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  1. OK - baby Jesus time is all out of the way its now time for flat out work for me :iamsmiling:So as we go I will up date you all. Friday is education day. This is where we will be bringing a number armoured vehicles and soft skins into Dorchester town. I am trying to beat the council up so we can bring them into the high street which is pedestrianised :whilst: This is so the school kiddies can come and see us and learn about their history. I have spoken with some tankers and SPGers :-| who are happy to do that. Will also need some soft skin dudes and outriders so if you would like to be a part of that then just let me know on here. It will also build the ambience of the town of what's to come - they won't know what is going to hit them :angel: Again full WWII kit please and Donut Ron will be there so you can get your donuts and coffee Cheers. JB!
  2. Geeky folks - A&E is now on Twitter you can follow us - @WWIITankEventUK - not even going to dream of explaining what Twitter is to Degsy :banghead:
  3. Does your Diesel vehicle comply with the LEZ after 3rd January 2012?? after that date I can no longer go within the M25 which starts 1/4 mile from my house. Even Fire Engines & Ambulances are not exempt. Details... http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/17700.aspx Put you Reg No. in & Check Here.. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/17700.aspx#tkt-tab-panel-3 If your vehicle doesn't meet the emissions standards, the daily charge is £100 for larger vans, minibuses and other specialist vehicles, and £200 for lorries, buses, coaches and other specialist heavy vehicles. Fines for non payment are here... http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/17703.aspx#tkt-tab-panel-2 Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice, you are entitled to challenge it by following the Representations and Appeals process. You'll receive full details of this with your Penalty Charge. If the initial representation is rejected, you can also make an appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS), which is completely independent. If you believe a Penalty Charge notice is incorrect, please contact us immediately. Make a Representation Grounds for Representation A Representation may be made on one of six grounds. If none of these applies to your situation, you can still state the reasons why you believe you are not liable for a PCN. Each Ground for Representation is defined by Parliament in the governing regulations. The information we provide about each ground, the evidence you need to provide and the circumstances that are applicable are for guidance only - they do not affect your right to make a Representation. Ground one I was not the registered keeper at the time of the contravention. Read more information on Ground one (PDF 39 KB) Ground two I had paid the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charge due for the vehicle used on that date, at the time and in the manner required by the LEZ scheme. Read more information on Ground two (PDF 38 KB) Ground 3 No Penalty Charge is payable under the scheme (eg I was not in the charging area). Read more information on Ground three (PDF 54 KB) Ground 4 The vehicle was used or kept without my consent (eg stolen). Read more information on Ground four (PDF 30 KB) Ground 5 The Penalty Charge exceeds the amount payable in the circumstances of the case. Read more information on Ground five (PDF 29 KB) Ground 6 We are a vehicle hire firm and the vehicle was hired out under a hire agreement on the date of contravention. The hirer signed a statement of liability for any resulting Penalty Charges. Read more information on Ground six (PDF 40 KB) Mitigation and discretion If none of the six Grounds are applicable, you can still make a Representation to TfL. If you explain your circumstances, we will consider any mitigating circumstances and use our discretion in reaching a decision. We will not accept the following explanations: Forgetting to pay the charge, without any mitigating circumstances for doing so Not knowing how to pay the charge Not meaning to enter the LEZ or entering it as a result of getting lost Disapproval of the LEZ scheme Not knowing about the LEZ
  4. Folks the cut off point for the registration of folks who can to A&E 2010 is the end Of Jan 2012. This allows those who have missed the news of A&E 2012 time to book in. I will then know what spaces we have available for the other guys who would like to attend! Cheers! Jack.
  5. Sorry about that chaps - just set up the RSS for Pathfinder Online.
  6. Sorry it is in the wrong board but need to this to be seen as by as many as poss... Looking for 5000 peices of PSP - pretty quickly as well! Anyone know from any where around the world that has that amount? Cheers, Jack.
