.... Jenkinov
  13. I reckon this Ferret is trying to tell me something, or drive me mad! It's also distracting me from the Saladin. Recored the radiator to fix the water leak, and cleaned petrol tank and pipes to fix the fuel blockage - all good... But now noticed oil under the left rear wheel. This is an old problem that I thought was a bevel box seal, but on closer inspection the oil is coming out through the hull, not the wheel station, and just running along the floor. I can't see where the oil is coming from. Might be an oil tank connection so I plan to take that out and see if it's the culprit. However, knowing my luck it will be the sump, etc, in which case the engine will have to come out. Assuming that's the case, what's the best way to remove it? EMER's say take out engine and gearbox together but others have suggested unbolting the engine from the gearbox and just taking the engine out. If this is the case, I presume the gearbox should be disconnected leaving the fly wheel attached to the engine? There is a lifting bracket at the rear but can't see one at the front - perhaps the slots at the sides of the flywheel housing (picture above)? Any guidance will be appreciated! Thanks James
  14. I have bought a small gas turbine apu just to run up for giggles but in place of the starter there is a generator. I want to know if I feed this electricity will it turn? I cant remember how to post a photo but there are 4 terminals which are two obvious pairs and the data plate shows Rating-----Ground----------Flight KW---------2.2--------------4.4 volts rms----83--------------115 Phase------single----------single HZ----------192----------220/400 RPM-----min 5760-----6600/12000 Any help much appreciated as the fitting and drive pinion is correct for the turbine. On another point, is the ignitor box critical on polarity? The feed is 24v but I have no way of telling which is pos and which is neg apart from one runs to ground - but I don't know if an aeroplane (HS125) is pos or neg earth and I don't want to blow the box by getting it wrong. Many thanks Dave
  15. Has anyone ever been able to buy anything off Army Radio Sales Co ? I've tried in a few occasions and never even had a reply.
  16. Can anyone help locate a Mk16a desert flight suit. unusual size and looking for size 5. Thanks Danny
  17. Hi Folks, Looking for a supplier of Gaiters for 16" Divided Rims, in the UK. Any recommendations? Alec.
  18. Having just found out that my bolt to hold the pick axe has a damaged thread I need to dismantle the thing, before I attempt it can any one advise if the spacer is threaded on or push fit, if threaded suspect I may lose the spacer. Regards Mechanical idiot
  19. Hi, I have a couple of cracks on the top of the cylinder head and the plug holes fill with water if left standing for a few weeks. Is anyone making new heads ? or where is the best source for a usable replacement, not too fussed for genuine ww2 parts but I'm sure a replacement would be easier than fixing this one.
  20. Erstwhile Forum Members! Do any other Members on here in the UK. Own a faun Kraka? I would like to get in touch with any owners, as this vehicle is quite scarce in Private Ownership in the UK. Ta muchly! or should that Be: Ich, Sie bedank! LOL
  21. Hi all. Anyone any idea what a set of original F marked Jeep seats are worth. I have a set (2 fronts, one rear) that I could do with selling. It's a shame for them to just sit in my garage if someone can use them. I sold my Ford Jeep a few years ago after putting repro seats in it. The two fronts are in useable condition, just need a bit of tlc. The rear has some rot in it so needs repair. I also have a Ford pintle hook but again I have no idea of value. Hope someone out there has some idea because I don't. Nige.
  22. My Saracen is currently having problems with the electrics; When attempting to turn the headlights on, the 30A breaker is tripping. This seems to be happening when I move the light switch at all, even a little bit, which would be switching on the side and tail lights only. I suspect that the switch panel may be shorting internally, but the vehicle has been repainted in the not too distant past, which involved removing all of the external lights and wings, so there could be a short in one of those. Can anyone give any suggestions? How hard is it to rebuild the switch panel, or find a replacement? Cheers, Terry
  23. A longshot, but do we have any WW1 era vehicle owners in the Kent/Essex/E Sussex area? If so, could you drop me a line, please? A friend is trying to organise something for the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, next year. Many thanks, in advance.
  24. Hello all, my Leyland Martian steering tank states OM13 mineral oil is to be used but someone prior to my ownership has marked on it that OM33 oil is to be used, now are either of these oil types suitable for use with a more modern power steering pump - namely from a 1993 Cummins C series engine or will the more modern seals in the pump not like it ? Cheers Chris
  25. Hi Troops, after the purchase of my AEC Militant MKI 38EP19, I discovered these back rests in the cargo compartment. I don't believe they belong to my Militant and at a recent vehicle show I asked several owners of various vehicles (Champ, Jeep etc.) if they were familiar with this type of backrest. No one up to now has been able to identify them. Any ideas?
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