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  1. This just listed. Seems suspiciously cheap from a new account. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk-I-Welbike-british-army-paratroopers-WWII-Owned-by-DuPont-of-Indian-Motocycle-/251565392808?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Plus it sold a while back for £5,444, same photos and description http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk-I-Welbike-british-army-paratroopers-WWII-Owned-by-DuPont-of-Indian-Motocycle-/221433487942?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=fsHL8FlEDy%252FLqHq6OlgyPVtvXyg%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc I might be wrong but seemed a little suspicious
  2. I have prefixed this IMPORTANT as I feel it is. As an fellow ethusiast I want to wish all those going to Normandy a safe and enjoyable trip. Most of you have worked hard on your vehicles, spending hours and small fortunes getting them ready for this, so enjoy. I am sure this goes without saying (but I will anyway), spare a little time to reflect on why you are there, perhaps on the morning of the 6th, or when you can. You are on holiday, those that were there in 1944 were not. I hope the veterans attending are treated like the heroes they are. If you are honoured to know or meet one then thank them for EVERYTHING for me please.
  3. Dear esteemed team, I am tearing my hair out with a GMC that needs to be at a D-day event at the end of the week. It has just had an overhaul consisting of a partial strip-down and re-paint, also conversion to 12V, alternator and positive earth, clutch change, and some brake work. It starts eventually on 90% choke but then if let in even slightly it dies very quickly. It will rev up on 90% choke although it's a bit lumpy. If the choke is pushed in while revved up it sounds a lot better but very quickly and irrecoverably dies. There is a lot of white smoke when it's revved up. I've tested for air leaks and checked fuel supply. I've stripped and thoroughly blown out the carb. The regulator is missing its butterfly so that's not the problem. When I saw the smoke I wondered about the hydrovac going bad, but it's the same even with it disconnected and the vacuum pipe blanked off. It has been suggested that if that is the problem there may still be residual brake fluid in the inlet manifold thus giving a false negative. This will be my first thing to look at tomorrow unless anyone has any better suggestions? I'm sure I've seen this problem before but I'm stumped. Thanks for any suggestions - MG
  4. Official Programme of Events, Ceremonies, exhibitions, displays, re enactor sites, for the 70th Anniversary of D Day http://www.normandie-tourisme.fr/docs/6868-1-official-programme-of-the-ceremonies-and-events.pdf
  5. Well would you believe it, just got my mates jeep sorted ready for Normandy and it starts playing up. It starts ok when cold and ticks over nicely then after a drive around the block it starts to run roughly on tick over and will not start very well when hot :mad: We have changed the coil, condenser, rotor and plugs compression is good and its still not happy I'm thinking of fitting my carb from my GPW on it to see if that makes a difference or could it be fuel pump any advise much appreciated as the clock is ticking :nut: and if we cannot fix it I'll have to take my GP which will upset my mate who's 70 and was really looking forward to making this trip in his own vehicle. Regards a frustrated Rivet
  6. I am appealing for two Wartime Bedford’s to attend the following event at Hayling Island 21st May 2014 http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/coppists-will-be-honoured-for-final-time-1-6012137 http://www.coppheroes.org/index1.htm A short note on why the requirement from one of the organisers: " an important vehicle used by the COPP Wrens to transport the guys around. Known as Tweedledum and Tweddledee". Can anyone local help out? Please contact me for further information. Regards Paul
  7. From experience I wanted to mention to anyone travelling to Europe, perhaps for Normandy or Arnhem anniversaries in a few weeks, that you should have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you and one for the rest of the family too. This card replaces the old Form E111 and the new card lasts 5 years from issue. Last year on a battlefield tour of the Western Front I badly slashed my hand down to the tendons and went to French A&E in Doullens. Once they saw my EHIC and passport I had my hand operated on and stitched up. I did not have to pay anything at the time but once I was home in the UK I got a letter in French from the hospital asking for a portion of the cost; about €40 in my case. This invoice needs to be paid by getting a Euro draft from your bank and posting it off - but the cost can then be refunded by the UK Government, from an office in Newcastle (except the bank charges!). To get a refund you call Newcastle on the number on the card and they will send you an application for a refund. BTW - don't ignore the letter from the hospital other wise they will send another and add penalty interest to the original sum! In view of the fact that the sum is refunded when you are back home, the cost is understandably not covered under your travel insurance. EHIC will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs such as being flownback to the UK, or lost or stolen property. Therefore, it is important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy. Some insurers now insist you hold an EHIC and many will waive the excess if you have one. When applying for an EHIC only do so through the official Government site as other rogue sites charge you for what is issued free. Getting a card issued takes about 7 days, so there is still time! Lastly - thanks to the wonderful care I received at Doullens Hospital in France - I was seen immediately (and I mean immediately unlike the UK) and operated on shortly afterwards! As I was still in France when the stiches needed to come out 10 days later I went back to A&E in Doullens to find out which part of the hospital to attend to get the stiches out and they said no problem, we're quiet so we will do that for you now!