  7. Dear all, Brief funding up date. Just to keep you all up-to-date funding is in hand - funding to help in transport costs of the tanks. You will need to appreciate that it is a long and arduous task and a lot is now going on behind the scenes and these aren’t that relevant to many, so no need for me to go into detail. You will also appreciate that A&E 2012 is going to be 4 times larger than A&E 2010 so it needs 4 times the effort and 4 times the amount of time from me so please forgive me if I am not around very often. Going through the many revenue streams which includes Lottery Funding and going out and speaking to many companies at local and national level is now taking my time, please be patient and as soon as I have an up-date early next year I will let you all know So please no need to be concerned – just concentrate on getting your vehicles fit for A&E 2012. Thanks.
  8. Online advertising overtakes television & print media for the first time. Advertising spending on the internet has overtaken television expenditure in the UK for the first time, according to a recent report. A record £1.75bn - nearly a quarter of the total ad market - was spent online in the first half of this year, compared with £1.64bn for TV, the study said. It is thought that the UK is the world's first major economy to pass the media milestone. Internet spending grew by 4.6pc during the period compared to the previous year and now makes up 23.5pc of the market. TV advertising fell by 17pc, making up 21.9pc of total spend. The study, carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, showed overall advertising fell by 16pc in the period as firms slashed costs in the recession. IAB chief executive Guy Phillipson said he thought online advertising still had room for growth. "We could see absolutely see it grow to being a 30pc medium [of ad share spend], to go past £4bn to even £5bn annually," he added. Online advertising is classified as email campaigns, classified adverts, display ads and search engine websites such as Google. The IAB data showed that 60pc of the online advertising was spent on search engines, with 22pc on online classified ads. Justin Pearse, editor of industry website New Media Age, told the BBC that the tough economic times had led to a significant fall in TV & print advertising spend, which saw it being overtaken about a year earlier than most had expected. HMVF and Pathfinder Online is the perfect platform to reach your target market. SMS – sponsorship, box, banner adverts and email campaigns. We offer a range of advertising, sponsorship and data collection products because every client is different and standard display may not be the best solution for you. Here's how we see it: Standard display formats are the best solution for you if you are looking for a cost effective way of reaching the largest possible audience with a clear and simple message.Rich media and special executions are perfect if you are looking for extra impact and to 'drive home' a message as quickly as possible. Advertorials and micro-sites work best for if your product or service needs explanation or you want a way of engaging customers and 'warming them up' to buy. Text advertising is the most cost effective way of keeping your name 'front of mind', helping with search engine indexing and for sending customers to your website. Email marketing will provide the best response for you if you have a direct and relevant offer to put in front of customers. Data competitions will help you educate customers about your product as well as providing valuable op-in contacts for your marketing database. Customer service - Bringing your ideas to life Our in-house designers and technicians are here to help you. It may be a simple ad, a competition or something more technical and involved. If you have an idea we'll help you bring it to life and take it to your customers. Tracking and delivery Our Microsoft ad serving technology will help you track every pound of your adverting investment and we'll work closely with you to make sure your campaigns deliver and deliver on time. Historic Military Vehicle Forum – the award winning website. HMVF is the most important online forum for those interested in historic military vehicles. It’s a significant and growing community of collectors and enthusiasts. The Bart Vanderveen award winning website allows enthusiasts to exchange views, meet like-minded people, buy and sell vehicles and parts, exchange information and to network. With over 8500 members from around the world, it is a global platform with over 1,000,000 visitors a year and notching up an impressive 250,000 posts. War History Online - Don't just read it - listen to it, watch it, shape it, be part of it... The first of its kind in the world. Delivering WWII from around the world to the world. News, history and information exchange is our business. We are, and will be delivering more news and history to more people, more often, in more ways than ever. And we are continuing to invest in technology where we can deliver everything you need straight to your PC, your smartphone and PC tablets. This means that you can access War History Online from anywhere around the world 24/7. Armour and Embarkation – the world largest WWII tank event. This is the site for the tank event and again is viewed by thousands from around the world which gives great targeted exposure for your adverts. The next event in 2012 is already creating a buzz within the hobby and visitors to the site increase week on week. We are able to hold visitor retention because all of the video footage on the site is published there. With partnering with such prestigious names as the Wheatcroft Collection and the Tank Museum and publishers Pen & Sword the traffic to all of our sites will increase dramatically day by day. This gives your advert massive exposure. For more details please contact us - info @ warhistoryonline.com
  9. OK - we have had the size of the two Adrians. Looks like Eddy is going to kick off about not having pole dancers. Degsy saying the 40's bash is a no go. Steel V rubber. Joris being a jinx on the weather. Now Eddy is kicking off about Brit tanks v Yank Tanks. Anymore bun fights I should be aware of????? :sweat:
  10. Just need to clear something up Whilst at W&P I had some feedback concerning softskins at A&E 2012. Rumours are that I didn't want any softskins there next year - nothing could be further from the truth. As I have said in many previous posts - everyone who came last year is welcome back next year, no questions asked. I am really not sure how this rumoured started but as you know, they do very easily, so just wanted to jump on that one from the get go.
