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  1. Great stuff, am in the Gers, near Auch.Good to see and have fun with CT and CG.Shout if need a hand.
  2. I was in 1 para, we did public duties in Edinburgh in 1980-82, we had them to do drill with on the castle etc, Biggest shock was doing the hideous drill in between Ireland tours etc!
  3. I have just fixed my willys block with an American system called lock-n-stitch, worked a treat, look up their videos on youtube.Its a new version of cold stitching, and used by Caterpillar etc. Was a bit pricey, but saved my original block.
  4. Hi, Is it a UK reg ACMAT? I set up and bought the ones in the Army! If so, can help you out a bit. Jim
  5. Hi, I am a Brit living in the south of France, amazed at the amount of ex WW2/post war vehicles scattered about here. Most post war ex-French army gmc cckw and Hotchkiss jeeps etc. Passed ayard today with 3 GMC's and other stuff there, off to see if will part with any? Hope to get some technical help along the way from all the experts here. Thanks.
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