  8. Be aware that Carlube have discontinued SAE10w-40 mineral oil Diana
  9. Hi Folks, Couldn't believe no one has posted about this yet. It seems that EVERYONE travelling to Normandy between 4th and 8th of June will need to fill out and send off a form (link below) in order to gain access to the restriction area covering Calvados, Manche and Orne. http://dday70.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/d-day70-accreditation-and-event-ticket-application-form.doc All the best, Richard
  10. A charity weekend event for the Royal British Legion Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of May at the Four Ashes Pub, Station Drive, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV10 7BU from11.00 to 16.00 which includes, military and civilian displays and vehicles. Stalls including vintage hats, a hairdresser and dress maker, old fashioned sweets and bunting, entertainment from Cameron (George Formby tribute), Kevin Mac, Miss Laura Bill on the Saturday and they will be joined by Ricky Hunter and Jayne Darling on the Sunday afternoon where we also have a spitfire fly past from the BBMF, Winston Churchill, Monty and HRH King George VI will be attending the weekend too. Camping/Caravan pitches (no electric hook ups) are available please call for more information. Entrance is free to veterans and those with military vehicles, general public Adults £3.00 and Children £2.00. Any more information please call Sarah on 07813823533 or Phil on 07976134152 or email philipdbrady@hotmail.com
  11. Bunker Bash 2013 – CANCELLED Due to various reasons the 2013 show has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank everyone for their support over the years. Regards BB Team.
  12. On Thursday, in the backwaters of the river Warta Valentine a tank was recovered from the Second World War. This is the first tank of it’s kind in Poland and the only one in the world who took part in combat actions! Valentine managed the mining action Jacek Kopczynski of Lodz – a collector of vintage and military vehicles, one of the fathers of Veteran Vehicles Bazaar in. Jacek Kopczynski said on Wednesday that if you manage to get the Valentine it will be a sensation in the world. It’s the first tank of this type found in Poland.` http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/valentine-tank-from-world-war-ii-found-in-polish-warta-river.html
  13. I have been contacted by a television film company that is making a film for National Geographic about the raid on Sidi Haneish airfield. They are looking to hire a LRDG or SAS Jeep for 2 days on Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th of February. The filming will take place in Wells in Somerset. They are planning to film the Jeep static in a sand pit, so a non runner would be fine. I know this is very short notice, but if anyone can help please P.M. Me and I will send the contact details.
  14. Can anyone put me in contact with howard wade,,,, ive tried the pm system but for some reason doing it from an andriod tab it doesnt seem to work,,,, Thanks,,
  15. Some time ago I bought a 42 hard cab cckw,, a frend has decided he wants one,, preferably a resto project, ,but must be a lwb hard cab,,, some time ago there was one in Inverness ,,, does anyone know of anything available, ,,,,, please pm or 07864 811219 my apologies if this is in the wrong place, Merry Christmas, ,,
  16. Very please to tell you that HMVF Members save an additional £5 on one or two year subscriptions to Key Publishing’s Military and History magazines Our friends at Key Publishing are offering HMVF members a £5 discount on a subscription to four of their leading monthly titles. Britain at War, the UK’s best-selling Military History title, is dedicated to exploring every aspect of Britain’s involvement in conflicts from the turn of the 20th century through to modern day. From World War I to the Falklands, World War II to Iraq, in every monthly issue, readers are able to re-live decisive moments in Britain’s history through fascinating insight combined with rare and previously unseen photography. Military Machines International brings you the past, present and future of military vehicles. Inside each monthly issue, you will find everything from Jeeps and Land Rovers to Tanks, Armoured Cars and Artillery. Special features, coverage of military exercises, show reports and regular news items from right around the globe ensure Military Machines is a truly international magazine. As Britain's top-selling aviation monthly, FlyPast is internationally regarded as the magazine for aviation history and heritage. Having pioneered coverage of this fascinating world of 'living history' since 1980, FlyPast still leads the field today. Each monthly issue is packed with news and features on warbird preservation and restoration, museums, and the airshow scene. Vintage Roadscene, Britain's leading road transport history magazine, takes readers on a nostalgic trip back to the good old days of motoring as it used to be, when any road journey was a grand adventure. Each monthly issue presents a series of lively, well-informed articles supported by unique period photographs. You can also save £1 on ‘First World War: An Illustrated History’ special magazine. Brought to you by the Britain at War editorial team and set over 132-pages, this highly-illustrated and fascinating history of “the war to end war” covers the military, technical, and human aspects of the war, revealing graphically and poignantly how it changed the destiny of a generation. To claim your discount: keep your eye on your inbox as we will be emailing you the discount code!