  11. Morning all, OK - I had a meeting with the Highways Dept last Friday and the conclusion is that it is rubber tracked tanks/tractors only. Ironically this was down to my decision and I am happy with it as I don't want any grey areas. They has been millions of pounds spent on new roads down into Weymouth and Dorchester in time for the Olympics next year - I do not want to risk any future events for us. The small steeled tracked carriers are more than welcome because they are light. Any questions then please fire away. Cheers, JB!
  12. On Sunday August 21st 2011 in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the epic mini-series, cast members of Band Of Brothers will jump out of a plane in aid of a special leadership monument in Normandy. http://www.pathfinderonline.co.uk
  13. If any member has a gripe with any aspect of the W&P Show then the correct person to send them to is rex@warandpeace.uk.com (This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it) or they have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-War-and-Peace-Show-Organisers/245264938824092 please keep them off the forum, other members are getting quite bored with then popping up every year. Some of the comments posted on here every year covering the same things every year could leave HMVF open to legal action.. if you see posts disapearing it's only to protect HMVF. Let's report on the positive side of the show & the MV's. Thank you.
  14. Happy birthday to my dear friend Joris. HMVF, beer, Holland and more importantly, my life wouldn't be the same without. Thanks for everything Joris. Yours, Jack.
  15. Folks as some of you will know there is a unique bash happening at Upottery airfield in August - http://www.pathfinderonline.co.uk/articles/item/111-cast-of-band-of-brothers-to-jump Have been asked by Robin that they would like to invite as many WW2 vehicle owners who would like to attend: Jack as you know we have a large site, even with out the field, which of course we generally have, apart from that very wet time 2007, so a big turn out of assorted M. V's over the weekend would be most attractive, The ferrying of the Band of Brothers parachute and support team by M.Vs over too Dunkeswell early Sunday morning can be sorted on the Saturday evening, I think a lot of owners will wish to participate including some of our regular supporters, we will feel obliged to try and keep them happy, there will be a good few members of the team and supporters so I would think a convoy could be in order because it is early in the morning. I am sure you will want to be in on the parachute drop, the key for us at Upottery will be to get the MV's and the B-o- B team back on our airfield ASP after the jump has taken place. So if you are interested and would like to be a part of this then let me know! Cheers, JB!
  16. Happy birthday from all of us on the HMVF team. A real cornerstone of HMVF and pretty much everyone else in the hobby. Have a great day Clive. Warm regards, Jack and the team.
  17. We have been asked to pass on the following request by a respected member, if anyone has any details or leads please PM me, your details will be witheld if you request.
