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  1. URGENT I've had someone contact me requiring military vehicles for a Royal British Legion event in London. The job is to transport some ex/retired forces members on a short drive between 199 Borough High Street and Downing Street / St John’s Smiths Square, so the vehicles must be roadworthy and able to carry passengers. The examples of the vehicles he is looking for are Land Rovers, Austin K9, Austin Utility, Bedford OY GS, Land Rover 101 or similar. Whatever the vehicle, it must be manufactured in the UK, and as original/unmodified as possible. He is looking for a selection of vehicles through the ages, so anything WWII to present is suitable. The event is on the 22nd October, starts at 6:30AM and finishes at 11:30AM Drivers will be paid for this job, including fuel and LEZ charge fee expenses. If you can help with an appropriate vehicle, please reply to this post and I will provide the contact details.
  2. 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain day flypast over Southern England involving 40 Spitfires and Hurricanes from Goodwood aerodrome http://www.battleofbritainday.co.uk/#!about/mainPage
  3. This is an open invite to all members. Heywood Tanks are having a yesteryear festival again, in Heywood, North Manchester. All proceeds will be donated to spring hill hospice. Last year we raised £21,000 so please come along and help us do better this year ! There will be at least 50 military vehicles trying out the new, and extended tank track. The event will be on a 100 acre plot that is dedicated to military vehicles and all the entourage that travels with them. Guests are encouraged to bring their vehicles for a 'run-out' Camping is available for exibitors. There will be entertainment for all the family, with many static exhibits, large Fairground, Vintage cars, craft stalls, tombola and beer tent. Photo's of last years event will be added to this thread gradually. Get your 40's dance steps practised for the evening big band party at Churchill's Bar
  4. Hey fellow members, I am looking for someone to help me out, I purchased a dingo jack from EBay that I found in Kent, problem is it is pick up only, looking to see if anyone is in the Kent, just outside Dartford by the Thames that would be willing to pick it up for me and then ship it, I will pay for time, gas and shipping. Or if you know of any good shipping/couriers in the area, where I can get it picked up then ship it to a mates house.... Lance
  5. Posted elswhere too but Be aware if travelling to W & P show friday/saturday probably sunday too. the M20 is Closed southbound from J8 Maidstone to the show site turnoff J11, when I left the site this evening, thursday, the A20 from Maidstone through Ashford up to the show site Is now VERY congested due to the diverted traffic, expect Long delays on the A20
  6. For Info Only. I put a post on Milweb after 17pdr gun parts. Mr Bob Green emailed me to say they were "breaking a 17pdr anti-tank gun" (really??? Why???) and had the parts I was interested in which could be mine shipped from the USA to the UK for $2400... he included photos of the gun in question. Alarm bells immediately... 1) Who would break a perfectly good 17pdr 2) The parts I want are Breech Block, Firing Mechanism, Cleaning Rods, Bore Brush, Rammer and Recoil Guard... were not visible in any of the photos and he was unable to send me any more photos which included them 3) Felt sure I'd seen the pictures before somewhere 4) Price of $2400 including export licences and shipping to the UK Anyways... long story short. The 17pdr in question lives in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps museum... and is definitely not being broken up for parts or sold! Mr Green's name and address appear on other vehicle forums where he's also tried selling people things in photos he's found online. No doubt he will reappear as another name in another town... but if he does happen to contact you... best avoid. Tim Ps - He also goes under the name of Rob and Bill, and it appears has a telephone number you can call him on which is in PA, not TN.