  17. DON'T buy MMI, Flypast or Britain at War...... Until we have posted up the discount offer We have teamed up with Key Publishing so we can bring you some discounts on subscriptions to these magazines!! - we have been working behind the scenes on one or two things for you :cool2::-D Full details tomorrow!
  18. Have just recieved this from the DVLA It is the definitive document outlong the the new Pre 1960 MOT Rules Letter to Federation and other specialist clubs on Pre 1960-Final[1].pdf
  19. My brothers project... read it here. You can ask for more info at Beltring. War monument Allied Fallen Soldiers. After thorough investigation in various archives and war diaries i have found 29 names of Allied soldiers who died in action in WW2 in the communicipality of Kerkdriel,The Netherlands. The soldiers are from Great Britain,Canada,Australia and the USA. There is NO monument what so ever to commemorate these brave men,so i thought it was time to give honour to these soldiers by starting a foundation to raise money for a monument. These 29 names will be put on a granite slab and will be revealed on September 11th 2010 if all goes well…. We have already 1000 euro’s as a gift! So we are on our way! We had an interview in the local newspaper to inform people about it. I hope we can raise the money (4000 euro’s) needed to pay a proper respect to the 29 fallen with a permanent memorial plaque. Can you help us….???? IBAN/SEPA Nummer: NL33RABO0109139399 BIC Nummer: RABONL2U Banknaam: Rabobank Name of Foundation : Stichting Oorlogsmonument Geallieerde Gevallenen. Lokation: Kerkdriel,The Netherlands. We are an officially registered foundation at the Chamber of Commerce Midden-Nederland Nr. 30287305.
  20. Still looking for some 900x20 bargrip tyers, anything considered along as there's no cracks etc. If anything please pm me. Bill.
  21. The above show which was due to take place on 21/22 September has, unfortunately, been cancelled due to problems with the Highways Authority. It is hoped to reschedule it for Spring 2014.
  22. Folks, We have added some new software to the classifieds section. It is currently free to use but you can upgrade your advert for £1 if you so wish. The reason for this is because we would like to do away with donation tab we have here on HMVF. As it's the same kind and generous folks who donate every single month. Items get sold here for many thousands of pounds but nothing comes back to help pay and run the forum. So we thought this would be a nice and fair way of doing things. Have a play around with it and any questions then please ask away here.
  23. Hello all, I hope that someone can help me out. This year i spoke to a person who was camping on the quiet camping and had his Bedford MW for sale. I admired his Bedford and spoke with him about this truck, i wrote down his telephone number that was put on the "For Sale" sign in the front window of the Bedford MW and promised i'll give him a call later on. When i came home, i've searched my bags and car but cannot find his Telephone number anymore..... Does anyone know the man who was camping on the quiet camping this years show and brought his Bedford MW and put it for sale and provide me with his details so i can contact him? Or someone who wrote this details down? I would certainly appreciate it, Thank you all, Kind regards, Sjoerd van de Wal
  24. Of the various adverts that appear on the top of this forum they seem genuine & pretty harmless. I have just come from a page advertising the National Trust so nothing to worry about there, but there is one that crops up on here recently called Spy Guard. This is a product that has gained a reputation it seems over the years. It warns that one is being spied on (& to some degree I don't doubt that) but it is worth doing an internet search for Spy Guard & as a result I feel it would be unwise for me to follow the link on their advert.
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