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  1. I have been buying John & Mary Worthing jeep canvas for the last 20 years and my dad before me. I was told to try Allied forces canvas. So I gave them a call as they are more expensive than Worthing . Q, why is your canvas products more expensive than john & Mary Worthing's A, our canvas is more heavier, better made. better quality and goes through quality control before sent out to make sure the customer is happy. Q, ok, can you tell me about the colour. is it green or olive? A, it is olive Q, ok . how long will it take for me to get my order? A, If you want all the can
  2. I am selling a massive BRITISH Universal carrier collection, carriers, tracks, lots and lots of extremely rare parts. Im currently living in NZ and anyone can come and view. I will ship WORLDWIDE, and can help with shipping. I have a recently reconditioned gearbox and original carrier engine recently machined with all new parts to be rebuilt. Many many many parts, too much to list on here. All items to be listed on here first.
  3. Have just recieved this from the DVLA It is the definitive document outlong the the new Pre 1960 MOT Rules Letter to Federation and other specialist clubs on Pre 1960-Final[1].pdf
  4. As all threads in Clive's Corner are closed & members can't reply or start new threads here so that the info doesn't get lost in hundreds of posts/threads, I thought I would post an Open thread where members may ask questions or make comments on his papers. I know members have done so on the open forum in the past but it only makes sense to keep all the comments on the same board.
  5. In addition to the standard forum rules: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?517-Forum-RULES-amp-GUIDELINES The following are specific to the Tank Museum Boards: The Tank Museum (Bovington) Forums. Any photographs taken within the Tank Museum remain the copyright of the TM which is their terms & conditions you agree too when entering the museum. The TM has kindly given HMVF & it's members copyright permission to post photos taken at the TM on the forum as long as they are within the TM boards only. The TM has also granted us permission to copy & paste materia
  6. My brothers project... read it here. You can ask for more info at Beltring. War monument Allied Fallen Soldiers. After thorough investigation in various archives and war diaries i have found 29 names of Allied soldiers who died in action in WW2 in the communicipality of Kerkdriel,The Netherlands. The soldiers are from Great Britain,Canada,Australia and the USA. There is NO monument what so ever to commemorate these brave men,so i thought it was time to give honour to these soldiers by starting a foundation to raise money for a monument. These 29 names will be put on a gran
  7. Threads posts relating to this have been temporarily removed, please don't start any new ones, or post new comments in other threads. If you have any issues with this then please PM me... you may not get a reply until this evening.
  8. A new Board for all your Emergency Services stuff, Home Office, Civil Defence & Military Police etc
  9. A new board for Legislation, Licenses & Registration Q&A's. The board has a sub forum Reference Documents for approved submitted pieces, if you have anything you think you may want in this section please PM it to me, you will not be able to post in this section. Please note that any legal advice given or implied anywhere on this forum is the poster's (Members & HMVF Staff) own interpretation of the law & not necessarily correct. Proper legal advice should always be taken if in any doubt.
  10. there is a consultation going on now at dvla to remove ten testing exemptions it will affect a great deal of us find it at dvla search mot testing exemptions consultation.http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/mottestingexemptions/
  11. We have put up a new board to keep all the Q&A's on Lubrication, Batteries & Electrics in one place... Your input, if anyone wants to write a vehicle specific list of lubrications or Q&A's then just PM them to me & I'll post them up as a referance post simliar to Clive's, the thread would be locked so that it doesn't get clutter in dozens of posts & the info is quickly available..
  12. Sorry it is in the wrong board but need to this to be seen as by as many as poss... Looking for 5000 peices of PSP - pretty quickly as well! Anyone know from any where around the world that has that amount? Cheers, Jack.
  13. We have had a few bugs tonight, Joris has fixed most of them but now the Smileys have stopped working. If you notice any other bugs please post here...
  14. Sorry if you are having trouble connecting to the Forum tonight or find it running slow, normal service will be resumed shortly...
  15. Jim Clark from Allied Forces adds more diversity to the hobby – by importing 3 M4 High Speed Tractors Full story on the front page folks and click on the HMVF logo to get there!
  16. Does anyone have a spare copy of vehicules-militaires that they could be as kind as to lend me? I would love you forever! Jack.
  17. Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci on show at the National Library of Wales were previously stored there during World War II, researchers have found Click on the HMVF logo to go to the front page for the full story!
  18. For your information the Military Mayhem website is up and running (being tuned as we speak) and all booking forms are available from there, web address is www.militarymayhem.net Thank you
  19. Hell of a story - and on the front page folks - click the HMVF logo to get there!
  20. Full story on the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there!
  21. A chum from the US just sent me this link.... The site is http://www.fotenote.com and it is saying that it is the biggest WW2 US collection online. It looks a massive resource and thought this link would be of great interest to Jessie the Jeep and Clive D.S. MISSING AIRCREW REPORTS Over 16,000 case files of Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) and related records of the US Army Air Forces, 1942-1947. Learn more http://www.footnote.com/browse.php#WWII:%201935-1950|38626864 The site is massive! It is free for a ltd only...
  22. New Winter 2008/09, FREE colour Book Catalogue which as you can see is packed full of Jeep Books, Jeep Manuals, Military books/manuals, 4x4 books and manuals and much more? In fact over 500 items/titles! Full story on the front page folks! CLICK ON THE FLIPPING HMVF LOGO TO GET THERE:sweat:
  23. Souvenir hunters with metal detectors have long picked over Normandy’s battlegrounds, but underground, in these virtual time capsules, “You have the feeling that people were still there 24 hours beforehand On the front page folks - click on the HMVF logo to get there....
  24. Sorry about that - just had to do an emergency back up as Video Ads may of stuff up so we just back up HMVF earlier than normal :sweat: -- Lee is that enough to get you off the hook??
  25. Would like you all to read this news item as it is very special. As you know Chappers lost his dear friend Pete Base recently and his legacy continues. Peters wife sent some of the donations received at his funeral to the HMVF campaign. Not matter how you look at this, this campaign has touched many and has shown how wonderful the human spirit really is. I would publicly like to thank Peters wife Suzanne, family and friends for their kindness. I hope everyone else will join me. Kind regards. Jack
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