  18. In addition to the standard forum rules: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?517-Forum-RULES-amp-GUIDELINES The following are specific to the Tank Museum Boards: The Tank Museum (Bovington) Forums. Any photographs taken within the Tank Museum remain the copyright of the TM which is their terms & conditions you agree too when entering the museum. The TM has kindly given HMVF & it's members copyright permission to post photos taken at the TM on the forum as long as they are within the TM boards only. The TM has also granted us permission to copy & paste material from their website, to be posted within the TM Boards only. The following are the TM's Website Terms & Conditions. If we find any member breeching their copyright without permission we will remove such material, if in doubt please ask us before posting. Your use of the Website http://www.tankmuseum.org/ You are permitted to access, download and print pages from the Materials on a temporary basis for the sole purpose of viewing them for non-commercial personal or educational purposes. Prohibited Use However, the following acts are prohibited, without the prior written consent of the Museum. To: 1. copy, reproduce, publish, post, transmit or distribute the Materials in any kind of medium; 2. extract from, manipulate, alter or modify the Materials in any way; 3. interfere with any copyright notice originally attached to the Materials; 4. store the Materials in any medium including any other database, computer programme or website; 5. broadcast, display, perform or present the materials publicly; 6. rent, lease or lend the Materials; 7. commercially publish or exploit the Materials in any manner. In using the Materials you warrant to the Museum that you will not knowingly infringe its intellectual property rights nor will you knowingly breach the intellectual property rights of any third party and you will comply fully with the terms and conditions contained herein. To request the Museum's written permission to use the Materials for any prohibited purposes or any purpose other than the purpose permitted hereunder, you must send an e-mail to the Librarian@tankmuseum.co.uk. Please note that the Museum is not obliged to give you any such permission.
  19. The following members plase check your PM Box as you have reached or nearly reached your 500 PM Limit, please delete or export some messages if you want to be able to carry on sending & receiving. eddy8men 500 PM's ArtistsRifles & antarmike 467 PM's paulob1 456 PM's antar 448 PM's You can see your PM count at the bottom of the PM page under Folder Controls
  20. We are getting a bit tired of the number of offensive jokes & foul language being posted on the forum recently, there are some members who think it's ok to post Racist, Sexist, Foul Language Jokes & Foul Language on the Forum, even when it has been pointed out that there are Women & Children on the forum they can't see a problem with this.. Well it is not acceptable here, you wouldn't want/expect to see this sort of stuff in MVT/IMPS club mags would you? anything brought to our attention & found to be offensive will be removed without notice. There are some that tell us that it's ok on other Forums & even go on to question our stance on this, some even making posts on other forums about us.. simply put we are not concerned how other Forums are run. Please think carefully before you post. HMVF Team
  21. On the front page folks! http://www.hmvf.co.uk or click on the HMVF logo
  22. A new board for Legislation, Licenses & Registration Q&A's. The board has a sub forum Reference Documents for approved submitted pieces, if you have anything you think you may want in this section please PM it to me, you will not be able to post in this section. Please note that any legal advice given or implied anywhere on this forum is the poster's (Members & HMVF Staff) own interpretation of the law & not necessarily correct. Proper legal advice should always be taken if in any doubt.
  23. OK OK - everyone just sit back and watch. Just doing some research for The Pathfinder Magazine but have to share it here - couldn't wait. .......erm looks like Adrian, Stevo, Adrian, Jim, Ken and Eddy have just left the room in a hurry!
  24. Folks - I have removed this thread again. We did reinstate it as you know but right now it will create more problems for me than its worth. Yes HMVF is a public forum and yes we should be able to dicuss what we want. However, this is a big complex subject and right now to big for me and HMVF. We have never proclaimed to be anything else than a forum and this topic in my opinion could undermine the whole hobby. Just have a look at the bigger picture - the amount of business's depending on sales of such vehicles, folks who have such vehicles in private ownership will just have a vehicle that would only be worth scrap value - this topic could wipe them out over night - this is not our role here. If people have an issue then perhaps take it up with your club who may well have the money for legal representation. I know folks will have issues with my decision but please take it to PM however I will not be giving it a lot of my time as I don't have a lot right now. Kind regards, Jack.
  25. Folks - need to tell you that we will not have the showers on site as we discussed. This is mainly down to the cost £1000+ and I just don't have the money for that I am really sorry if this is going to inconvenience you all but I just couldn't do it. I am aware that part of the £15 was towards the showers but with the price of everything we will only (hopefully) cover the cost of the food. But I hope you have a cracking weekend, free entry into Maiden Newton at War over the weekend and free entry into the Saturday evenings 40's dance and the off road course will stop you from beating me.........:blush: If folks need a shower than you are more than welcome to use mine at home in Dorchester - I will just give you the key Any problems then please let me know and again sorry for any disappointment. Kind regards, Jack.
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