  7. From the horses mouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdlqOlUbIvo&feature=youtu.be Markheliops
  8. the 3 churchills from haltern range in Germany are to be cut up in the next week if no one comes forward to buy them. the tanks are off the range and in the scrap merchants yard. they are avavilable for £9k each. I have been talking to a german guy today with regard to their value, he wants to buy them and sell them on but I pointed out that they are worth no more than the scrap merchant is asking so no profit left for any middlemen ! if he doesn't save them then I might be able to get some parts but it doesn't look good. so if there is anyone reading this who wants to do their bit then step forward and be counted (tumbleweed moment) I can't save them all guys. http://www.hartziel.de/_typen/churchark.htm http://www.hartziel.de/_typen/churchavlb.htm http://www.hartziel.de/_typen/churcharv.htm rick
  9. The DLVA have recently abolished the Counterpart driving licences, so if you are soon to be hiring a car for a trip abroad or once you are on holiday, then in advance of the hiring, you need to access the Share Driving License website and enter your license number, the postcode to which the licence is registered and your National Insurance number. This will then produce a reference code for you to give to the Car Hire firm, so that they may check you records to see if you are acceptable to them for the vehicle you hire; such as your class of licence or that you don't have too many penalty points. However the online reference number given only lasts for 72 hours after which you need to log on again and get another reference if you have not already hired a vehicle. So if you go aboard take a note of your Drivers Licence number and National Insurance number (hopefully you remember your postcode!), so you can be prepared for that Icelandic Volcano eruption, which might permit you to hire a car in Spain and drive to Calais, to get home rather than wait for the airline to start flying again! As the new system may take a while to be implemented I suggest you still bring your drivers licence with you just to be sure. https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-share-your-driving-licence-information www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
  10. The 'bango union' thread in my oil filter housing is hanging on by 2 threads & PTFE tape. Has anybody got ? #1 A filter housing I can buy. #2 Knows somebody or a company that can repair or helicoil ? #3 A Modification oil filer housing similar to the one fitted to the Bedford engines. I've managed to find the lower ring, Regards Ian
  11. Various events taking place in London 8-10th May to mark the 70th Anniversary of VE day, the end of the war in Europe. On Sunday 10th after a Service at Westminster Abbey attended by the Queen, Military personnel and Veterans parade along Whitehall followed by an RAF flypast including the BBMF and a display of 1940's vehicles in St. James Park https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ve-day-events-and-general-information http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32172664 http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/about-us/calendar-of-events/general/70th-anniversary-of-ve-day
  12. Hi Help is needed this Saturday to tow a 25 pdr from Bramcote barracks to the Holiday Inn just of junction 2 of the M6,it`s approximately 6 miles and needs to be there at 18:00.There has been a reunion organised at the Barracks and then a follow on meal(with military band) at the Holiday inn.All the paperwork has been done and the escorts organised but the person originally towing the Gun has let them down.We were asked if we could help(local mvt) but i cannot find anybody available hence this plea.If you can help please ring Hutch on 07939274373(there will be free food and drink to anybody that can help). Thanks Simon
  13. Urgently seeking missing Gabi Dunlop.. Many of you will know Gabi, who is one of the War and Peace Officials and member of Kellys Heroes, disappeared yesterday morning on her way to work and hasn't been seen since. Everyone is very worried about her and there is currently a Kent Police search underway. If you see Gabi or know of her whereabouts, please ask her to get in touch with her husband Malcolm, any of her family, the Police or even us here in the War and Peace office (01304 813337). Alternatively please let any of these people know you've seen her and help find Gabi. And if you're reading this Gabi; everyone just wants to know you're safe so please contact someone. Gabi left home yesterday morning (14 April) at 7.30am from her home in Lympne near the Racecourse. She was driving her black Audi A3 GJ60 RRO and heading to Sevenoaks for a 9am meeting. Her route would have been to J9 of the M20 then via the A28 towards Biddenden, on to Sissinghurst then Sevenoaks. She never reached Sevenoaks. Please share this to your contacts. Thank you.
  14. My Policy with Carole Nash is just up for renewal and I received a letter stating that it WOULD automatically be renewed. This is NOT the case as I have just discovered as told by them and the letter was a mistake. If you are sent a letter from Carole Nash stating your policy will be renewed automatically in relation to your Classic Vehicle and you assume it has been then you MAY not be driving around with no insurance, and are advised to ring them and check. Diana
  15. Folks, Just to let you know that we have now added a military vehicle section to War History Online. www.WarHistoryOnline.com For those who are aware of War History Online (WHO) then it is an online 'magazine'. We bring war history news from around the world and put it all in one place. Around 12 articles/day. WHO has become the biggest website of it's kind in the world. We have names like the BBC's Dan Snow as a contributor, authors like Alex Kershaw, Dan King, Dr Innes McCartney ( U- Boat hunter), Hans Wiesman ( C-47 Hunter), Travel writer for the Times - Geoff Moore to name just few. We have massive traffic there and to help put that into perspective - we get more readers in one morning than all the leading magazines in our hobby combined, do in a whole month. So what does that mean for HMVF? Well we have a great deal of content on vehicles, trucks, tanks, ships, U-Boats and warbirds.The mv content we will feed into HMVF once a day (don't worry, it won't spam the forum). Many of you will know Mark 'Snapper' Barnes. Make will be heading up the MV front of the magazine, and yesterday he spent the day with the British Army on Salisbury Plain. Last month we were up at the Wheatcroft Collection. Before that he was with Bruce Crompton at his collection. We work closely with WarGaming.net. Always down at the Tank Museum as we are media partners for them all. So we always have cool content. So, we are now moving into the digital space for military vehicles. Online isn't for everyone one but it is the future. The smartphone and Facebook generation is here. This month alone, we are on target for 2 MILLION unique visitors to the website - that is a staggering amount of traffic. In fact, it is bigger than Nike.com Our facebook page will pass 200,000 followers by Sunday. So if you fancy writing an article or two then please let us know. If you have a stack of images of your restoration you would like to share then please let us know. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wrhstol?pnref=lhc Cheers! Jack.
