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  1. To continue over from last year I would like to ask any members on here that are going i.e. Safariswing and Irish person (name forgets me) in the V8 landy, Sean I thinks, if they would like to get their street cred back, seeing as last year they were humiliated like nothing ever seen after the race as to whether they would like a return match, stollyriddle will be in attendance to race (providing it is in forward gear) I will forgo this one to give others a chance ( well a GMC Pfffft !!! no contest ) If anyone would like a chance to show what their MV's can do before the quads turn up ( Safraswing knows what I mean ) please put your dibs here and I will contact you via very secretive means. Have fun and a laugh and get yourself on video.
  2. OK this is breaking news chaps and looks like one hell of a find! An M5 Stuart has been found under the street of a French town!! On the page - click on the HMVF logo or go here http://www.hmvf.co.uk
  3. On the front page folks. the Allies seized 300,000 tonnes of chemical munitions from Germany at the end of the war and dumped them in the Baltic Sea, in some cases in waters only a few dozen metres deep.
  4. A fasinating read and have just come across them, spoke to them this morning. Where have they been hiding since 1995???? On the front page folks - just click the HMVF logo at the top of the forum.
  5. All on the front page folks!!! Click here http://www.hmvf.co.uk
  6. New poll on the front page and we are asking - 'has your mv insurance gone up'? Just rtying to figure out how we can publish the other polls as the last one showed that we will be doing less shows this year because of fuel prices........
  7. Most of these articles have appeared over the last 10 years in Windscreen, the magazine of the Military Vehicle Trust. Clive would like to acknowledge the encouragement he has received from the editors Andy Jones and John Cashmore. After their 10 years of dedication to the magazine they are about to take a well earned retirement. Clives hopes that whoever takes over will be able to continue the work as effectively and continue to find room for his incontinence of writings. Jack.
  8. Its on the front page folks!
  9. As you may be able to see the HMVF Team have been working hard today to bring you the the new forum design. HOWEVER - we have two options for colours - the current theme, or the design show below... We are leaving this decision entirley up to you. So vote away! Thanks very much, The HMVF Team...
  10. HMVF was invited down for the book launch of the new Haynes Lancaster Manual. They were quite fussy on who we sent as they only wanted hansome, good looking people - so we sent Snapper!! Great stuff and is on the front page.
  11. Folks in the vehicle section you will see a manual section - I spent the afternoon uploading them:sleep: If anyone has anyother or post war PDF's then please do send them to me and I will get them up. Hope they are of help! Cheers. Jack.
  12. will post up a picture today to see what you think!
  13. Ok folks - ABN Deuce has just made a good point as he has gone through all of his posts where he has had images (as he knows where they are) and has removed the text and numbers that are in bold width=600 height=399[/b]] This then sorts the problem and your image will be seen again. I know Lee has made a sticky about this at the top of the board but this is just a reminder! Best wishes. Jack
  14. Folks - I am desperate to find some pictures of the parade coming up through Ramsbury. I am looking for some pictures of Jess on Adrians Sherman as I would like to get one blown up and framed for his birthday :-D May be there are some on other forums :???:??? Yours beggingly. Jack.
  15. For Clive & Neil Stevens - Don Burgett http://donaldrburgett.com/video/eaglepreview.mov
  16. Time to think about what people went through in the ETO and what emotions would be running through people today..........
  17. Hi all. This weeks poll is about how the cost of fuel will be affecting your show diary. With rumours around saying that many many 000's of pounds worth of fuel was spent over the weekend of Route to Victory it would be good to know how it will be affecting you. The poll is on the front page, bottom left next to Quote of the Day
  18. Right guys, I have just recieved a email from SO1 Land Liaison Defubba regarding tracked vehicles. Due to the amount of rain full over the last week the MOD and Land Marc have had to place a wet weather restriction on all tracks and tracked vehicles. In short NO tracked vehicles will be permitted to take part in the drive out over the ranges. This has been one of my main worrys since I started this event and it has come true. Mark and DaveP if you have another vehicle that you can bring then please do so. I am so sorry to have to do this but this is totaly out of my hands. They have said you can still bring the FVs but not run them which is a kick in the nadds for me as me and Dave were to take point on the drive. I surpose this is the joys of organising such events, good news and bad news. The list of Westdown officers coming down for a look is growing by the day with SO1 Land liaison coming down with Bob Burgess Maneger of Land Marc. The COMDT is going to show his face at some point as is the Land Wardens and Range Wardens. This event has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Camping on Salisbury Plain is a no go BUT we have manged it some how. Apart from the little get together last year this is a first as far as Westdown are concerned so you are now taken part in something very rare. Guys and Gals please bring some wet weather gear, its still raining here and the out look for the weekend is brighter but with showers. This restriction is not just aimed at us this is right across the board, all Regiments training on this weekend have also been told to go static till further notice. Dave, Mark and the rest of the folk conected with the FV vehicles I will make it up to you some how. I will give you the full heads up when you get here. I am Very sorry this has had to be done but knowing the MOD they could have waited till you were here and then told me. At least this way I get to say good bye to my wife before you get your hands on me. Tony PS ALL WHEELED VEHICLES ARE STILL OK FOR THE DRIVE OUT, IF ANYONE HAS THE SPACE FOR A FEW HITCH HIKERS.
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