  16. Friends! With a big thank you to our chums down at the Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset and to our friends at WarGaming.net - we are able to give away the following Fury prize! Fury T-Shirt Size Medium Fury Metal Mug Fury Hip Flask Haynes Sherman manual One family ticket to the Bovington Tank Museum (Valid until November 2015) All you have to do is add your username below and we will pull a name out of the hat on the 9th December and send the winner their prize :-D Best of luck! Cheers! Jack.
  17. For months now I have watched adverts appearing on ebay, from persons who should know better, adverting spares for certain vehicles when they clearly are not for those vehicles. ie.. 434, CVRT etc.. This is blatant misrepresentation i.e. FRAUD, when those parts never were fitted to such vehicles as is claimed. All sorts of tactics are used to sell to the unwary without any scruples whatsoever, its time this practice was made public on here in the hope that those people who may not know better do not fall into the trap of buying a part which is of no use to them whatsoever and do their research before parting with hard earned cash. Diana
  18. Need storage for my BARV in the Yorkshire North Derbyshire area. anyone able to help? Either PM me or call 0740 15 19 117
  19. I recently advertised on HMVF for Chaffee Tank parts. I recieved an email yesterday, explaining said person was scraping a Chaffee Tank all parts available for sale. I asked for pics. When the pics arrived, they was of a well known museum one, which they stated was due for scraping. So be warned guys !!! regards stu
  20. Folks - check this story out........... http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/stop-press-barn-finds-sale-license-built-messerschmitt-109g.html
  21. We have just started a Monty's men trip to Normandy and one of the transport a Ford Wot6 and we have some issues either a fuel issue or a condenser issue. It's had new plugs, new coil, new condenser, rebuilt distributor, leads and brand new stromberg 97 carb and electric fuel pump Symptoms are losing power, that got progressively worse as we went. Changing down to keep going and then just died. Once stopped we just couldn't get moving at all but engine Rickover, once you touch the accelorator it dies So we need a new condenser in Normandy or some suggestions?
  22. Afternoon all, We have arranged for an event at W & P for universal carriers and all their variants on Saturday at 1300 and Sunday at 1215. Windsors, Lloyds, Universals, Carden LLoyd, T16's all are welcome: when I first suggested this earlier in the year we seemed to have about 14 or 15 interested, but I hope we can do better. As far as I a can remember (over the past 25 years) we have never had a slot purely for the most numerous armoured vehicle built and felt that should change. So anyone who has a tracked carrier of any type, please come out and play ! I do know that we have one being shipped from Australia and one from Canada to take part at W & P so lets set a benchmark for others to try and reach. Also, just to let everyone know, the Arena Events are open to anyone with a vehicle relevant to the Arena heading, so please look at the programme when you arrive and come and show off ! Look forward to seeing many of you there. I will post this on MLU as well but please feel free to pass the info on to anyone who might be interested. Andy
  23. Showbiz News Showbiz Videos Home News Local Please attend Fylde war hero's funeral [h=1]Please attend Fylde war hero's funeral[/h] News Home More from Local Wednesday, June 25th 2014 00:00 Lancaster Bomber similar to the ones flown by Sidney during the war An appeal has gone out for mourners to attend the funeral of one of Britain's wartime heroes of the skies. Sidney Marshall died alone at the age of 90 and undertakers fear that they will be the only ones to accompany him on his final journey to Lytham Crematorium at 1.30pm on July 4th. His bravery and skills in Bomber Command 's Lancasters saw him complete 28 sorties- surviving as so many of his 9th Squadron colleagues died. He was involved in the attack which sank the mighty German battleship The Tirpitz and the D-Day landings. During one raid over Bergen his plane was attacked by five enemy fighters and from his mid upper gunner position Sidney shot all five down-a mission which earned him the Distinguished Flying Medal. After the war he ramined in the RAF and reached the rank of Warrant officer before he died suddenly at his home in Lytham St Annes,Lancs. Before he died the RAF Association helped him celebrate his 90th birthday by sending him the original citation which went with his medal which they traced in Ministry of Defence files. He has some surviving relatives but none are well enough to travel to the funeral. A spokesman for funeral directors handling the arrangements said:"Sidney Joseph Marshall flew through some of the most heavily defended missions over Occupied Europe during the war." "His coolness and bravery shone through-the fact he flew 28 sorties is a testimony to that." "We are asking for anyone currently serving in the RAF or retired personnel to attend Sid's funeral and give him the send off he deserves." "It would really be appreciated as apart from ourselves we fear no one else will be there."
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